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Googleshng - June 13 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Remember Cyrael? He guest hosted for most of April as part of the whole games for guest spots thing? Evidently he somehow got a spare GBA, so he offered to send it to me. I turned it down because it was the wrong color. Then it sunk in that this was the decision of a raving lunatic, so I got a cold drink, turned on more fans, and took that offer. Thanks a lot again. I believe that's the first time a random reader has ever given me something with a notable cash value, not counting yon guest hosting thing.

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Openning Multiparter

Hiyas, Goog-like-thingie-whatever-the-hell-you-are.

Rather than make some dumb rant at the beginning of my letter, I'm gonna just start rolling with the questions.

1. Did you notice that in the end of "Tenchi Muyo! In Love", in the widescreen version, Nobuyuki's camera has the Pioneer logo on it? Or am I the only one who actually got that joke?

I actually knew that, which is disturbing considering how I go out of my way to avoid all things Tenchi.

2. I listened to the entire Tenchi series all in Japanese first (with English sub first! of course), then listened to the dubbed version. I believe that the dubbed version is just as good as the subbed. Any comments?

Pioneer is one of the better translators in terms of dubbing.

3. GBA's Napoleon or Ogre Battle Gaiden?

Tactics Ogre Gaiden rather, which is probably what I'd go for of the two, but the next TRPG on my list is Hoshigami.

4. Ever read Jane Smiley's "Moo" (The name of the book)? Try it... Pretty random humor like a bad episode of Seinfeld (NEWMAN!!!!)


5. Oops... was there supposed to be a number 5?


6. VHS vs. DVD. Which is better for anime?

Alright... enough of the really dumb questions. I'll let you comment in peace.

-Isfacat =^o^=

Well, a DVD costs five to ten dollars less than a tape, contains more episodes in some cases (especially for ADV stuff), can be watched subbed dubbed or raw (or dubbed with subtitles if you're bored), and has better quality and extra bonus stuff. So, assuming you have something that can play DVDs, you'd have to be stark raving mad not to go with them. Speaking of stark raving mad, you'd think the translators would realize they aren't gouging us as much.

Another multiparter

Hi Goog

Ok, this has several parts, so be careful:

1) Why did Sega abandon the Dreamcast? It was a good system and has better games than the PSX2 has right now and better games than NGC will have when it comes out. Well, maybe not Pikmin...

Sega hasn't abandoned the DC. They're still personally making really good games for it. All they're doing is not making a new console after it. Why you ask? Well, it pretty much went like this: Sega- "OK, here's a new system. It has unbelievably good graphical capabilities, we aren't going to panic and make a new one if it sells poorly, we're launching it with a ton of GREAT games, there's more on the way, and it's pretty darn cheap!" The public- "But you're Sega." Sega- "Argh! We give up!" It's a shame, but hey, Sega's making RPGs for systems people intend to buy now at least.

2) Do you think that Thousand Arms would have made a much better anime serise than a game? At least it was an RPG.

I didn't get Thousand Arms because I heard the gameplay sucked, so probably, yeah.

3) Which do you think will happen first, Xenosaga's North American release or a price drop on the PSX2?

It had BETTER be the price drop. $350 is too much for one game, no matter how good.

4) Since Sega dropped the DC and is now making games for the NGC, do you think the third party games for the DC that were scrapped once sega announced the DC is dead, will be revived for the NGC, or possible the PSX2?

Thanks for your time, I know I'm asking a lot of you, but hey, I've got Q's, so you'ld better have A's.

-I mearly commented that is was freezing. Well it's supposed to be freezing!

They were much better comic relief than Jar Jar Retard.

Now 3rd parties, they I assume are ditching the DC. I would expect any scrapped DC games to show up on the Gamecube, since the PSX2 can't handle DC quality graphics.


