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Googleshng - June 12 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

As I believe I said Friday, my birthday was this weekend. All I got was a copy of Shadow of the Hegemon (which I read in one sitting), this shiny thing, and enough cash to grab one game. I'll probably end up getting whichever game more of you wonder about out of various recent things. So let's see some questions about games, preferably with Zelda and Paper in their names!

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Tirade on remakes

Heya, [sense the anger]

Now that the Game Boy Advance was [officially] released here in the U.S., Rpgamer has run a couple of features; notably the GBA wish list and the poll. Both of these features share a common subject: Games that some would like to see ported to the GBA. A few questions...

1] Why is a game ported to another system so important? Cant the game be enjoyed on the original console it was released on? I can understand if gameplay is changed to make it more enjoyable [i.e. doubling exp. points and gold recieved from an enemy in Dragon Warrior 1&2 to make play less tedious] but most of the games listed are still very good played by themselves on their respective consoles. Plus, I believe, the console you play the game on largely contributes to the overall feeling you get from the game. Porting a game to the GBA would reduce a game like "The Legend of Zelda," one of the best NES games ever, to just another GBA title.

2] Why does Square dominate the poll? 70% of the games are made by Square. [80% if you count Super Mario RPG]As a human being capable of independent thought, I find that absolutely pathetic. Sure, Square makes good quality games but to elevate them on a pedestal like that is shameless. What does that say about the RPG community? That it's full of a bunch of sheep who blindly chant "Squaresoft?"

3] Why port anything at all? I believe the whole purpose of a new system is to have new games. Take Castlevania:SOTN for example. Circle of the Moon was released, which is, in essence, the same as C:SOTN. Why release the old game when you can get a new game which is almost exactly the same? What kind of effect would a re-release of C:SOTN have? A grain of sand on the beach...

That's all I have to say about that. I'll get off my soapbox now.


Well, I believe everyone agrees that new games are better than remakes, but when you're brainstorming a list of games that could run on a system, it's a whole lot easier if you're picking games that already exist. Plus nobody ever said you can't have new games AND remakes of classics. Now, as for Square dominating the poll, simply put, the average person has played something like 5 times as many Square games as non-Square. Especially on the SNES, which is what most people had on their minds while picking games, since a good chunk of games on newer systems use a lot of movies or polygons which disqualify them. Personally, I'd like to see games like Arcana and DQ5 and 6 ported to the GBA, but that's just me being selfish because I don't own them.

Latin singing

Goog, Master Of All That Is Crustaceous,
 Is FF7's song "One Winged Angel" (the safer Sephiroth battle theme music) actual Latin, rough Latin, or just a bunch of rhyming garbage that sounds Latin? I have looked the words up in a Latin-English dictionary and have found nothing.

                                                "You dirty Mommy!" Maverick, God of the Sun

That oh so famous song from FF7, and for that matter, pretty much every other instance of cool Latin singing you've heard in your life, is stolen straight out of the extremely spiffy Carmina Burana. So yes, it's real Latin. I used to have a translation of it handy, but I don't recall where I put it.

Multiparter ho!

Hey Google.

1. Have you ever like an anime better in its dubbed form over its subbed form? Princess Mononoke was like that for me but maybe because I saw the dub first.

I'm told Cowboy Bebop is actually better dubbed than subbed, but I don't particularly like it to begin with. Beyond that, I can't think of anything, although ADV usually makes dubs that are almost as good as the subs.

2. Got an estimate on how long it takes to beat Skies? (without going through every side quest but maybe a few of them)

I'd say about 60 hours.

3. You getting/got a GBA? Anything to say about that?

Did I? No. Anything to say about it? Uh... my friends and family are all deadbeats? 8)

4. Last month, in a span of 2 days, the titles for the editorials section update were "Sorrowful Rice" and "Ludicrus Speed". The first may be a God of Cookery reference (that's a funny Chinese comedy starring Stephen Chow) and the second is probably a Spaceballs reference. The funny thing is that I watched both of these movies around that time. That's some coincidence.....

That's interesting...

5. The Game Boy Advance wishlist on RPGamer main is quite wishful. I'd say a few of those games are possibilities but even if Square started working with Nintendo again, what would be the liklihood of games like CT and FF IV - VI being ported to GBA? They've been ported to the PSX already. Putting them on a handheld too wouldn't be good marketing.


If Square gets around to rereleasing the SNES FFs on the GBA, they are planning to give them the same sort of facelift they gave the WSC remakes of FF1-3. More importantly, they also would be free of the horrible slowdown and sound problems the PSX versions had. That being said, I personally don't like Square's new "Nothing but FF!" strategy. The less popular games tend to be more fun.


Dear Goog,
I was wondering what you think about buying multiple copies of certain games that are destined to become classics. I'm thinkin about buying 2 copies of Final Fantasy Chronicles and keeping one in the case maybe to sell later, like in 30 years, if I can get a good offer. Oh and while im here, do you have any suggestions on any good games for PSX or PS2?



P.S. You might have covered this but is the E3 open to the public?

Speculation and video games don't tend to mix well. While I have heard of a couple SNES RPGs that originally sold for $50 bucks pulling in $60 on eBay, I can name countless games worth a quarter of their original price today. On that note, FFT is finally on that Greatest Hits list, so if you STILL haven't gotten a copy, now you can. As I was saying though, even if holding on to games was a viable way to make money, FFC would not be one where it works. The games people find themselves wanting down the line are the sleeper hits, for example, any game ever made on the Saturn, not the mainstream games, and ESPECIALLY not the rereleasals of classics.

With a Japanese accent, it comes out "Cows"...

Hey (monks sing) GOOG-LE-SH-NG
I had to note this, Makkuro is wrong on that Chaos is young. If I'm not mistaken what's been revealed so far is that he LOOKS young and has a mysterious past in which his age might be much older. Aren't there many examples of characters who look young but are really much much older? You didn't get a rant up, is it since you got no scary pic? I scarred Makkuro with the Prince Phil in a fuku thought which wouldn't that be a scary pic? You think I might be right on Chaos being a possible villian? Wonder if Xenochick thinks the same? Wouldn't the plural of bus be "bi"? Note "us" is already a plural. When's that one person going to give out the Q&A stats since it's been nearly 6 months.
Imeprial Mog

Yeah, well, I would have gotten a rant up if I hadn't gotten a really engrossing book to read. Might still throw it up tomorrow. The whole creepy little grey haired kid who's really a thousand year old demon/alien/monster/whathaveyou concept is a cliche that hasn't been used in far too long, and finally, as we learned in the second Bill and Ted movie, the plural of "us" is "usses".

Pipe dream

Look at this week's poll... what games would you most like to see ported to the GBA? Hmm.. how about Lunar? And.. hey.. wait.. there's no Lunar! That's like... heresy!

Or Lunar 3 for the PS2 would work nicely too. Whichever.

Well, if you know a way to port a game with 2 CDs worth of anime cutscenes to a handheld cart based system, I'd like to hear it. 8)

The Last Laugh:

Well, there's the column, now I'm off to beg for change so I can get a GBA. By the way, last week's quote was from the original Phantasy Star, when you check how much EXP you need after maxing it out.

Googleshng "Need handheld goodness"
Shiny thing here!

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