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Googleshng - July 6 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Could someone explain to me how I managed to go this long without using this column title? Oh right, it's only the second column title I've gotten to do this month. I really need to iron out a schedule that gives me my 4th day back. When your weekend is longer than your week, it can really frell you up. Oh, and Traks isn't here after all. If it's any consolation, Paws grabbed the whole weekend, so you'll have some sense of stability if only for a few days.

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A surprisingly coherent letter from Imperial Mog

Hey (monks sing) GOOG-LE-SH-NG AND TRAKS
I'm glad nothing's to bad on your front Google. I'm here to liven things up since it's helps me through my daily struggle. I do note that the emulation of FFIV to Playstation is near flawless. There's basically no load times except saving and loading files but that's expected. Wasn't the Japanese version of FFIV really bad on that? What do you two think a next Chrono game be about? Maybe you have to prevent the slaughter of the Chrono Trigger characters. Also I love your theory of Leah Goog, especilly if she yelled SERGE-SAMA. I heard a rumor also that Kingdom hearts might also have cameos from various Square games? If that were true that'd make it as odd as one of those demented crossover fanfics. Imagine Sephiroth telling Pinocchio that he's a puppet, what silly things could happen there?
Imperial Mog

OK, from what I saw at E3, FF4 runs nice and smoothly, with none of the anthology woes. Good to hear since the copy from Japan's FFA was so buggy they didn't give it to us. On the other hand, unless the version running at E3 just had a dummy script in it, the retranslation is absolutely wretched. Chrono Trigger meanwhile has it's good old translation, but nasty slowdown issues. Then of course people have problem getting both of them to run. Chrono 3 stuff I'll address later on. Finally, I stand by my earlier statement that Kingdom Hearts strikes me as the result of a drunken bet, and I'm really looking forward to it for some sick demented reason.



*sirens blaring*

(in high pitched voice)
Warning! Danger! This disc is intended only for the Sega Saturn system! It contains dynamic digital data that can blow out your speakers! Please! Remove this CD from your CD player!

(in super-bass voice)
Or kiss your tweeters goodBYE!

*explosion, glass breaking*

Was it something like that?

A surprisingly large number of people placed this week's quote as what you hear when you put just about any Saturn game translated by WD in a CD player, but since you actually went as far as embarrassing yourself typing out the whole silly thing, yours is the letter I print. Tildes all around! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Brief interlude

Hi Googleshng,

Here's a good link for people who want to learn some RPG designer wisdom. It's actually an old article but it's written by Warren Spector who produced Ultima 7 parts 1 and 2. He also produced System Shock and the Ultima Underworld games, and is very respected in the industry.

Thanks and bye


That's actually a fairly interesting article, which I should really get back to finishing after I finish this column. You should probably finish this column before reading it too. Oh, and by the way, this was submitted by one of the new newsies we just picked up and are doing a darn good job. Oh, and yes I do realize that I'm sucking up to people who I just helped hire. I'm odd that way.

More on FF6 EXP

Well, I have no question, but I'd like to answer about the best place in FFVI to make levelling-up; it's near Doma Castle: single character with Experience Egg=22000xp.


There you go, a handy tip for people wanting to make Kefka a complete cakewalk.

FFT again?

Hi Google. This is my first time writing in, and I was prompted to write because I saw an article on RPGamer's main page that said FFT wasn't going to be a greatest hit. I happen to work at Funcoland(please don't blame me for the prices, I don't make them), and in our computer systems, Tactics IS listed as a greatest hit, and this addition was made several days ago, so we should be receiving the games pretty soon. I don't think a huge corporation would make a change in their computers like this on a rumor, so it's probably true. Oh, and the used price for Tactics also dropped from the insane 55 bucks to 18 bucks, if anyone cares. Thanks for listening. Bye! Mark

OK, so Square mentions that Sony's rereleasing FFT, then Sony denies it, then all the game stores list it. There is clearly some miscommunication around here somewhere, so if I were one of you people looking for FFT, and what this person says is true, I would raid my lowest Funcoland right now and snatch it up for that $18. That way if it isn't rereleased, you still get a nice cheap copy, and if it is, you get one without that ugly green bar!

