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   Technical Difficulties  

How ironic. I finally snap from my weekends being too long and take my Tuesdays back, and server troubles keep most of you from finding out and sending me letters. What makes it even more ironic is that the aforementioned problems came up as a result of trying to get a better line hooked up to the server. In any case, once the sun goes down tonight, I'll be back to write a nice big happy column for you all.

Googleshng "Boiling"
Why is it that when it's 100 out, this cat wants to be on my lap?

Old Issues
  • Everyone loves the Diablo 2 Expansion
  • Clueless people avoid the FF movie because they think it's based on a game.
  • FF fans avoid the FF movie because they know it isn't based on a game.
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New Issues
  • My happy package finally arrived.
  • Server's been bothersome.
  • This weekend I learned that a movie I thought would really suck did indeed really suck.

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