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Googleshng - July 19 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Yesterday, I couldn't think of anything new that people might want to ask questions on. Evidently, nobody else could either, since new questions didn't start to roll in until something like 2 AM. Odd.

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Raabu and PSO!

Actually, What relationship does PSO have to the series? I'm hoping my parents bought me a Dreamcast for my b-day, so I can play it after all.

It is often said by fans of the series that "PSO doesn't count". There are two reasons for this. First, there's the fact that unlike almost every other RPG series, The Phantasy Star games have a consistant plot, setting, and even characters that continue from game to game. It also stays contained in a 2000 year period due to the last one having some serious closure. PSO just won't fit in that timeline, largely due to arbitrarily stealing a few concepts from earlier games that only work once. The second reason is that PSO isn't made by the team that made the PS series, it's made by the team that makes Sonic games.

Tactical Fun

Hi Google,
Atlus USA's site says Hoshigami is coming out this fall. Are they doing a simultaneous Japan and USA release, or what?

They aren't quite going for a simultanious release, but Hoshigami IS being translated while it's still in development, so we'll be getting it in the US very close to the Japanese release.

Random FFC oddness

There's been a lot of debate about why FF4 and CT were put in the same collection, when CT is very clearly NOT a FF game. I've compiled this list of possible reasons that you might find enlightening:
*Both games feature a character named Luca/Lucca
*Both games feature a programmer's room
*In CT's programmer room, someone tells you to try out FF4...maybe it was included for convinience.
*FF4 started off RPGs on the SNES. CT finished them (in the US).
*Both games kick ass.
*RPGamers complain to Square too much.
All humor aside, I do believe I've figured out why it's called Final Fantasy Chronicles.
Final Fantasy 4 and Chrono Trigger--Final Fantasy Chronicles, see? It's a pun.
And for the sake of having a question,
Goog...what type of letters do you post when you have 0 good letters?

There's also the fact that they're the 2 PSX ports we missed out on earlier. Oh, and as this letter proves, I'll post anything when I have nothing to print.


Heya, Google-sama! I've got some questions for you:

1. Whatever happened to Mythri? There haven't been any news on it for a while, and the Mythri web-site hasn't been updated in a looooong time.

2. Which version of FF4 does FFC come with? I really hope it's the hard-type, since I've been looking forward to fighting Culex when my main character isn't a fat plumber. The programmer's room sounds kewl, too. How else did Square rip us off with its SNES release here?

3. What enhancements did Square put into FF4? I've noticed the intro FMV and that the NPC's actually sound like people, but there's no big features menu like in FFA and Chrono Trigger. Are the features integrated into the game, do I get these features at the end, or are they not there altogether?

BL Alien

Well, straight from the horse's mouth, Mythri has been more or less finished for a while, and the developers are working on a GBA demo in hopes of finally landing a publisher. It's a wacky business getting games published. As for FF4, yes, it's the "hard-type", so there's a few differences, like starting with an attack that hits everything, but not much. As far as enhancements go, like FFA's FF5, the only "enhancements" are a rendered intro and ending.

The great dancing sidetrack

I have a question about FF Anthology, specifically, FFVI. I just beat Vector and got Mog for the first time and was going to learn his Water Rondo dance. I left my airship behind outside Barren Falls. I jumped the falls and then walked to the Serpent Trench. I have returned to Nrashe and walked around the world and I haven't been able to figure out how to get my airship back. Is it possible to get it back or do I need restart my game from my last save?

Well, unless you're suffering from an odd little bug, your airship should be right outside the falls where you left it. Between hopping sea ships to other towns and trudging through caves, you can always get back to it no matter where you leave it.

The Last Laugh:

Slightly short column today. By the way, a very large number of people pointed out various origins of the term Aegis, not a one of which is consistant. That's the problem with mythological references, they get all confused. The vague concensus is that it was the shield Athena gave Perseus to fight Medusa with.

In other news, Renidragon will be guest hosting again tomorrow, although I believe he may already have a game en route. So, send in lots of questions.

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