Estruans interis, ira vehementi
buring inside with violent anger
Sors immanis et innanis
fate, montrous and empty
Veni veni venias, ne me mori facias
come come oh come, do not let me die
glorioso generosa
glorious and generous one

Also, oh slime of infinate knowledge...
Id be eternally impressed if you knew the song these lyrics came from.
and i hate, and i hate, and i hate, and i hate,
elevator music
the way we fight
the way im left here silent

if you get it.. ill give you a million and one princess points, those are almost as tildes!!!!!

Wil "Princess White Silk Chaffon, formerly Poly-Cotton Blend" Pendragon
(arent promotions great!!)

How did I know someone would send those lyrics? Anyway, I already said yesterday it was from the Carmina Burana, past that I can't help you much. Unless you mean that second bit, in which case I haven't the foggiest.

Technical stuff

Regarding how one would put two cd's worth of cutscenes on a single (256 mbit) GBA cart, ask Capcom...they fit two cd's worth of RE2 cutscenes on one 256 mbit N64 cart. Obviously, there's not much chance, but it *is* theoretically possible.

I was actually talking to someone about that regarding something else yesterday. The difference between the N64 RE2 and a possible GBA Lunar is that A- I'm reasonably sure the movies in RE2 don't FILL the discs, and B- for the N64 version, they just remade all the cutscenes in-engine, which says a LOT for the N64's poly pushing power. In any case though, you couldn't cram all the movies from Lunar into a GBA cart... unless you made a 2 gig cart or something, but that'd cost a pretty penny.

Expensive technical stuff

Hey Goog!

1: I saw in the column today that you said FFT was on the greatest hits list?? You serious? Any web site that can back this up? WHERE CAN I GET FFT?! I NEED IT!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! IT'S NOWHERE TO BE FOUND! Sorry, heh, just a tad bit overreacting!

2: How would someone like me (small business owner) go about aquiring a PS2/GC development kit/box? I run a small game design and development company out of my house and seeing as the Linux thing is sold out ... I need SOMETHING to work on.

dj iNCiTE

Well, the person who said "Oh hey, they're adding FFT to the GH list" wandered off right after, so I haven't been able to double check that. It'd be a while before it hits the shelves anyway. As for getting a dev kit, I'm pretty sure you can just buy them directly from the companies, for ludicrous ammounts of money, of course I don't know off hand who you'd have to contact to get one.

One last Multiparter

hia goog :P
gotta couple questions
1.Im getting a PS2 for christmas(im counting the days) and do u know if we can expect FFX before or after christmas?

My sources say after Christmas, but not long after. getting a GBA this week( =P)and do u know any good games for it?Zelda maybe?

Well, those new Zeldas are techincally GBC games, but worth getting anyway. The must buy game for the system is Castlevania according to most people. Think more of SotN. Yum. getting tired of watching the same season of DBZ and Gundam Wing (i think we all are) ,Know any other good anime?

Ignoring that "other" there, I'd recommend, off the top of my head, Escaflowne, Slayers, Trigun, and Utena. Just keep in mind that Utena's an acquired taste. FFC coming out on June 11 or mid-Sept.

Evidently, it's coming out next month. June 11 was the GBA date.


Speaking of Pipe Dream... thats another great game that should be ported to GBA. I'm sure LucasArts could do it.


That was a pretty fun little game...

Wasn't Shadow of the Hegemon a great book? The whole series by Orson Scott Card is great, but I liked this one especially. It dealt with a lot more than one main focus. BTW, Bean is screwed up ^^;


Yes, they're all good, although SotH here is a much better 3rd book than Xenocide I'd say. Sure, he still got sidetracked and expanded a minor concept that was meant to be just the first chapter into a whole book, but at least things moved along while this happened.

Hey Goog, did you say that Final Fantasy Tactics is on the Greatist Hits List now? About time something that deserves it got on there.

- Aizou

Well, the person who told me that just wandered back to give me some confirmation, so, it'll be released nice and cheap next month. Someone will throw an official story up on that later today so you know I'm not just a raving loony.

The Last Laugh:

Column's up, so now I'm getting out of this sauna. Bye for now.

Googleshng "Too bloody hot!"

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