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Googleshng - July 25 '01- 3:30 Eastern Standard Time

Here I am. 4:30 AM right by the beach in one of the northernmost bits of the country and I'm still sweating bullets. It's days like this you really find yourself wishing the earth didn't have that pesky little wobble. On the bright side, RPGamer's server has stopped coughing up blood long enough for me to actually get a column uploaded, so here we go!

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A nice starting multiparter

1)Was I correct in hearing somewhere that there have been problems playing Final Fantasy Chronicles on the PSX?

Well, if you consider the system's inability to read the discs a problem, yes. To my understanding it's not as common with older PSXs as it is with PS1s, and it only affected the initial run of games, new ones and replacements are fine I'm told.

2) What started the great gender mystery?

Well, way back when I first started doing Q&A, the first few days, everyone just started their letters with greetings like "Hi Google" and so forth. Then one day two different people both started off with stuff along the lines of "Hello Q&A lady!" or somesuch. I commented on that being an odd change of pace in my closing, and said he, call me whatever you want, and then, well, people started sending me big long letters on what they thought my gender was with such amusingly grounded arguments that it became a very long running joke that I never had the heart to kill.

3) Do you feel it cheapens Final Fantasy to have them come out as fast as they do? Though I admit that so far they seem to be okay. But Magic:TG seemed that way at first...

I do think they're coming out too fast. So have Zelda games lately. I personally think you need a good 2 or 3 years between sequels in order to keep things exciting. Maybe that's just me though.

4) Is your problems connected to all the Error 502s I get in the games section.
Rouge Valley

502? Don't believe I've ever seen that. Anyway, here's the story. The company that hosts RPGamer's server had us on a connection that fell quite a bit short of the bandwidth needed to serve all the many many readers we have. A few days ago, we all get fed up with the spotty access and spring for a better connection. The new faster line is put in place, but somehow something goes wrong and we end up with REALLY spotty access for a period of time which I'm seriously hoping will be over shortly. So you most likely had a nasty time getting this column to load, and I had to stay up to some ungodly hour to get it posted.

Lots of crystals

Hey Google, how's it hangin? I just got me a new copy of Valkyrie Profile, and man if that ain't the sweetest game! I love it, except I have a small problem. When I do battle, I have managed to get monsters to drop maybe 2 crystals, and nothing else. I heard that they should drop items, crystals, and things like that fairly often. Granted I am still in the first chapter (went through the Forest of Woe) it just feels like I am doing somehting wrong. What can I do to make them drop more items/crystals? Thanks!

The truth behind what we do as individuals is up to us to interpret. However you interpret your own truths though, never lose your spirit, nor that which is most important to you, whatever it may be.

-Tengokuryu yori

VP's mechanics take a while to get the hang of. My memory is a little fuzzy, but I seem to recall, the trick to raking in crystals is to time everyone's attacks to hit at almost the same time and at the same angle. Towards the beginning, your best bet is probably to just mash all 4 buttons at once, but later on there's a good deal of strategy forming the right party, getting the right weapons, and putting multiple attacks in the right order. Then even later there's characters who can shake out 50 experience crystals all by themselves in one attack.

Stuff and things

Hey Google, I have a few questions for you.

1) What is in your happy package?

As you may have guessed from the column title, I now finally have a little stuffed slime sitting on top of my computer. It's vacant stare serves as an eerie reminder that it's been way too long since I've put a rant up.

2) Hasn't the server been bothersome ever since you all changed from to

Uh, no. I can recall years when it was just fine. It's just since we moved to this here server that it's been really irksome. We probably wouldn't put up with it if it wasn't so hard to find hosting for a site this size at a reasonable price.

3) Which movie did indeed really suck?

A lot of people thought I meant the FF movie there. Nope. Saw that LAST weekend, and it was actually fairly decent. This weekend I somehow ended up seeing Scary Movie. Why is it that nobody but Mel Brooks seems capable of making a really decent spoof?

Thanks for ending my curiosity,

P.S. My answer to your hidden question is that your cat has been possessed by the ghost of your old archenemy, and wants to torture you in every possible manner, including sitting on your lap when it's 100 outside. Of course, feel free to discount my theory if you have no old archenemies.

Don't think I have any dead nemeses lying about. Whole lot of evil twins though... I suppose it'd be evil quadruplets though...

I really should just make an anime Q&A page some day.

Heya Googleshng

here's some random stuff for you

Sounds about right.