Imports ho!

Allright, so I'm sitting here with my Dreamcast, no knowledge of written Japanese, and the inkling to find out what all the fuss in Japan is about. Therefore my question really is if Sakura Taisen 3 is worth playing with a walkthrough / translation. The way I see it, there's less than a proverbial snowball's chance in hell for this game to be released in the US.

Part the second:
Am I the only one excited about magical vacation? I mean Brownie Brown is practically the Seiken Densetsu team, and none of the SD games have ever let me down. Although I'm convinced that only my friend and I truly loved LoM.

What GBA games excite you to a frothy lather? I know that I can't wait to get my hands on Tactics Ogre and Golden Sun.

Well, I came into possession of the original Sakura Wars not too long ago, and playing it with a translation handy I enjoyed it quite a bit. I might just be a masochist there though. The first game at least is seriously story driven. The fights are pretty much all cakewalks, and the non-fight gameplay is just walking around talking to everyone for LONG periods of time (with the occasional mini-game thrown in). In fact, at one point someone asked me why I didn't just save myself some trouble and just read the script instead of playing the game. Then there's the fact that the three games ARE direct sequels, with returning characters and villains and all that. So if you REALLY want to go through with the self torture that is importing a text heavy game, you should get the first two first... or at least watch the anime series based on them, which unlike the games have been translated. You'd have to just mentally insert the main character though, since I'm told they cut him out for some bizzare reason. Oh, and as for GBA games, I've been too broke to do much drooling, but I've seen a lot that looks fun.


Is there an RPG where instead of saving the world, you try to take over or destroy the world?

Well, there's my pending game, which after a couple productive days is now something like 86% complete (great news until you recall it's been 85% complete for the last 2 years). I assume I can't count that though. In Dragon Force you have to take over the world in order to save it. One of the characters in Threads of Fate wants to take over the world. One of the characters in The 7th Saga is a demon who wants to either destroy or take over the world, but it's a moot point since they only made one ending. I'm sure there's more, but I can't think of any off the top of my head.

I went to the Blink-182 concert instead of playing classic Final Fantasy. Am I going to hell?



What's this talk of a third game in the Chrono Series?

Just that. Talk. Now go back to sleep.

What were some major changes between FF3 US and FF6j? There have been many rumors, including that Leo can be a party member, and Terra falls for Leo. What do ya know?


There aren't any significant differences between the two, other than a big 6 becoming a big 3.




The Last Laugh:

Ooh... so much I need to say before I take off for the weekend. First off, I just read through the weekend's Q&A like half an hour ago, so better late than never, to the person asking about similar games to the very spiffy SNES Shadowrun, the closest game I can think of in terms of gameplay style and general feel would probably be Fallout, and the upcoming Arcanum. You might also want to check out the original paper RPG it's based on, which is pretty freakin' spiffy in it's own right.

A few of people out there pointed out that there's a translated ROM of Mother floating around out there. That doesn't change the fact that it was never officially translated.

Finally, the big one. There are news stories written about a possible 3rd Chrono game for 2 reasons. 1- The media watches Square like a hawk. 2- It's been a pretty slow news week. There are no definite plans for such a game, there are no INdefinite plans either. No formal announcement, no informal announcement, just the vague comment that they're considering possibly making one. That's so vaporous that under any other circumstances we'd never even hear mention of it. So for now, could we keep the speculative questions aimed at games that are definitely in the works? Xenosaga for example, which is what most of the Chrono team is actually working on anyway.

Googleshng "Hungry"
Today I had nothing to eat but 3 pieces of pizza and wasted the whole day waiting for a delivery. Rar.

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