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Googleshng - July 18 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

In rolls the weekend, so I take off to see the FF movie while my house gets fumigated. Nothing can go wrong in just a couple days, right? Well, it seems I was wrong. I checked my mail yesterday to find a full thirty letters that bore no content other than pointing out a fact I've known for months. This is why I always say, when someone makes a mistake the day before I get back to doing columns, give me a day to correct them myself before you point it out. More likely than not I will. When I make a mistake on the other hand, feel free to beat me over the head with a 2 by 4 of correction... but include a question in there too. Anyway, before I get rolling, let me just clear up a few issues from the weekend.

The version of Chrono Trigger has anime cut scenes scattered through it. The intro is not comprised of these scenes, which is why there isn't a clip when Marle goes poof.

On Chrono Triggers sound track, 9 songs were done by Uematsu: Silent Light Mystery of the Past, People who Lost their Will to Live, Bike Chase, Underground Sewer, Primitive Mountain, Burn! (not sure on that title), Tyran Castle, and Sealed Door.
1 song was done by Uematsu and Mitsuda: Boss Battle1
and the remaining 54 tracks were all Mitsuda. So, why did Uematsu get most of the credit? Well, because at the time, Uematsu was a much much much more well known name!

Emulation came up a lot over the weekend with much contradiction all around. Remember when I said not to write in on the subject unless you were a lawyer specializing in that area? I meant it.

I believe that ties up all the loose ends, so let's get on with the column!

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Here's a question I haven't seen in a long time.

hi Googleshng,
I was just wondering , but is it true that there is an item to be found that can cure the petrification spell palom and porom in FFIV? If so , where is it?


Nope. There isn't a single thing you can do to restore the twins after they turn themselves to stone. The little inventory window popping up is just a cruel joke at your expense.

Better late than never...

Hey Goog,

I was wondering if you had any clue why Sony was putting up it's Playstation's last breath of RPG's all against the X-box and Gamecube opener? Arc the Lad, Dragon Warrior VII, and Hoshigami all come within less than a month of the consoles' release. Are they trying to make these games die a quiet death? More than likely any one of them could be one of the better additions to the Psx rpg library. I just wonder what the people who marketed these games were thinking.


Well, first of all, I feel I should point out that not a one of those is being published by Sony. Second of, well, none of those are done. Hoshigami isn't even out in Japan yet. The Arc trilogy is three text heavy games, which leads to a very long translation period, especially with the ammount of effort WD puts into their work. Then of course when it comes to DW7, well, it took forever to come out in Japan, and it's taking forever to cross the pond too. I know some of the translation staff, and they're going as fast as they can, but it'll still be a while. So, those games are stuck coming out close to the Gamecube launch. (Plus the X-Box launch, if they make their date, but they don't exactly have anything to speak of out of the gate, so who cares?) The only alternative though would be to delay them until after those launch dates, which would make it even less likely that people can afford them. On the plus side, I don't recall any cool looking launch RPGs, so the dedicated RPG players will make up plenty of sales.

Fun Fact

Word... to the slime.

I thought this would be something of interest to many an RPGamer out there. According to Wizard magazine, posters of Superman and Batman are coming out tomorrow for $7.95 each.

Why is this of interest of RPGamers? Well, besides being geeks like myself, there's something most RPGamers love. Yoshitaka Amano. And these two posters are by none other than the man himself. Just thought you should know.

The Asian Persuasion,
Terry Rader

Hmm... anorexic albino superheros eh? That sounds interesting.

A little of everything

Hey Goog,

Some small points. The FF Movie is dedicated to Jack Liao. Sounds Hawaiian, my guess is he was a friend of one of the people from Square USA (In Hawaii) that died.

Oh, and I do believe Uematsu and Mitsuda collaborated on the music for CT... It was always being touted as a "dream team" project of sorts, and two of the best game composers working together... I think that would qualify.

Oh, and Mance can soak his head, because Tales of Destiny rocked. I won't rant here so the letter doesn't get too long, but feel free to email me at so I can explain to you why it's a better game than Xenogears. Bring it on.

Question... what's the deal with Arc the Lad collection? We know it'll have all three games, and will probably be packaged with a life-size replica of Arc's sword and a brick of solid gold or something, but what else is there gonna be? Soundtrack, making of... I heard there was another game i there at some point. Rumors about it have changed so often I don't know what to expect. And, has there been any recent news about Hoshigami? I'm dyin' here!

~TH Cole really wants to get flamed. Come on guys, don't disappoint.

OK... There's Arc 1, Arc 2, Arc 3, a weird spinoff game where you take monsters you captured in Arc 2 and have them fight in an arena, then I believe there is a making of disc and a soundtrack in there too... along with whatever else WD feels like cramming in. They're really spoiling us with this sucker.

Ae, how's it goin'?

Bonjour SlimeBall,

Where exactly did the term Aegis come from? Is it some term from an ancient Japanese story or what. This question has had me thinking since I first played FF6 so many years ago. I would appreciate a response. Thanks.


"The googles, they do nothing!!!"

I'm almost positive that Aegis is just the Latin word for shield... or specifically a particular type of rather large shield.

That's dedication.

Hello O Googl-somethingorother,I got a few questions for you...

1.)Do you know where I can get more info on Xenogears? I beat the game,got Perfect Works,and the OST all last week,and I want more stuff on it. Can you reccomend something?

2.)What's your favorite game OST?

3.)If you could have any magic ability(I.E. black magic,white magic,monster,materia,etc.),what would it be?

4.)On the subject of when the FMVs pop up in FF Chronicles:CHrono Trigger. The FMVs pop up when you meet certain characters,like Robo or Ayla.

The Masked Mystere
"This foul smell is worse than Nana after a fresh goat radish bath."

Well, the only way you can get more info on Xenogears (besides playing it through a dozen more times) would seem to be to wait until Xenosaga and it's 5 sequels come out... gah. My favorite soundtrack from a game would be either Xenogears' or the original Phantasy Star's. I like every single track from both, and that's darn rare.


My friend was telling me there is a hidden Phoenix Down somewhere on Aki's ship that you could use to resurrect Grey at the end of the FMV sequence. I was wondering if you knew where it was. Do I need a Gameshark?

Son of Sabin "Where am I gonna find a Theatre Gameshark?!?!"

Yes, but if you don't start moving fast, the next FMV will start and you'll miss your chance.

The Last Laugh:

Well, that's about it. My spoiler free opinion on the FF movie for the curious: In technical terms, it's absolutely stunning, but the plot's just "eh". For those unfamiliar with the term, "eh" does not mean bad, but it doesn't mean good either.

Googleshng "Delete, delete, delete..."
I'm surprised nobody said anything in response to Aegis saying PSO didn't count as a PS game. I'd be more than happy to enlighten people there...

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