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Googleshng - May 31 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I just won Sakura Wars. I'm proud. Now I can say I've played all the way through an untranslated text heavy game. Quite enjoyable, although the, ahem, "surprise" at the end was... odd. Anyway though, on with the column.

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Strange settings

From the article posted on 5.28.01 on Wild Arms 3 titled "First Wild Arms 3 Information":

"The game, under development for the PlayStation2, will be set on the world of Filgaia, a medieval European-themed world"

...and I suppose that is where the heavy western atmosphere in the game comes from.'cha

You know Goog, I really love the Old West atmosphere for an RPG, but I have never played any RPGs other than Wild Arms that had a strong Western theme. And I'm not talking about single characters like Billy-Bob from Xenogears. I'm talking about a pervading feeling throughout the entire game. I think a Western themed RPG has a lot of potential. It really seems to be an unexplored area as far as the genre goes (as opposed to the ancient asia, medieval, and cyberpunk-esque atmospheres) . I believe a lot could be done with it. What do you think?

I'm not always so keen on the game market, so I should ask: am I overlooking any Western like games?

Hmm... the only thing that comes to mind is FF6, and at that, it's a stretch. Oh, and Mythri has quite a bit of a western flavor to it, but that's still a while off. Come to think of it, most RPG developers tend to be pretty conservative when it comes to setting. The vast majority are still generic fantasy settings, even when they try to be futuristic. Nobody ever does urban, I can only name one RPG set entirely on a space ship (which at that made the ship contain a generic fantasy setting), Western is pretty darn rare, modern real world is very rare as well, for that matter any fully civilized world is practically never done. Steampunk is actually getting surprisingly popular lately, which mixes things up a LITTLE. Heck, someone make an RPG set in ancient Rome or a reasonable facsimile and I'll give you plenty of exposure. That's a real easy one, just throw in a ton of columns and togas.

Quote and shelf space

If it isn't from Valkyrie Profile, I have no idea what game it could possibly be from. My guess would be it is something related to trying to send up a character that Odin, well, doesn't need.

Oh, and a question: About how much longer until DC and/or N64 games become hard to find (in your estimation, of course)? I'm (very) hard pressed for funds right now, but I still need to buy OB64 and a few others.


Mwahaha! You and one other person fell for my red hering! This week's quote is NOT from Valkyrie Profile. Anyway though, moving on to your question, I'd say about three years or so. I mean, both are still current systems, and will be for at least a year by my math. Past that, you should still be able to find games easily for quite a while, unless your local game stores have REALLY limited shelf space. Heck, I can still find SNES and Genesis games in stores, although the selection gets a little sparse and random.

E3 stuff

Greetings from afar!

1. At E3, did you get the impression that Tactics Ogre Gaiden would be seeing a North American release on the GBA?

2. Were the anticapated RPGs Lunar 3 and Suikoden 3 seen at E3? Any mention of them at all?

3. Do you understand why companies like Square are still choosing not to be involved with Nintendo and it's Gamecube? I think that companies whose driving force is profit and earnings would be more concerned with that, rather holding a grudge.


Tactics Ogre Gaiden was nowhere to be seen at E3, but it is coming to the US. Suikoden 3 and Lunar 3 were also nowhere to be found, although a certain important person at a certain great translation house dropped hints similar to this one that it'll be their next project. Finally, as for Square, well, they haven't actively said they won't touch the cube, and they clearly don't have a grudge against Nintendo considering they want to remake FF4-6 on the GBA. I assume that if Nintendo takes a really huge market share, which they very well could at this point, Square will most likely jump across, probably not until FF12's out though.

New Zeldas

I think with the GBA coming out soon, the Zeald for GameBoy Color was overlook. I notice that there is a lot tof email on the new system, but its seems that the new Zeald games are way over look. In fact, I think that it is already better thatn Zeald MM. So google, which one (Age or Season) did you pick up? I pick Age because it reminds me of Zeald OoT.

OK, first of all, while I normally don't point out typos (especially in light of how many I make), when someone makes the same one 5 in a row, I have to say something. Zelda. Z-E-L-D-A. Not Zeald. That said, I had a chance to check both games out at E3. Classic Zelda fun. I haven't been able to pick them up yet though, since not only was I out of town when they were released, but I am also QUITE broke. Once I can afford it though I'll be getting both. I mean, it's not like Pokémon or anything. They just happened to release two games with the same engine at the same time. Heck, they even went the extra step of making them network together somehow, although I still don't see just how that works.


Heya, I've heard you and CC mention many times that you play D&D on IRC. Where, exactly, do you do this? If you can't tell me which room you play in (due to previously mentioned room filling up with fans), can you at least tell me where I can play D&D online? Thanks.

BL Alien

Eh, nowhere in particular. I do find personally though that IRC and paper RPGs go together quite nicely. You can msg particular characters if they're the only ones who see something, chances are you know someone who has a die rolling bot, and there's a built-in diferentiator between actions and speech.

The Last Laugh:

Well, there's the column. A little short tonight, guess everyone's still recovering from whatever you did Monday. Tomorrow Makkuro will be guest hosting, so send in plenty of questions on FF7, FFT, and Xenogears, which he's played through a good 5 times.

Also, don't forget, if you want to in on the whole guest host and get a game when you leave thing, the current request list is... Lupin III: chateau de Cagliostro, Punch the Monkey! Game Edition, (also a Lupin III game) Slayers Wonderful or Slayers Royal 1 or 2. Not the sort of thing you're likely to have lying about unless you went on an importing splurge a few years back, but you never know I suppose.

Googleshng "So what does 'sanjou' mean anyway?"
I still can't get over how funny a Sephiroth clone named Satan is.

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