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Googleshng - July 13 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Person A: I know someone with a sealed copy of CT.
Person B: It'd be funny if the battery died before he sold it.
Me: Actually, it's been my experience that batteries are more likely to die the longer you go without playing the game.
Excuse me while I hook up my SMS and win Phantasy Star.

It only took me about 5 minutes. So now I have the title screen music blaring while I write this column. Life is good. Life is also slightly distracting though, so I'm tempted to just shut life off. Anyway, here's Reni.

Renidragon: Ooh, I've been looking forward to this for awhile. I suppose it's standard form to introduce myself.

Hi, I'm Renidragon, nice to meetcha.

Oh wait. That's not what you wanted, is it. It is? Oh. OK, well, too bad. You probably don't care about my personal life, so I'll just say that I'm from New Jersey, in an area where there is very little to do.

I've been playing RPGs for ages now - my first was either Final Fantasy or Dragon Warrior. I can't remember. To this point, I've played every Final Fantasy released so far, and beaten every one of them except 2j and 3j and 9, which I'm currently working on. Crucify me if you will - I'm a fan of the Final Fantasy series. How can I continue to enjoy them? I take them each at face value, without comparing them to each other (but between you and me, I think the Draw system from 8 took a lot away from the game). I'm also familiar with a good amount of other NES and SNES RPGs. Should I mention that I got my PSX solely for the purpose of Final Fantasy 7? I think maybe I enjoyed Wild ARMs more, though. All in all, I know the RPGs for the systems that carried the more mainstream RPGs.

Yes, I like anime. I probably couldn't guest-host if I didn't. I haven't seen too many, though I'd like to change that.

Well, Google mentioned yesterday that I was looking for Skies of Arcadia. Well, if you don't want to give that up, I'm also interested in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. I picked up Seasons today, but couldn't afford Ages, too. If I think of anything else, I'll let Google know.

One last thing I want to mention... I play Everquest. If you share my disease and play on the Bristlebane server, drop me a line! My email's around here somewhere. In game, you can usually find me as my Ranger, Villaen (Villaen Renidragon, actually).

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I just finished playing Earthbound. That game is so fulfilling and *cool*.
1) Why didn't Earthbound get enough love back in the SNES days? No one seems to remember it now.

1) I, for one, was never terribly wild about Earthbound. I liked some of the things about it, but modern-day RPGs generally don't grab me.

Hey, a letter from someone I've actually met! That's a pretty darn rare occurance! Earthbound actually got quite a bit of press when it first came out as I recall. The press it got was really weird though, emphasizing the fact that it came with a scratch and sniff strategy guide, and the... unique... graphical style. So while people heard about it, they stayed the heck away.

2) Why was Earthbound 64 cancelled?

2) Because Nintendo isn't the most BRILLIANT of companies... always.

Well, first it was going to be a 64DD game, then they scrapped the 64DD. Then they started to retool it to work as a standard cart, and evidently, it was either taking so long or coming out too big that they just said to heck with it.

3) What are our odds of seeing a new Earthbound?

3) Can't answer that one for ya.

Well, as I recall, they left Ness in Super Smash Bros. Melee, which strikes me as reason enough to hope that the aborted sequel will get retooled into a Gamecube game. Here's hoping at least. I for one could REALLY use another dose of that sort of insanity.

Dulagon Waliaa!

hey google,

I didn't get into RPG's until the era of Chrono Trigger (still my favorite), so I didn't get to play Dragon Warrior until the GBC DWI & 2. I'm saving up for DW3 now, but just a few Q's.

1) How different is the original NES interface?

1) It's pretty different. In the original DW, the A button would bring up the menu (not a menu... THE menu), from which you would select Talk, Item, Spell, Search, Stair, Door, Status and Take. Following DW games took out Door, Stair and Take, and added an Equip option. The first DW didn't have that because you carried one weapon, one armor and one weapon - the ones you had equipped.

I believe he meant helmet for one of those, and I believe you meant GBC vs. NES. To my understanding, the interface was brought to the GBC in all it's cumbersome glory. The big difference is that they tweaked all the numbers so you don't have to walk in tight circles killing 150 slimes before you can really do anything and such... just, like, 75 slimes.

2) Will DW7 feel like a completely different game, or is it just not as easy to play as the GBC games?

2) I don't know what to think about DW 7, really. I had never actually owned any DW games except for the first, until recently, when I got DW 1 and 2. I want to get DW 3 as soon as it comes out. I played it on NES, ALMOST got to Baramos, and had to return it to the friend I had borrowed it from.

The DW series is seriously rooted in tradition, so es, 7 should have pretty much the same feel as the rest.

3) Any chance on DW4, 5, and 6 coming out on GBA?

