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Googleshng - June 27 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

It is over 100 outside. In this chair, I think that makes it something like 115-120. On top of that, I'm rather low on letters. So today, let me just fill you in on a couple things and head for cooler pastures.

I begrudgingly took last week off since Aegis really wanted to do Q&A a bit, and it gave me enough free time to pick up and win the new Castlevania, throw a rant up, and do various other productive things.

Meanwhile, CC decided to extend his two weeks off into a couple of months. I can't say I blame him either. It's so hot in here I'm sweating buckets just sitting in the room with my computer, and I live right on the coast of the ice cold Atlantic. CC lives in the 7th layer of hell where it gets so hot in the summer you can fold AOL discs into book ends. So for a while, weekend Q&A will be handled by... uh... someone else. I'd better find out who fast.

That seems to cover most events of these tumultuous last few days, so in closing, let me just ask one question hoping in particular the various people who pointed out the correct pronunciation of Ragnarok are listening. What the deuce is the Norse word for Giant?

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