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Googleshng - June 14 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Why is today's column named with a random selection from FFT's name bank? Why not?

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Old questions

I just bought a Dreamcast and it makes a fair amount of noise, is it supposed to?

Also, what are some games you'd recommend? Both RPG and non-RPG.


Yes, the DC is a pretty noisy system. As for games, I would recommend, roughly in this order, Skies of Arcadia, Resident Evil: Code Veronica, Soul Calibur, Chu Chu Rocket, PSO, Shenmue, Power Stone 2 if you have friends... and Grandia 2 if you liked the original. That should blow your budget nicely.


All you got was Shadow of the Hegemon? My sister would kill you for that, man. The Ender's game series is great. One of my favorites. So yes, on to my questions and such. My cousin bought my mother (She's a bigger game freak then me) one of the new Zelda games. Not sure which one. And she's addicted. Odd how little tiny blond elves do this to you... ^_^

Right-o. My cousin also lent me his Dreamcast with 20-some games. Skies Of Arcadia and Phantasy Star Online are two. Crazy Taxi just rocks, but I have no questions about that.

For SoA... My sister got father into it then me. I died my first fight piloting the ship... Wasn't aware of how to heal. It's a weird system. But, yeah... My question(s) are, is PSO worth playing when not online? We can't go online at my house... he didn't bring the right hookup stuff. (I just play the games... Cables and hookups scare me.) So, yeah. What's the point of PSO not online? All I've done is a quest and a half, and it's hard... and seems pointless. Knock-off of Asheron's Call that just crapped out? In my opinion, so far, yes. So is it worth spending more time on PSO or SoA? My last day of school is tommorow (Or today, if this gets into the column), and I just have one essay to write on Monday... Them I'm free. Which is better?

~Rena (Yes, I am another girl gamer.)

Honestly, PSO is one of those games where everything boils down to character building. It's pretty fun really in that mindless zen sort of way, or when you're playing with friends, but SoA is pretty much the best RPG ever made, so if I were in your shoes, that's what I'd be dumping MY time into.

Big multiparter

hey big guy,

here's a bunch of questions for your enjoyment! 1) I finally got Phantasy Star Online. How much does it cost to play online? The booklet says something about my ISP, but it doesn't say how much.

For the 50th or so time, PSO has no online fees whatsoever. Like everything else that doesn't have any, there's a footnote in the instructions saying that obviously you still need to have an ISP to play it, and ISPs generally cost money, but that's not their fault. So, to review, free free free free free.

2) What's your "shiny thing"?

Well, it isn't a diving helmet, and it isn't playing the piano with my sister. That should narrow it down a bit.

3) Any personal recommendations for Shen Mue? Or is it a waste of money?

Shenmue isn't for everyone, but it really is pretty darn spiffy once you get past the first disc.

4) You said FFT is a Greatest Hits release, right? Am i hallucinating? Is it out now? (please please please say "yes")

As I said yesterday, it'll be out next month. Yay.

5) You might not know the answer to this one. HOw come very little roleplaying takes place in Online RPG's? Or, when there is, they always play the "serious hero" type? Loosen up, man.

Anyway, catch you on the flip side (what is the "flip side" anyway? I always imagined Moonside from Earthbound)
~Dynamo (the alcoholic monk of the Povar server in Everquest)

Well, the main problem with online RPGs is that they allow anyone in, not just people who have been playing paper RPGs long enough to get it into their heads that you don't "win", you just try to maximize everyone's amusement. They also have the problem of not having a GM watching every single player all the time. Oh, and then there's the monthly fees problem. I say just save yourself all the headaches and play paper RPGs online. Oh, and when I hear flipside I always think of Logowriter.

Spoilers ho!

Major Xenogears/Xenosaga spoilers for no good reason!

To everyone who was surprised to hear that Shion Uzuki has no relation to Citan Uzuki, here's why the two can't possibly be related: there was no Citan Uzuki. That was just a name choosen by Hyuga Ricdeau after he left Solaris.
Come on Xenochick, you should've been the first to figure that out!

- Aizou

There's also the little detail that Xenosaga is set on earth, before the launching of everyone's favorite really big ship. All but one person on that ship die, and anyone who isn't on that ship would never get to Xenogears' setting. So, the only way the main character could be related to ANYONE would be if at some point over the course of the game, you have a kid, which would make it the first game ever where the main character is pregnant at one point.

More on GBA Lunar


Not to be a persistant bugger, but Resident Evil 2 N64 did use FMV, albeit quite small and definitely very compressed. As for RE2 filling up the PS discs with FMV, each disc of RE2 clocks in at 545 MB, while Lunar Disc 1 rolls in at 510 MB and Disc 2 at 604 MB. Granted, the two discs of RE2 shared a couple of cutscenes, such as the introduction of the licker and the game intro, but nonetheless, something with the number and size of cutscenes of say, Lunar Sega CD should certainly be possible, although pretty darn expensive...


That is of course also assuming the GBA has the oomf to take highly compressed FMV and throw it on screen smoothly. I'm also reasonably sure I once heard WD quoted as having no interest in ever doing anything on handheld systems. Someone else suggested you could port Lunar to the GBA if you just cut out the cutscenes. That's kinda like saying you could remake Xenogears as a 40 hour game if you cut out all the text.

Fine Port

Hey Goog.

Are you serious about FFT being released on the greatest hits? When, exactly, will this great moment happen?

Oh, and I'm all for remakes for the GBA. Square should bring SD3 and Bahamut Lagoon out, since they weren't able to make it to North America. Enix could also make us happy and bring out DQ5 and 6, that would be very cool. And I would LOVE a pocket version of Zelda:LTTP.



Again, FFT is coming in July. I also agree that porting over all the myrad RPGs we never got in the US would be spiffy, and that Zelda: LttP could use a rerelease, I remember when our Zelda fixes were few and far between. We're heading towards a Too Much of a Good Thing situation here.

The Last Laugh:

OK, tomorrow, Traks will be guest hosting, after having given Mak a copy of FF9. If you want his seat, it'll cost you either a GBA, or one of those very nice top loading NESes. You know, the ones that actually worked. Unlike most people he actually has a copy of Dark Cloud, so feel free to send in questions on that, or anything else you happen to be wondering about.

Googleshng "I still say $$ is a weird unit of currency."
I also still say I only count 2 guns.

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