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Googleshng - April 18 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Nintendo is making a VERY impressive showing at E3 this year. Practically every game so much as RUMORED to be in development, and some surprises like Pikmin, can be playable on one of the 10 Cubes per game on the show floor. All of these games are very fun, have FMV quality graphics, and NO LOAD TIMES. Of course all the RPGs were in the equally large though far less populated GBA section and Sega's booth (GC PSO2 with split screen mode), but still, quite impressive. On another note, everyone seems to agree that the GC's controller is very very nice, and that the X-Box's is a piece of junk. Nice being right. Now column time.

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Well, I heard you lucky folks got to go to Nintendo's perfunctory pre-E3 press conference. So, I have a few related questions.

1) You saw Mr.Miamoto in person???? This must have been like a religous experience for you! (Hey, it would be for me too!!!)

2) I've seen the new Gamecube screenshots, as I'm sure many of my fellow 'Cube enthusiasts have, but what can you tell us, having seen it running in person?

3) Since RPGamer was allowed to attend the press conference, do you believe this in any way reflects an attempt by Nintendo to reach out to the RPG community, with which its relationship became strained during the N64 years?

Thanks, I appreciate your time in what must be a very hectic/rewarding experience, Justin "Commencing drooling, sir!!!" Harwood

Two words describe Nintendo's E3 presence. Massive, and Manic. They dwarf every other booth by far, and everyone on their staff is practically jumping for joy about being there. At the press conference, all Miyamoto really did was play Luigi's Mansion poorly and tell some Pikmin/Programmer jokes. He got a standing ovation though just for being Miyamoto. As I mentioned in yon intro, the GameCube is mind-blowingly good in all respects. As for Nintendo and RPGs, as usual I feel I should point out that Pokémon is an RPG, but yeah, we have enough games to cover on the sucker to justify all the time I spent in that booth. As for how Nintendo treated us personally, well, they gave everyone at the show a lot of stuff, and as soon as I wake up I'm heading in for a meeting with them, so yes, I suppose you could call that reaching out.

ACen too

Hi Google,

So, what did you think of Acen? I thought it was great, especially the Masquerade. The chanting about Pocky was a bit silly, though. Anyway, what did you do while you were there (other than manage not to run into me)?

I can't think of any good E3 questions, so I'll just ask you opinion on the near-simultaneous launches of the GameCube and X-Box. Personally, I think it puts Microsoft in a bad position, especially if the GC launches at $250 or less.

Oh, one more Acen question. Did you Touch the Bunny?

This year's ACen was a bit of a step back from the last two content wise, but I still had fun. The X-Box really seems to be up the creak at this point I'd say. They plan to launch in just a couple more months, but STILL have no real interesting looking games, and haven't even nailed down their final hardware specs. Nintendo however has a significant library ready to go right now, the console is already in production, and the price will most likely be under $200. That gets anounced a week from now by the way. Oh, and no, I touched no bunnies.
yes, it was me who yelled "Dance!" really loudly after the wedding


Hello there,

I like you am drooling over the GBA. What are some of the games you saw coming out for it? I know of Tactics Ogre Gaiden and another Castlevania game. Did they look good? I'm especially interested in the Castlevania game since I can't find any info on it. What are some of the RPGs coming out that aren't re-releases (hate that freaking term). How much is the announced cost of the GBA? How much will the games cost on average? Did you get a chance to hold one of them? I'm curious if it feels right in your hand because the Game Gear never seemed right to me. What kind of batteries does it take? Will they drain fast? I need to know!! I want it so bad... New castlevania... oh please don't kill me before it comes out God I'll give you anything you want just let me have this!!

Well enough of that.

There are 3 GBAs in front of me right now. Castlevania is extra spiffy, as is the system itself. Pricetag is about $100, which is honestly a pretty good deal. Everything else you want to know is in all those GBA stories scattered about I believe.

Raabu ando PSO!

Hello again. This is the Dreamcast supporter you all know and love. :)

Well, there it is, smack dab in the middle of your front page. "Phantasy Star Online Version 2 Announced for Game Cube". I was interested (although I could really care less about Nintendo; they haven't had any decent RPG's since the days of Chrono Trigger and Brain Lord), so I looked into it. Nowhere does your article say anything about a DC release.

Is this game coming out for the Dreamcast as initially expected, or am I going to have to buy that Game Cube thing to play version 2? (Look at the GC logo. It isn't even a cube....)

PSOv2 is still slated for a DC release, but the Cubey version will be better. Story on that just going up.

Less good.

I know most people are probably asking what the most promising game you've seen so far at E3 is or information on other hyped up software, but I'm curious about the other side of these "details". Have you seen a game yet that is so horrendous and awful that you'd sooner sell your family into slavery for a bag of Fritos than sit down and play the title for an hour? I know I've plopped money down on games like that in the past, and any knowledge you could spare to keep that from happening again would be appreciated.

~The "Mmmmm... Fritos..." Sack~

I avoid the lousy games, but someone brought NINE E.T. games.


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