Serge Leonheart

3) Well, DW4 was also NES, but as far as I know, it wasn't as popular as the others. I could be wrong, though. If it is re-released for a Game Boy system, I wouldn't be surprised if it was the GBC. Since 5 and 6 were never released stateside, the current DW games will have to sell pretty well in order to convince Enix to translate them and send them stateside.

Here's the funny thing. Chances are, right now, I could get ahold of someone at Enix and find out the answer to this question. However, if I did so, I'd be sworn to secrecy and have to give a less informative answer than I can by just using simple deduction. You can pretty much assume that DW4 will be ported to the GBC, since it would just be kind of sick to port over the first 3 NES games and then skip the last. 5 and 6 will most likely then be ported to the GBA, since again, why stop just short of everything? If so, you can be sure they'll come out in the US too. The current GBC ports all have completely redone translations, so it wouldn't be any more work for them.


Dear Googleshng,

How exactly do you pronouce your name? I am wondering because Paws just takes a guess at it. Also the quote on the main page is from Dragon Warrior 3. Which reminds me, isn't the GBC(A?) version due to come out soon? While you butter rico up to get you a ballon, get him to get me a Metal Slime. Who is crave then? Didn't they work for square? Do the final fantasy teams have names?


These are things you never really say, you only type them out. I'd probably stumble pronouncing MY name. Ren-ee-drag-on, Ren-ih-drag-on... OK, it's actually the latter, this is only an excuse to get out of the question.

I just looked it up today. DW3 on GBC is due out July 17th. The 18th if you live in New Jersey (like me) unfortunately...

I don't know answers to the rest of your questions... although I don't think Crave was part of Square. For some reason I'm associating them with Tomb Raider. I don't know why.

Yes, this week's title quotes have been commandeered in order to subtley promote the rerelease of DW3. Anyway though, as for my name, well, I've never been in a position where I've had to pronounce my own name, so I couldn't really tell you. Finally, I don't know why Reni associates Crave with Tomb Raider either. Tomb Raider is made by Eidos. Crave is composed primarily of Square's US employees that all quit around the time work on FF7 started. This is why FF7's translation sucks.

Speaking of translations...

Hey Googleshng / Renidragon

Well I was going to write about the FF Movie but I guess I can just say that is wasn't as good as I thought it would be. That doesn't ruin it right? Anyway I had to change topic to... ROMs and NES.
My first question is about Roms. Are they ALL bad to have? What about those games that were never released in North America. People have spent months translating games so we can finally play them. Example: Radical Dreamers is currently being translated, Tales of Phantasia already has been translated 100%, some of the DragonBall Z games have been too. Those are just off the top of my head. Anyway what I am trying to say is If the game isn't translated and want it to be, then people should be free to translate it on their own time for free. Did that make sense?

Well actually I can't think of much to say about NES... It had some amazing RPGs for it, like Dragon Warrior. Why did Enix change the names for Gameboy? That's about my only question. What's your favourite NES game? Metriod and DW were mine. But then I never had an NES so I didn't play much.

Hope that wasn't too long...


ROMs are not bad, in and of themselves. However, downloading them can be illegal. The rule is, so I understand, that you may NOT download any ROM that you do not own the original game for. That also means that if you bought FFA, and thought, "Hey, I've got FF5 now, it's OK to grab the Japanese SNES ROM and play the translated version of that!" you're wrong. For the FF5 ROM to be legal, you'd have to import it. However, there are all sorts of freeware ROMs out there.

Still, I think it's a question of conscience. If you think it's wrong to disobey the law in any way, shape or form, stay away from this stuff. I personally think that the NES and SNES are dead. No new games are in production, no new games will be developed by major companies. No one will lose money if I download NES or SNES ROMs. Still, I keep it down to hard-to-find or translated games.

Whew. Favorite NES game... I'm going to have to go with Crystalis. I liked it even more than the first Zelda.

Long letters are NOT a bad thing, buddy. No worries.

90% of all things emulation related are illegal. Fan translations aren't, under certain conditions. Anyone can take a game (or movie, or TV series) that has never been translated, write their own translation, and pass it around willy-nilly. What they can't pass around is the actual translated work. So, while a big long text file with the translated text of, say, SD3, is all well and good. Downloading a patched translated ROM is illegal. It is however legal to make and distribute the patch itself, and if you actually own the Japanese cart of SD3, you can take the rom of it, slap that patch on, and play it all you want, just as long as no roms of SD3 are being sent to anyone who doesn't own the physical cart. Once something has been officially translated however, as I understand it, it's no longer legal for fans to do their own translations. I'm fairly certain that official translations don't retroactively make earlier fan translations illegal though, so if you imported FF5 and slapped on a translation patch, that would still be kosher. I should point out thought that my whole schpiel here is getting into the nasty specifics of international copyright law, so unless anyone reading this is a lawyer who specializes in the field and is bored enough to verify all this, bear in mind I might be wrong on a couple points. Anyway though, if I had to pick a top 3 NES games, I'd have to say in no particular order, Crystalis, Zelda, and Metroid. I realize I should list SMB3 also, but at least on the NES I had at the time, SMB3 quite frankly was longer than the ammount of time it took my NES to freeze from being on too long. It was definately the longest NES game without a battery.

