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Googleshng - June 7 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

This has been a bizzare few days for me. I fixed the archives for last month, so now you can actually find those columns Brad and Thor did. I moved my Page of Rantings to a functional server, and then a whole bunch of nasty morbid stuff happened that you don't want to hear about. So let's just get on with the column.

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Not quite timely...

Dear Googleshng,

June 1. New Issues. Why aren't we excited about the two new Zelda games?

We are. My hypothesis is that either
A) Everyone is waiting to get a GBA if they don't have a GBC.
B) Everyone is broke. No funds. The dough is stale, moldy, but worst of all, not in our pockets.

Anyway. On to a Valkyrie Profile question. How much should I worry about spending periods on using the Valkyrie's special ability, making camp, etc? Will I still have time to find characters, level up, etc?

I cannot be the only person preturbed by the sudden rise of 'V' rpgs lately. Now we have a VP, a VH2, a VB, and a VS. This just seems unnatural.

- Dustin "Happily awaiting GBA and Gamecube"

I don't see why people should be more broke now than they were in, say, December. I mean, RPGs haven't exactly been coming out of the woodwork so far this year. Of course, I'm both broke AND waiting for the GBA... ahem. Anyway, on to VP. In any given Chapter, there's always enough periods to search for everything, find everyone, hit every new dungeon, and still have a couple left over to character build, find items in towns, or take a nice little nap. Oh, and the V thing was really annoying around here when they first came out, since of course everyone refered to everything by accronym. Keeping VP VB VS and VH2 straight was a pain in the neck. Especially when people slipped up and said VS2 and such.


Hey there, you Q&A host of undisclosed gender,

As I recall, in Secret of Mana, the playable characters had no default names (other than Boy, Girl and Sprite). So how come every dang fanfic I read uses the same names for them (Randi, Purim and Popoie)? Presumably there's some official thingamie that gives them these names, but what/where is it?

Oh, and what's been happening to the RPGamer server recently? About half the time I try to connect, I can't get in.

~Bacon Slicer
"This guy are sick."

That's a good question. They might have had default names in Japan, like Ogre Battle did, or it might just be one of those things that catches on, like how everyone calls that one Magic card Tim. As for RPGamer, well, the webserver's been coughing up blood for a while now, so as I write this, da boss is taking it out back with a shotgun and installing a fresh one. That should solve it.

Other downed servers

Hey (monks sing) GOOG-LE-SH-NG
I was wondering since it's angering me. Isn't it upsetting that your webpage has been down for 2 weeks now? I wanted to hear your rant on your adventures. Can I unleash Sailor Borgan on the person responsible. (sorry for the bad mental scarring) Google, have you noticed that Shion of Xenosaga looks like the lovechild of Citan and Elly? Also, do you do anything? It seems that you do nothing which is what I do so how do you keep sane at that?
Imperial Mog

Well, the person who hosts my page is a very spiffy fellow, as evident by the fact he doesn't charge me or have ads. So I'd rather not have him subjected to fat freaks in fukus. Besides, I have a copy of the site up elsewhere now, more on that later. I've heard that sentiment about Shion from a LOT of people. I say spiffy, the mage AND the nerd in one!


Ah hah, It must be from Phantasy Star then...
Er.. Hoi hoi Goog,

I was wondering about Xenosaga and a sudden wave of joy came over me
when I realised that the near total lack of gears would mean lack of
the limits imposed upon us in Xenogears.

I'm all for some limits, but the lack of at least one important end
battle where you could use your hard earned levels was downright
aggravating. I worked hard for those levels, and now all I have to
show for it is my running shoes and a few techniques that I rarely
use in the last battles!
Yeah, that wasn't an actual question, but you can tell us your
feelings. Heh, I get into a small rant and forget that its a Q&a.

Another thing I was thinking about is the setting.
Since so far they've only said that the gears will appear at least
once, this leads me to believe it may be based on the same planet.
Any thoughts on this?
Eh, sorry if the html is a bit off, I don't use it often.

As more information surfaces about Xenosaga, I keep hearing the strangest complaints and comments about it. Before I get into that though, I should point out that Xenogears Perfect Works has a timeline type thing in it, which comes up in this here column whenever anyone asks why Xenogears has that "Episode 5" bit in it. In any case, everyone who reads this column should know that Xenosaga (Episode 1) is set on earth and not a fantasy setting, and wouldn't have gears. Yet people still complain about both of those. It's particularly odd since Xenogears isn't really fantasy to begin with. You spend like an hour total in the woods, beyond that it's all fairly urban and such. This reply doesn't have much to do with your letter I realize, I just needed to get that off my chest, which is pretty much your reasoning too. Bottom line, I'm very optomistic about the game.

The Last Laugh:

OK, here's the column. Little on the skimpy side, little on the late side, but the server should be fixed now, so those problems should be no more. Anyway, Makkuro will be back tomorrow to answer more questions and hopefully walk away with an obscure Japanese game from one of you. Also, a couple people correctly guessed that yon quote is from Phantasy Star, so have some tildes: ~~~. I'll give a gold one to anyone who knows the context too. Oh, and I almost forgot. My last rant is hiding out here.

Googleshng "Meep"
Off I go for now.

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  • Xenogears: Start a new game now, and finish before Saga's out.
  • The PSX: No new RPGs in forever.
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  • GBA is out this weekend.
  • What? Mondays are the weekend for ME!
  • Castlevania: Circle of the Moon is out I believe.

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