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Googleshng - May 10 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I have many important things to say tonight, but I'll put them down below. So for now, here's IS:

IceSeraphim: *sniffle*. It's been fun. I know I may have seemed annoying and talkative... some of you are nodding your heads..... Stop that..... ^_^
Anyways, I think I'll take this chance to plug my website. There's nothing much on it, and it was just a house for a Dragonball FAQ I was writing once, but I dumped it when it became 2 megs in size. Well, I hope you all did good on finals, and don't scare away the next guest host. On to the column!

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DC and such

what is your opinion of Shadow of Destiny? I've seen very little coverage of the game, and, uh, I guess I enjoy the game a whole lot, so what's wrong with me?? uh, don't answer that one...

hmmm, what else could I query of great vowel-underpriviledged-one? hmmm...okay, I have a PS2, which I got for Armored Core 2 (yay!), and I'm not gonna go get an XBox on grounds of morality, so could you please tell me why Nintendo's not gonna screw up RPG development for the GameCube like they did for the N64? I also want a reason why getting a DC would be a good idea besides SoA (neat game, I guess) and PSO (I don't like MMORPGs), countered to the DC's dubious future?

anyway, that's enough for me, I done now


I stand by all the misstatements I've made
--Dan Quayle

Um, sounds pretty cool. I looked up the reviews on ign and, and they both gave it great reviews. Sorry, I haven't played it myself.
Phantasy Star Online is not Massively Multiplayer, it's just 4 people at a time. Microsoft is not evil, they're just really gosh darn good marketers. But thier products still suck. And if you wanna see how much Nintendo's dropped it's goodie two shoes image, look at Conker64. Although it is kinda juvenille potty humor, from what I've seen. But the RPG's should be way better, because it uses disks too, so the space problem is eliminated. Oh, and a reason to buy a Dreamcast? It's C-H-E-A-P. $99 is pretty sweet, less if you grab one used.

While I agree with IS' first correction, PSO is NOT a Massively Multiplayer Online RPG (as I've stated many a time, it's more like Secret of Mana with modem support for the other characters), when it comes to that second correction, I... will let you finish this thought yourself. Now then, I have no opinion at all on Shadow of Destiny, so it's on to the Gamecube issue. A disturbing number of people (not you mind you, I hope) have this insane notion that Nintendo has something against RPGs. To these people, I'd like to point out the fact that the game series so popular that you can't escape it's presence (Pokémon) is SERIOUSLY supported by Nintendo. That's not even a recent trend. Remember how early Nintendo Power subscribers got free copies of Dragon Warrior, or the massive ad campaign for Earthbound? I'm getting a tad sidetracked though. The reason the N64 library isn't exactly overflowing with RPGs is that, well, much to the surprise of a great number of people, as the SNES faded from the limelight, suddenly every single RPG developer spontaniously abandoned the traditional notion that RPG players don't care much about graphics, in favor of the notion that all RPGs must be crammed with so many high quality rendered cutscenes that they fill multiple CDs. Since the N64 has no CD-ROM drive, they moved off to rounder pastures. The Gamecube meanwhile is not a cart based system, and has everyone around drooling quite a bit. That and there's already a good number of RPGs in development for it. Now then, as for the DC, well, quite frankly, if right now, everyone even thinking of releasing a game on the DC were struck dead, it would STILL be worth picking one up. In addition to being VERY cheap, it has a very very nice selection of games on it. RE:CV, Power Stone 1 and 2, Soul Calibur, Grandia 2, Shenmue (and it's upcoming sequels), PSO, and of course Skies of Arcadia, which just might be the best RPG of all time, just to name a few.

Wouldn't it work better as a rhythm game or something?


I was wondering if there has ever been a wrestling RPG? I know it would probably be the most horrible creation ever but I would still buy it because it combines two of my favorite things in the world. That stupid masked man from CC just wasn't enough to quench my thirst.



A what RPG? Have you ever seen the Hulk Hogan cartoon? Baaaaad. on the other hand, why haven't they put the storylines into the wrestling games? It would make them so much better. After all, that's what wrestling thrives off of. God knows it's not the women with the big *censored*. That's just a bonus.

