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Googleshng - July 4 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

If the title of today's column doesn't make sense to you, then you must have a really short cultural memory. In other news, while I can't afford the Diablo 2 Expansion, I threw the version 1.08 patch on over the weekend, and it's quite nice. My Necromancer's skill allocations are actually VIABLE now! Got a real kick out of walking through the maggot lair with a dozen skeletons.

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Dear Omni-Slime,
I recently started going over all the games I have and beating them again, and i came and old classic for the SNES, EarthBound. I was just wondering, whatever happened to the sequel for it that was supposed to be for the N64. Is nintendo planning to have it made for the GC.
Another question I have bout Earthbound is that I've read somewhere that Earthbound is the second in the series of games. I've heard it was for the Nintendo but i don't know the name for it, do you? and is there any place that I'd be able to get it?
Thanks for readin it,


The NES game was Mother, which wasn't released here. Then came Mother 2, Earthbound in the US, for the SNES, then we would have gotten Mother 3/Earthbound 64 had the 64DD not been scrapped. It's possible that it may resurface on the Gamecube, but don't hold your breath.

Lunar and Limit Breaks

Hey Goog; gots some Qs for you to A

I want to guest host, but the only problem is the games. I was one of the first people to buy LUNAR:SSSC, and I am NOT WILLING TO GIVE IT AWAY TO ANYONE!!! *ahem* That game is going to be one helluva collecters item someday. I also have LUNAR2:EBC, so the pair will go great together. This brings up questions 1 and 2:

1) Can you help me with my Guest-Host-Wannabe problem? and 2) Is there any word on whether or not Working Designs is going to make/bring over LUNAR 3: Magic School (I think that's what it's called)?

I also think I could more accurately answer Mage of Moo's question about learning Limit Breaks in FF7. My theory is that you learn the attacks like this:
Level I:
Move 1: Start With
Move 2: Use Move 1 8 times
Level II:
Move 1: Have Character "Finish Off" 100
Move 2: Use Move 1 6 times
Level III:
Move 1: Have Character "Finish Off" 200 enemies
Move 2: Use Move 1 4 Times
Level IV:
Use Item to learn ability

This has worked for me pretty well during my many times playing through the game. I'd like to point out that it IS poiible to learn your 1st Lv2 LB BEFORE you learn your 2nd Lv1; and your 1st Lv3 before your 2nd Lv2. I'd also like to point out that you made a mistake a few days ago: Cloud's 1st Lv3 LB is "Meteorain", not "Meteor Strikes" Well, that's about it. Thanks for your time, blah blah blah, etc.

Master Margie
"You know what you doing? For great justice."

I got the same sort of limit break chart from a couple other people, so there's a good chance of it being accurate. You don't have to worry about giving up Lunar to guest host, since Renidragon already did... unless of course he just wants a copy of it back or something. In any case, Lunar Magic School is not Lunar 3. It's a spin-off game that nobody seems to have cared for. Game Arts IS working on a true third Lunar however, which will be translated by Working Designs.

FF6 question? That's rare.

is there any good places to level up before fighting kefka besides the dinosaur place?
and also, would i be able to win the game if all of my characters are 50 and above and some are 60 and above or would i need to level them higher?


those levels should be more than adequate for winning,but if you REALLY want to character build, go to that desert in the southwest corner of the map and fight Cactrots until everyone has every spell... or at least Ultima. While Kefka isn't EASY per se, by now you should be so overflowing with elixers, godly weapons, and nasty relic combos that you can win withot breaking a sweat.

That irksome little problem.


Just thought I'd write in about the problems some people have been having with their PSXs not recognizing the FFIV disc. I just purchased Chronicles today, came home after work, and popped FFIV into my Playstation. Sure enough, my machine displayed "Please insert Playstation CD-ROM" despite the presence of the disc. I'm no stranger to this problem, having experienced it with Chrono Cross, Legend of Dragoon, Vagrant Story, and FFIX. So I did what I did with those games: I flipped the PSX upside-down and tried again. And, just as with those games, it worked just fine. So those who are having trouble may want to give this a try; it can't hurt, and it might save you a trip back to the store.
Chaomancer Omega

Well, that hopefully will help a few people out while waiting for that great big recall.


What happened to Quickies?? I loved Quickies!

Well, people haven't been writing many of them.

The Last Laugh:

You know, sometimes there's a grey area between news and rumors where there's nothing substantial enough for RPGamer to run a full story on, but there is enough for half a dozen people to mail me about it. Case in point, evidently what few people left at Square that worked on CT and CC are theoretically considering starting a 3rd Chrono game, although there's been no official announcement. One must wonder if this would be a good thing or not. For example, will it give us another round of unceremoniously killing all the characters from the last one?

Googleshng "I do 3 days a week now but have 4 sigs..."
Today we celebrate Independence Day, the movie that revived the Sci-Fi genre.

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