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Googleshng - June 1 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Insert witty intro material here.

Makkuro: Hello. Makkuro here. Before we start with the column, let's get to know each other, shall we? Important things first, my personal list of the five best games ever:

1: Xenogears (I dare you to find a bigger fan. Well, maybe XenoChick.)
2: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
3: Final Fantasy Tactics
4: Super Mario 64 (What, can't I list non-RPGs too?)
5: Final Fantasy VII

It should be duly noted that my copy of Skies of Arcadia hasn't arrived yet. Anyway, that's about all there is to know, except I'm an anime fan and general Japanophile, Dreamcast owner, and socialist (no, we're not evil). What more... Hey, did you know it was my birthday yesterday? Yep, the big one nine.

Fine, I'll shut up now.

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Greetings Goog and Makkuro. I have something to say to Goog and something to ask Makkuro. First Goog. You said you were wondering how they are getting the Zelda Oracle games to link together. It is because once you beat the game you will get a password that allows you to continue onto the next one. Now for Makkuro. What is your favorite Job Class in FFT? Mine has always been the Samurai.


You remembered me. I'm so happy! Anyway, I'm a Lancer man myself. I like their great range. And they look so cool! Sure, later in the game they become less useful, but by then you have T.G. Cid anyway. For the first and second chapter, monks are cool too.

I'm not going to get into the most useful class, since that always starts a raging unending debate, but in terms of how much I actually like having them on my party, Dragoons and Monks rule. As for the password thing, that's what I assumed, although I'd heard weird rumors.

Odd adapter

Hey, Im getting mad excited about GBA. I think I just aquired one too. Woo Hoo!. Anyway, what do you think the feasibilty is of Nintendo releasing an adapter that lets you play SNES games on it? That'd be phat huh?


Considering how large that thing would have to be, and the difference in resolution between the GBA screen and a TV, practically nil. You'll just have to get by on re-releases, I'm afraid.

Actually, the GBA has a higher resolution than most TVs, and that nice wide screen, but the whole system is roughly the size of an SNES game, so that would be darn awkward, plus there's no X and Y. Don't worry though, you can play GB/GBC games on it, and a whole truck load of NES, SNES, and even some PSX and DC games are being ported and remade for the sucker, so chances are you can play whatever you had in mind in a portable fashion.

Online or off?

Heya Googleshng! > > Quick question regarding the upcoming Phantasy Star Online Version 2.0 for the GameCube; I know you've mentioned in the past about playing the original extensively, online and offline, and I'm just wondering- Besides playing online with a couple of other people, are there any other differences between offline and online? ..I'm looking forward to it now, after seeing the graphics and gameplay, (and having already preordered my NGC in -Full-, he he) but probably won't get the online connection with my 'Cube.

Thanks for your help,

Eric "Going crazy over Sonic and PS Games on a Nintendo System"

There's a difference in rare item and monster placement. Basically, there's more of them. But if you mean the split screen mode, it should be the same, except you see your party members in real life (and on the screen) and it's free!

OK, when you play offline, the items you find are slightly better, the monsters you fight have slightly less HP, there's a little more to the plot, a lot more to the endings, and most importantly, it saves how far along you are for both online and online play. Meaning, if you've killed the dragon solo, you can skip straight to the caves whenever you play offline, or host online. So really, the only reasons to ever play ONLINE are to make it easier to temporarily get past tough bosses and find some better equipment, and because, well, it's more fun to play with friends than without.

Which first?

Hoi Goog, and Makkuro,
I just picked up Final Fantasy Tactics NEW for $30 and Vanguard Bandits for $15. Anyway, my question is, what should I play(all the way through) first? >From what I hear Vanguard Bandits is VERY good, the same with Final Fantasy Tactics. I kinda want to play the shorter of the two games first. And I won't have huge amounts of time over the summer to play.

Yes, they are both very good games, though FFT is, in my opinion, better. Anyway, Vanguard Bandits is quite a bit shorter than Final Fantasy Tactics, but then you have the branching storylines and multiple endings. Still, VB is probably best to start with, because there are only a set number of battles, and you won't get stuck in a complex and addictive job system.

VB is a shortish game with 3 paths and 5 endings. FFT is pretty long and just has the one. So yeah, I'd go through VB at least once first, then hit FFT, then go back and gut VB.

Major Multiparter

Google and Makkuro,
First of all, Goog, will you ever recount the epic tale of how you escaped the aliens that Chesh claimed had abducted you? Just leave out any references to probing...
Anyway, welcome to the new guest host, and thanks for giving me an excuse to ask stupid questions about Xenogears.
1. What was Hammer, exactly? A camel? A rat? A three toed sloth?

