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Googleshng - May 30 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

So there I was, just getting over a nasty flu, and all of the sudden, my lungs decide they want to be turned inside out. An hour later I found out this was because my neighbor was spraying a rather potent pesticide practically right into my window. Anyway, long story short, as a fit of coughing sent me to the ground, and popped a lens out of my glasses, I asked someone to throw up a no column apology, which I see they forgot. Oh well. In any case, this month of mysteriously absent columns is drawing to a close, so we should be seeing a return to normalcy.

In other news, I did write a rant about ACen and E3 as promised, but, well, the server's down, so you can't see'em. Also, now that E3's over, it's time to get back to the ol' games for guest hosting chain. So, if you happen to have sitting around a copy of Lupin III: chateau de Cagliostro, Punch the Monkey! Game Edition, (also a Lupin III game) Slayers Wonderful or Slayers Royal 1 or 2, all of which are imports, or a spare PSX2, drop me a line ASAP. Speaking of PSX2's, a friend of mine is now on his 5th in as many months, sans the controller, whose main board somehow managed to snap in half. Considering he's getting all of these via the 2 year warranty on the first box, it seems to me Sony would save themselves a LOT of money with a higher grade of plastic or some internal shock absorbers or something... don't you agree?

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Odd format, relevant question

Dear Fidel Castro,

what is it with this E3 crap? Does the passing of the coolest gaming expo this side of the Mississippi (or the other side) constitute absolute lack of attention to the poll section of your glorious web page? I realize that you're not the prime person to complain to, but I figure I can start a mass protest to RPGAMER's totalitarian rule and other things.

give me another poll so i can fill it out and be happy.

yours cruelly, opultaM Forw4rd

Fidel Castro is the totalitarian dictator of Cuba.

Actually, I am the best person to complain to, since I've been in charge of the polls for quite a while now. Bottom line, I was out of town so I couldn't change it, and nobody else decided to take charge. This Friday I'll change it though, promise. If it's not different by Midnight Friday, everyone send me the most disturbing (non-porn, non-crash enducing) link you can find and... wait, Sharkey already did that bit. Nevermind.

How many?


After seeing various pikmin shots...I WANT A GAMECUBE NOW!!! The only problem is, that i won't have the money to pre-buy the system. I was wondering, since you were at E3, is Nintendo working to avoid a launch like the PS2? This information will be greatly appreciated.


Launching in the sort of low numbers the PSX2 had is the sort of thing you pretty much have to do on purpose. Nintendo's been bragging about how cheaply they can churn out GameCubes for a while now, and they've been doing a bit of that churning too. Shouldn't be too hard to get one, but I guess it depends on where you live to a degree. Glad to know I'm not the only one drooling over Pikmin too.

FF Repackagery

Hi Google!!!

1. Why does everyone (including you...) bash FF Anthology? Sure, FF6 was slow, but SOME of us started playing the series with 7 and we also don't have an SNES on hand.

Well, while FF5 and FF6 ARE great games, and I'd recommend FFA as a way to play them if you can't get ahold of the actually carts, that doesn't change the fact that the PSX versions of the games are criminally sloppy port jobs with nasty slowdown issues everywhere and poor sound emulation, not to mention the horrific job they did translating FF5. I saw FFC at E3 though, and I was quite surprised and delighted to see that they cleaned up the bugginess and slow battle loads are gone. Unfortunately, they decided to retranslate the text in FF4, making it incredibly dry and akward. Possibly moreso than Legend of Dragoon.

2. What's up with FF Chronicles??? I noticed that the version of FF4 is called "hard type." What exactly does this entail?

Well, when FF4 was first brought to the US, they changed a few things about it, like taking out the special ability the main character starts with. It honestly isn't nearly as significant a difference as most people assume though.

3. Why, God, WHY did Akira Toriyama have to do the cutscenes for FFC's Chrono Trigger??? I HATE DRAGONBALL!

Uh, because he's the one who originally did all the character and monster designs for the game. Plus, artists don't actually animate stuff personally, so the best you could hope for would be to have someone else redesign everything so that they could make anime scenes that didn't match the in-game graphics, and what would be the point of that?