You know, this strikes me as the kind of question THOR would be good at handling. I believe he's given the matter a lot of thought. Why not ASK HIM about it? Yes, I'm hinting at something. Beyond that, I've always thought wrestling games should involve following choreography rather than be the odd fighting games they tend to be. Of course I've also always thought that in football games you shouldn't be able to directly control the players at all, just come up with plays and such, maybe add an RTS type setup to influence the action too. So maybe I'm just a bad person to ask about sports games.

PSX2 games

I just graduated college, much to the surprise of my friends and loved ones... I always said I wasn't dumb, just lazy, and now I have proof. Anyway, I was given a Playstation 2 as a gift, it came with the Bouncer which is an alright game if you would rather watch games than play them (its fun though). What I was wondering is in your opinion what is the best PS2 rpg available now... I am basically using it as a DVD player right now and I need some games, so suggest a few. Also, how long will it be before Xenosaga comes out (will it be in our lifetime?), they should have begun work on a sequel immediately, that was the best console rpg ever. Thanks.

Smell ya later,
Will Smith (no not that Will Smith, although I'm sure he's a huge rpg fan too)

Best PS2 RPG? Hmm, toughie, seeing as how I don't have one. Although it doesn't look like there are many right now. As for other genres, I'm looking forward to Blood Omen II and Tenchu III, but I've said that way too much already, haven't I?

To my understanding, there aren't any good PSX2 RPGs out at this point. That's why I don't have one. Well, that and the ludicrously high price tag. Xenosaga shouldn't be TOO long a wait though. I mean, it HAS been in development for over a year, plus the storyline was already mapped out before they started. Oh, and what the heck evidence is there that the famous Will Smith is into RPGs?

That kid looks freaky...

You know that minigame for SoA with that creepy little potbellied guy with the weird hat? Well, I barely have any room as it is on my card, and I only tried the thing once, so I ditched it. Is it something that's beneficial to me in the game, or just a fun (yet memory expensive) pastime?
Thank ya lots,

Well, looking it up on, I discovered that yes indeed, you do gain items and gold from this minigame.

While you don't get anything from it that you couldn't get elsewhere, playing around with the little weirdo is a good way to rake in some extra money, stat boosting items, and other nifty trinkets. Plus I'm told it's pretty fun too.


Hello Google
First time writer long time reader yaddayaddayadda...

Here's a few questions

1. What does Dexterity do to improve your character in various Rpgs, what does dexterity mean anyway.

2. I here your going to E3, You lucky lucky slime, What games are looking forward to playing

3. how does someone like me get to go to E3. it isn't open to the public right

Anyway Peace out


Dexterity basically means your handling skills. IE: balance and weapon control. It's kinda the counterpart to agility. Someone with high dexterity has greater accuracy usually.
E3? I've taked to a person who's been there. While it sounds like a dream, I'd bet the people who are being paid to report would be a little annoyed at the general public rubbernecking. After all, it is geared towards marketers, not general gamers.
Fake a press pass... Ooh, that reminds me, I know a few reporters, I should ask them for thier press credentials.

The official definition of dexterity is "adroitness in using the hands", which, in terms of pretty much every RPG out there, means it's the stat that determines how often you miss, and in terms of real life, it's what we computer using videogame players have that others don't. 8) Oh, and as for E3, the last day (Saturday) the general public IS allowed in, but only if they pay through the nose and are over 18.


Hi Goog

I have a few questions

1.I wonder why people are so obsesed with the WSC, I could understand if it was really good *cough* Xengears *cough* but this system has only a few games for it and has practically no chance of coming to the States?

1.*cough*Xenogears was two disks*cough* i think the WSC would be awesome, if only because Square seems to like it so much with the re-releases of FF1-3. Oh fun fun fun.

I wouldn't say people are obsessed with the WSC. There's a VERY small but vocal clump of people who are highly interested in it for the sake of the odd game that really catches their eye, but everything has those. I mean, there's highly satisfied Virtual Boy owners out there. There might even be one or two who love the Jaguar. It just seems like it has a big following because I've been printing every letter about it. The odds of it actually standing up against the GBA are about as slim as you can get, but hey, it's a cheap little thing with an exclusive game or two, so if you're one of the few people who dig it, good for you!

2. Hey I have Beyond The Beyond and I can say its about the old school version of LOD.

2. Buh?

Hmm... Legend of Dragoon is a horrificly generic RPG that primarily draws it's inspiration from FF7. Beyond the Beyond is a relatively original but quite underwhelming PSX RPG that came before FF7. So, I don't quite follow your analogy. I also REALLY wouldn't call BtB old school. I mean, it's for a system that still has games coming out on it.