Grow up!

Seing as how we are the first generation of people who collect RPG's and animé's, what do you think will happen to them when we grow older? I'm talkin' when we have children who are having children. I mean, I know that, of course it varies from person to person...but what do you think will happen to a majority of them? Will most people sell them, thinking they're silly cartoons and games? Or will we keep 'em, play 'em when we want to feel nostalgic, or maybe try to talk our own children into loving them as much as we did...?
Sorry, just a question that I was wondering about that one...

~ *iL* ~ *(hi$)*~

I plan to keep my games until I die. But that's just my plans right now.

Actually, we AREN'T the first generation to collect anime and RPGs... if you count paper RPGs at least. AD&D came out in the 70s, and there was something of an underground anime following in the US back then too. So, it's entirely possible to meet someone in their 40s or 50s who has been playing RPGs and/or collecting anime since they were a teenager. In fact, I personally have met a few. Their habits are still going strong. Throwing another generation into the mix is dicier I suppose, and I can tell you right now I personally am never going to be in the situation of having a kid of my own. Still, I have a new year old cousin, and a friend of mine just became an uncle, and those two babies are young enough to be my kids. When they're old enough to appreciate this sort of thing, assuming by some sick twist of fate they turn out interested in dull stuff like sports and TV, I'm going to be sure they both play and watch all the classics, and fully intend to debate the merits of said classics vs. new stuff. I think I speak for at least a thin majority of people on the matter too.

Oh lamentable menus!


It is I, the valiant defender of the Dragon Warrior series. To all those out in reader-land, you will not have to open a menu whenever you want to talk, or search, or do something of a similar nature in Dragon Warrior VII. There's a button which will bring up the classic DW commands menu, but there's also a shortcut button which works much like the standard ' action' button in most RPGs. That's actually been around since V or VI, but since the average person hasn't played those, I guess the misconception abounds.

Anyhow, now that that's cleared up, you may all go back to salivating about the release of this fine, fine game.


This also applies to the GBC Dragon Warrior games. Nice formatting.

If the GBC remakes use that same handy feature, I suppose that makes my reply up there a few letters slightly wrong. I'd just go correct it but it's 4:30 AM and I still have a lot of letters to get through before I pass out. Anyway though, it's good to know I won't have to pull up a menu and pick stairs if I ever get around to playing DW7. Thanks for the info.


Hello, you are a slime named Googleshng...

Your birthday is June 9th? Mine is too! Just saw Wicked City...very..mature. Then again, it IS anime. interesting story.

Anyway, I'm thinking of a unappreciated PS2 RPG with not enough to it, although it was visually detailed and had an interesting story. Which is it? I'm talking about Orphen. Why were the items useless? Why wasn't the game longer and had more areas to explore? WHY DIDN'T I EVER GET TO ARVENRAMA? These questions create failings to the game which drag it down. This game had so much potential. (sp?) Personally, I was thinking of getting the anime. What do YOU think?

In all the metaphysical contemplation deserved of a RPGamer Q&A host,
"I liked this cool game
This Scion of Scorcery
SH*T! I died again!"

I don't have a PS2, but Orphen was one of the games that I would have wanted to get if I ever got one. Then I heard bad reviews. I've heard nothing but bad things in general about PS2 RPGs. I'm sad. I've got a bunch of great PSX RPGs, and my system is on the fritz. Would be nice if I had more reason to buy a PS2.

I can't help but wonder how my birthday came up, oh wait. Mentioned in a rant, linked to rants recently. Anyway, I have yet to hear of any PSX2 game that isn't really short and fairly shallow... not that's out now at least... actually I hear Dark Cloud has SOME length to it, so I guess there's one. Still, at this point it's pretty much all flash and no meat. As far as checking out the anime of Orphen goes, that'd probably be a good bet in your situation yeah.


Juri Duty wouldn't by chance be related to Juri Juice, a drink served at the Mos Eisley Cantina?

Renidragon: Is Juri Juice any good? Never tried it. If it is, it is in no way related to Juri Duty, unless Juri Duty is its evil twin.
Google: That is not the reference I was making, nor was it a few other things people tossed out.