4. I just saw the anime "X" and it scared the living hell out of me. Please tell me I'm not the only one...


PS: After X, I'm never going to rent anime indiscriminately again. I really liked Gundam Wing and Princess Mononoke and I am currently watching Eva; what else would I like? (preferably with little blood and no nudity...)

Ah X. I hear a movie based on something by CLAMP is coming to US theaters. I say yay, then doh because I can't get to those theaters. Later I get to watch it. EWWW. Talk about mangled. Anyway though, I'd just point you at the index of anime content I made a while ago, but again, my server's down, so, off the top of my head, you might want to check out Escaflowne, Trigun, Slayers if you're into comedy, and Utena if you're into very girly dark and deep.

"Name a character from Arc the Lad Collection." "Arc?" "Right."

To the one knows only as 'Google',

Questionness... I was browsing some gaming sites when I happened to stumble on the release date for the Arc the Lad Collection.  I remember reading about it a while ago at RPGamer.  However, the thing that confuses me is that this collection releases on 6/16/2001.  Thats pretty closeness!

So really, I have two questions:
1) How did a release of a game that was never released in America get so close without notice? and
2) What is your oppinion of Arc the Lad?  Is it worth looking into, or does it deserve to be ignored?

Admard "-ness" Rutman

Whoever told you that date must have been pretty delusional. It'll be a bit longer than that. Anyway though, a collection of three and a half long decent TRPGs translated by Working Designs is REALLY not the sort of thing you want to ignore. Beyond that, all I have to say is that what I played of them was pretty fun, and they seem to have random encounters, something I haven't seen in a TRPG since Shining Force 2.


Hey booble,
how was Hoshigami at E3? how did it compare to Final Fantasy Tactics?
Did you play Dark Cloud at all? If so, how was it?

I personally didn't see Dark Cloud, but I got to play some Hoshigami. If you don't look too close it looks EXACTLY like FFT, right down to the main character (if you fix that cowlick). The customization and combo system weren't really available to play with in the demo since it was a bit short and skewed towards easiness. Still though, quite spiffy, more characters are allowed in at a time, and I got the impression it has actual characters as opposed to FFT's faceless hordes.

Kingdom Hearts


Why do the characters in Kingdom Hearts have...SUCH BIG FEET! It's like their the bastard children from a secret Mickey Mouse affair. And the main character carries around a giant key. I personally think Resident Evil has competition for the 'horror' genre of games.


For those who don't know, Kingdom Hearts is an RPG being made by Square and DISNEY. Upon hearing that, you probably screamed, and rightly so. However, it should be noted that it's a FRANCHISE Disney thing. As in, it's an RPG where you get to have Donald and Goofy running around slaughtering monsters for EXP. I also hear Dumbo's the airship. The whole thing strikes me as the result of some insane drunken bet. Honestly I'm looking forward to it. It's so mindblastingly wrong that it's funny. I just hope it gets an M rating for gore.


how do you get the GF Greiver?

You don't.

will there ever be a game that surpasses the overall quality of "Altered beast" for genesis?

That's so sarcastic I can't even play along. I'm impressed!

how do you get the golden power glove

A- the entire contents of this e-mail were in the subject line, which I usually ignore. B- This is the sort of question you can find the answer to in one of our walkthroughs much faster than by asking me. C- You didn't specify which of the many many games you could be refering to. What can I say? Thor guest hosting made me nostalgic for Unfit for Print.

Hi - do you have an idea of when the Final Fantasy VII remake for PS2 is expected out? Thanks.

The best answer I can give you would be "Not soon."

Goog, do you think there is any chance we might see Phantasy Star Collection on Gamecube?


*DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL* Ahem. That's theoretically possible, yeah. Did I mention how seeing Nintendo and Sega's logos on the same game instills madness in a person?

Gunsimith: So, what do you plan to do with that gun?

Vash: Bring about world peace!

Hey, I just watched that episode!

The Last Laugh:

Woo, I seem to have recovered from the plague, and the column's done. Plus my inside sources tell me there's a remake of one of my all time favorite games in the works on the GBA. Life is good.

Googleshng "Raabu ando PIISU!"
Trigunbuster seems like it should fight Prince Phil... Pacifist Crush! Super Love-and-Peace Kick!

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