3.If figured out why people liken sony so much it has the best, yet most sadistic marketing dept.

3. Sony products rock. They just can't make playstations. Mine died this weekend. I have to go out and buy a PSone now... ooooh, it's so kawaii!! Oh man, I just shouted randomly in Japanese. I've been hanging around my roomate too much.

Best marketting? I don't know if I'd say that. I mean, what's up with those "PS9" commercials. Aside from just being odd and stupid, they also kinda brag that Sony will eventually be coming out with another console that will most likely be backwards compatable. It seems to me if you want to sell something, you shouldn't call attention to the fact that you'll be replacing it with something better in a few years.

4.Dosn't Spearow look just like an FF4/FF5 Chocobo or is it just me?


4. Spearow's cool. It evolves into that awesome crane. I went out of my way to find that insteasd of using a Pidgey.

When I first read this question I thought you were freaking nuts (because I thought you said Fearow), but then I suddenly realized that thats what the Amano sketch of Boko looks like. Then of course I noticed you said Spearow, which they look like a bit in-game yeah. Then of course Chocobos themselves are blatantly ripped out of NausicaŠ of the Valley of Wind, and then my train of thought just kinda derails, so I'll just be moving on now.

Food for thought

Hey googerific- I have a few questions 1) Do you know who the character designer/art director of Vagrant Story is? I really like his/her style and want to look into his/her work

1. I don't know. But I used to.

Akihiko Yoshida. I used to know that too, but forgot, making you the first person in who knows how long to get me to actually research an answer. Get yourself a cookie for that! He also did the character designs for FFT, but if you really like the look of VS, what you should really check out is anything and everything related to AD&D's Planescape setting. It all has that sharp dirty brown look... you know, "that sharp dirty brown look" really doesn't sound anywhere near as good as it looks.

I suppose this is a CT spoiler...

2) I've played Chrono Trigger a million times, but I just noticed something that is causing me to think.

When you go see the mammon machine in the ocean palace, why does the red knife Melchior give you turn into the masamune? Couldn't you just have thrown the real masamune at the machine? And is the dreamstone supposed to be the Frozen Flame, because one of the Zeal scientists tell you that the red rock created hate and love,and the power of choice. Isn't this what the frozen flame does?

2. I never got that far. Stupid cart died. That's what I get for used goods...

Well, since the masamune wound up popping out of the mammon machine, then eventually finding it's way to Frog, if you jammed his into it, you'd have to leave it there for him to get later, AND after everything was over and done with, there wouldn't be a Masamune left to be all cursed in CC! It's kinda like Benedict's arm. Oh, and by kinda I mean exactly. As for your other question, if memory serves, red rock=chunk'o'Lavos. Frozen Flame=chunk'o'Lavos. So yeah, that'd be the same thing.

3) If anime was never created in Japan... do you think that another culture would have the courage to do so? American culture seems to believe that animation is for children. -Lv. 101

3. Have you ever watched the old old 30's 40's and 50's cartoons? Now those were for adults only. See, about 50 years or so ago, we had this huge fuss over comics, led by some guy that saw pornographic images everywhere. Hence, really strict measures went into place regarding what can and can't be shown. Cartoons and comics geared towards adults were eliminated. Ever notice the surge in dark comics in the 70's? Guess when the laws were repelled. It comes from our puritan roots. There are plenty of countries that show cartoons and comics like that. We just had a bunch of laws that set that in our minds. Look at Britain, they edit the Simpsons for god sakes. Just remember though, most of those hard core, violent, and nudity filled animes were shown late night or on cable, the same places our shows like that are.

Interesting history lesson, but it doesn't quite answer the question. I would say in this hypothetical Japan-free world that someone somewhere else would have gotten it into their heads to make cool cartoons not geared at kids, but they almost definately wouldn't have the same sort of common elements, since you know, giant swordwielding robots fighting demons that secretly control major corporations are the sort of thing that doesn't get into your national collective psyche without the kind of massive culture shock Japan had. They pretty much went straight from the feudal period into the 1940s overnight. Of course with no means of peeping into parallel dimentions, this is a pretty moot argument.


1. Am I the only person who thought Lunar 2 was wildly inferior to Silver Star, especially in terms of plot, supporting characters (cough...Lemina and Jean...), and villain? Oh, and why the hell did they turn Ghaleon good?! He kicked ass! The voice acting sucked, too.