2. People bash Gundam Wing all the time, but Gindam Wing is such a small part of the series. People should watch the original Gundam (in three movies! :) That is some good sh....stuff! (Sorry, I've been working in a paper mill all month, the language sort of rubs off on you. ;)

I have seen scattered bits of Gundam from various decades. All of it put me to sleep. I have seen horrific droves of Gundam fans, and merchandise, which have cultivated a minor hatred of the whole franchaise. I don't get the Cartoon Network though, so it's an academic point.

3. I got a GBA and no games. I'm playing Oracle of Ages right now, and I've tryed CotM and liked it, but what games do I have to look forward to really? I haven't followed Nintendo since the days of the SNES. (I feel justified in that, I liked a grand total of one game on N64. I was kindof anyoned that instead of more creative titles, Nintendo added 64 to everything...)

Hey, don't blame Nintendo just because the makers of about almost every N64 game followed a pattern... actually, Super Mario 64 started that pattern so I guess you can. In any case, on the GBA, you can look forward to remakes of every single NES, SNES, SMS, Genesis, and TG16 game ever made, and probably some PSX, Saturn, and Dreamcast games too. As far as games that are really new though, well, there's a wide variety of upcoming RPGs listen in our games section, including one from the team that made Secret of Mana. Oh, and if you're looking for a game to play right now, go grab Oracle of Seasons. Despite the fact that they're Gameboy games released the same day with similar names, they actually ARE two complete and different games, not some Pokémon style gimmick.

4. Subs or Dubs? IMHO, what does it matter!? Judge an Anime for the merits of the story, not for how you recieve it. I frequently watch fan subs, but I also rent dubs, because well, sometimes I don't want to read a video, but sometimes I do. People need to stop fighting about the sub/dub battle and try to get more anime translated and brough to North America!

I say it's all a matter of the translator. ADV makes very good dubs. Software Sculptors makes dubs that cause people to beg for mercy.

5. People. Seriously. Don't bash Canada! That $1 bill in your pocket is worth $1.40 here! Our Drinking Age is 19. 18 in Manitoba. We have everything here (well, not the same major atractions and such, but product wise.) and it is alot cheaper to buy here too! So visit Canada, it's ony snowy for 4 months a year, and the rest is freaking hot!

Well, done with my ranting for now!

-Bahamut Duo

P.S. Post and I will give you as a reward, a whole whack of @'s! maybe even a ` !!

When have I ever bashed Canada? That would be an odd thing to do since a good quarter of RPGamer's staff lives there and would probably counter with more substancial bashings.


Hey goog,

I was just wonderin if you could tell me everything you know about Suikoden III. I think that a lot more people than just me would like to know. Thanks a lot goog.


Suikoden 3 is the sequel to Suikoden 2. That honestly is all I know. Sad huh? I'm pretty sure though that nobody else knows anything about it either though, so it's not like I'm just slacking off in my information gathering.

Has RPGamer ever consider redisigning the site?

You haven't been coming here too long have you? Way back when it had a green scheme, then a blue one, with a day of being red and black in between, we went from having frames to having this big floating block on top of every page, we aborted an idea to switch to a creepy looking dark blue and grey deal, then we ended up with the current look... although it used to have that nice marbley background and that spiffy collage up top that got dropped for reasons I don't recall. I think it was people on the message boards whining. In any case, the current design is the one I personally fought like a rabit weasel to get into place so I promptly gnaw the arms off anyone who tries to change it.

how do u find Din's Fire

No matter how often I point out that I can't answer them, people keep sending me vague questions like this that could apply to any of several games.

Hey Goog,

I have a brief, to the point, question. How, in the heavens, can I beat Gaia Core (in Grandia) quickly and efficiently?

Thanks, I appreciate it.
AlexG - Fight for freedom.

You know, I played through Grandia without taking a single hit, so I have a tough time answering this sort of thing. It only has 9999 HP, so an H&E Cut along with a couple big spells should take it out before it can even touch you.

Yes, I know it's not supposed to come out as a greatest hits game, but do they?

Well, according to the most recent news story I can dig up, FFT is indeed being rereleased. That page has said so for a whole lot longer than Square or Sony has, and in fact, their PR people STILL seem to be a little confused on the matter. You could just save yourself a lot of headache by ignoring it and just saving your cash for Hoshigami. Newer generally equals better when two games are made by the same team.

The Last Laugh:

OK. It's 7 AM now. I think the temperature dropped maybe 5 degrees as I wrote this, leaving it JUST cool enough for me to successfully pass out. Before I do though, a quick little schedule for you all. This Friday, the person who sent Reni SoA will be guesting. After that, I will be disappearing for about two weeks to spend time with members of my family I haven't seen in over a year. Make sure you all brush your teeth and mind the babysitters while I'm gone.

Googleshng "Just a few years ago I got UP at this time."
Sun shine=sleep time.

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