Thank you, and thanks for giving me a chance to ramble about Xenogears.

1. I'm inclined to think he was some sort of rodent. His whiskers just give that impression.

I think I once heard he's officially a rat, but I've always thought he looked more like a camel or a sloth myself. Odd how everyone always seems to narrow it down to those 3.

2. When you first have to fight Elly and her men in the dessert, what's a good method to beat them? My usual method consists of blind luck.

2. Just keep your head cool. Don't use the booster until you fight Elly, and heal your armor when Broyer uses his piledriver. And don't forget to heal yourself with that maintenance gear first.

Also try not to waste fuel on overkill if you can.

3. What's your take on Xenosaga, given the limited information currently available?

3. Difficult to say. I'm still kind of miffed that I'll have to buy a PS2. It seems like it will take place before the Eldridge is launched and, as I understand, on Earth.

I haven't heard much, but I've liked what I heard... except the lack of anime bit.

4. Is there any point in beating that RPS guy at the start of the game? Getting 5 wins in a row is nigh impossible.

4. You get the RPS Badge. I don't know if it's good for anything, though. Maybe if you have the Hide and Seek Badge too.

If you get all three of those badges (there's also tag as I recall), you can take them to Shivat and get a pile of little items. Nothing really important per se, just a whole bunch of stat boosters and such.

5. Who's your favourite bad guy?

5. There are so many cool villains in Xenogears that it's difficult to choose. Krelian, I guess, with Ramsus or Id as a close second.

Id, unless I'm allowed to say the Voltron rip-off the elements get.

6. Who's your favourite good guy?

6. Doctor Citan Uzuki! Easily.

Indeed, Citan rules.

7. Elly or Miang? Or, if your a girl, Fei or Ramsus?

7. Miang. Redheads are nice, but nothing sparks my fancy like purple hair. Besides, evil chicks are hotter. Evil is good, evil is... nope, I can't bring myself to say it.

I'll have to pass due to a total lack of libido.

8. Finally, Chu-Chu: cute little fur ball, or unholy spawn of the underworld?

Conor "Grahf Vader" Edmiston
- Destiny... you cannot... destroy... my destiny--!!!

8. Chu-Chu is... weird. Completely useless in battle, too. I like her squaks, though. They're strangely soothing.

All of the above! By the way, for quoting the end of The Movie there, have this ampersand: &

What the?

Is there an Onyx weapon in FF7. I heard that you breed a white chocobo and ride under the marsh near Midgar. Then you fight him.


Yes, and when you defeat him, you get to resurrect Aeris.

You know, I've seen about 3 times as many questions regarding crazy FF7 rumors this month than in the rest of my life combined. What the heck gives? In other words, NO.

Silver hair

*Ahem* Correct me if I am incorrect, but I do believe that Sakura Wars came out before FF7. Thus, Sephiroth being the Satan clone would be more appropriate, would it not?

Yes, but FF7's more popular. It's like how people say Doom clone not Wolfenstein clone. Of course I'm reasonably certain Sakura Wars didn't invent the whole silver haired bishonen nutjob stereotype. Heck, I remember examples of that from anime in the 80s. Maybe I should research where that started some time...

The Last Laugh:

Makkuro: Well, that was fun. I hope I get to do it again, so don't send me a game too fast. Speaking of that, it has been brought to my attention that maybe my games are a little too obscure for the RPGamer readership. So I guess I'll expand my wish list a bit. However, since I'm European, and only my PSX is mod chipped, it might be a bit tough. Still, there's this one game I've had my eye on. You may have heard of it, it's called Final Fantasy IX. Any version accepted, as long as it has English text. Other than that, I'll also accept the PAL version of Conker's Bad Fur Day or Banjo Tooie. I'm a sucker for 3D-platforming.

And hey, the old games are still admissible, as well as a PS2 or a GBA. Surely you must have a Japanese imported PS2 just lying around collecting dust? I want that! Gimme! Mail me at

And now, I bid a fond farewell. Perchance, we will meet again, in another life. Or next week. Either way is good. Bye.

Google: Looky, Rad sent in a comic this week. Anyway though, there's the column, thought it was a pretty good one. Now I'm off to grumble about how easy the Evas make Super Robot Wars F. Sure, T.G. Cid made every fight a cake walk, but at least he didn't have an A.T. field! By the way, if anyone actually manages to figure out this week's quote, I'll give you uh... something.

Googleshng "Rocketo PUUUNCH!"
It's called Trigun, but I only count 2...

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