They turned Ghaleon good? Man am I glad I never played it. Actually, didn't the original Lunar story reveal that he was being controlled at the end? I seem to recall that.....

If you think they turned Ghalleon GOOD, your personal morality is a bit unsettling. I mean, the original Lunar had well enough developed characters that he wasn't out and out kill-everyone-because-they're-there evil, and in Lunar 2 he's pretty much the same, but with a bit of despondance mixed in. There's a huge difference in not wanting all of humanity to be driven insane and eaten by Cthulu Zophar and being GOOD. At that he doesn't exactly hop into your party and help out either. Otherwise, well, I found L2's dub to be a LOT better, especially when it comes to Ruby vs. Nall... oh, who am I kidding, that's all I'm basing that statement on. Plot and characters I rate roughly equally, and gameplay was seriously improved. Not as much effort really seemed to go into remaking Lunar 2 as Lunar 1 though. I mean, they made the world SMALLER, plus there's no really cool game hidden on the Making of CD. 8)

2. Is there anything stopping Square from making their own version of Xenosaga? If not, why don't they do it? It'd be good for a laugh, at least.

No, there isn't, but Square is on a Final Fantasy kick right now, as evidenced by thier statement that they were just going to milk that cash cow for all it's worth. Or something like that. I think Square's gonna fall flat on it's face if it doesn't start marketing things better. Like "From the people who brought you Final Fantasy.... The next evolution in Rpg's..... Vagrant Story" or something like that.

Is there anything stopping Square from making their own version of Xenosaga? Nah, nothing aside from copyright law, lack of desire, and dubious profitability.

3. About the Chrono Cross "dialectizer" - it's not "hidden away" in the CD. It's what the games uses to generate - on the fly - all the random dialogue for each of the thirty or so accents the supporting charaters use, so they didn't have to store thirty times the speech data.

Huh? Again, that is ridiculous. Why would it take more space to store the lines with accents than without? And no, I'm quite sure the dialouge was the same everytime I played it.

That seems a little dubious to me too. Correct me if I'm wrong, but each character says something different in all the various scenes, not just the exact same line with a different accent. Besides which, the ammount of space text takes up on a CD is seriously negligable. Meanwhile the hits to the proccessor and ram applying accents on the fly, while still pretty marginal, would be taxing resources that aren't quite as abundant on the PSX.

4. Are there any RPGs planned for Xbox? If not, what's the point of its existence?

See you at E3. Provided I can sneak in, of course.

Again, I hope you're being humerous there..... FPS fan here....

RPGs may be the only factor in your console buying decisions, but most people consider other games too. Of course, I haven't seen any interesting games on the thing period, so unless it makes a REALLY good showing at E3, it'll most likely crash and burn. More on this next time you hear from me, at E3.


I wanna be like Mr. T. He's all I wanna be.

IceSeraphim: And I wanna be like Spike Speigal. I mean, talk about nine lives... that guy survived getting shot, stabbed, and thrown out a window...
Google: Mr. T is an interesting person... and isn't that Rasputen you're thinking of?

The Last Laugh:

IceSeraphim: Well, that was fun for one last time. Good day to you all! Ice "Come closer, so my hamster might have a better look at you!" Seraphim

Google: A quick word from Thor:

"Heya, guys! Don't getcher hopes up, I still lack regular access to a networthy computer, so even guest hosting will be a little tricky. I need all you loyal thundercats to send me beefy questions - the more obscure RPG puzzlers, the better - along with the usual dose of personal questions, ill informed rants and unsolicited hentai.

Then mark your calendar for Monday the 21st, grab your favorite epic and try to pass time gaining levels until T-Day."

To put that another way, At some point between now and next monday, Thor should get a chance to check mail, write a column, and get it to someone who can post it, if you send him some letters now. So, do so! Also send letters to Brad for tomorrow's column, or else you won't have much to read, and while I'm preaching, when I'm doing Q&A from E3, could you try to keep letters short and to the point? I'm going to be working like a demon as is, a little less reading time would be nice. Feel free to ramble to these guys to get it out of your system though.

Googleshng "Play Rocky Mountain High at the airport and I won't be pleased with you."
Aww. Nobody got this week's quote! It's from the beginning of Albert Odessey for the record. The game like 2 people played!

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