Yeah, Juri duty, as in Juri Arisugawa from Utena, get it? Ha ha ha ha ha...uh...*composes self* What are Square and Disney smoking, anyways? We'll end up getting a bunch of bishonen Gackt clones singing "It's a Small World After All."


Renidragon: ...and with that thought, I'm going to go hide in a corner now... Google: THAT is the reference I was making. Only two people seemed to actually catch it, so since I can't give out title quotes today, I'll give each of you a big pink creepy tilde. ~ ~ Oh, and as for Kingdom Hearts, there's just so much shock value behind the very concept I'm constantly laughing.

Yes there is actually one RPG that I know of with all females. Magical Knight: Ray Earth. It was released here on the Saturn, but has seen life on the SF in Japan.


Renidragon: I've played the SNES version, and there is a guy who comes and helps you out when you call him in battle. I don't know if that counts, though. Google: I wasn't counting Action/RPGs. By that logic there's a few. I also don't think controllable character was a restriction, so Clef and Ferio kinda count.

Hey Google,

In your(RPGamer's) story about Bizzard's lawsuit against New Line Cinema over teh use of teh name Diablo, at the bottom it lists similar cases, and one of the vases is Microsoft v. X-Box, MICROSOFT V. X-BOX!!! Isn't X-Box being made by Microsoft?


Renidragon: X-Box is being made by Microsoft. This just goes to show how screwed up Microsoft is. Microsoft isn't evil... they're just psychotic. Google: I'd assume that it would be a question of some other company naming something X-Box, and MS getting ticked off. By the way, am I the only one who finds it unsettling that Blizzard has the legal rights to the word Diablo? I mean, it's the spanish word for Devil! That's like successfully taking out a copyright on the word Fromage. There's something seriously creepy about that.

Do you stil play PSO? If you do, I would like to meet online sometime. I'm not to bad.

Renidragon: I'd like to try PSO myself... But I don't have the availability of my Dreamcast as often as I'd like. I also don't have the broadband adapter or use of a spare phone line. Google: I put a LOT of time into PSO. Then I yanked myself away because, quite frankly, other games were beginning to stack up. Once I clear away that stack, I might get back into it.

Hey Google,
I saw the FF movie the day it came out (or that evening) and at the end of the credits it said something like "in dedication of" or "in memory of" at the end of the credits, and I can't remember the name, but I'm wondering if you or one of the readers could help me in telling me who this person was.


Renidragon: Haven't seen it yet. Can't wait to, though. Even my mom said it looked impressive. Google: I actually took the trouble of looking this up, but then accidentally closed the window when I found it. In any case though, it wasn't anyone noteworthy, just a random person of the variety stuff is arbitrarily dedicated to. Oh, and I'll get around to seeing that movie this weekend, promise.

Is Golden Sun Being Released Here

Renidragon: Capitalization is a good thing. But there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Punctuation is also good!

The answer to that is yes. Google: I can't think of any announced GBA RPGs that AREN'T coming out in the US. Always a good thing.

Driving Emotion Type S is not the Square "Racing RPG". That title was released on PSX about 2 years ago. The name of that game was Racing Lagoon.
You can find out what little we have on it at Shortly after that news story was written, we decided not to cover it.

Martin L. Drury Jr.

Renidragon: There ya go. Google: Roughly 25 people pointed this out to me. Evidently it was only released in Japan, and both this and Driving Emotion Type S are reported to seriously suck.

The Last Laugh:

Renidragon: Whew. That took longer than I expected. Now I understand why it takes Google so long to do these columns... Still, it was fun, I have to admit. Well, I'm off to my nightly Everquesting... Later!

-Renidragon (

Google: I've been hearing very extreme opinions on the FF movie on either side. A good chunk of the people who say they hated it cite the fact that it isn't like the FF games. To them I must reply, "Uh, no smurfing smurf!" All you have to do is look at one little clip, picture, or review and you can CLEARLY see that it's not related to it's namesakes in any way shape or form. The only reason the title starts with Final Fantasy is that a whole lot more people are familiar with the name Final Fantasy than with the name Squaresoft. So, the title maximizes the number of rabid fans who will flock to theaters regardless of the movie's actual merits or lack thereof. As you can clearly see by the very fact complaints like this are made, this little tactic has been working pretty darn good. So, if you go to see it, just remember you're going to watch a completely rendered sci-fi movie that happens to be made by Square employees, not a movie based on the FF series. Also, today is Friday the 13th. Didn't we just have one of these 3 months ago? I thought they weren't supposed to bunch up like that?

Googleshng "But does the breeze knows how tired I am?"
You know, too many people know about this. I'm going to stick in some REALLY hidden text!

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