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Googleshng - May 9 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Hmm... slim pickings today. Get ready for a weird column I suppose.

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This question brought to you by the number 2.


As everyone knows, you're not a fan of SONY. Now let me ask you this. If good games start being released on the PS2, games you want to play, will you get one despite your hatred for the system?

OK, you have a couple misconceptions there. First off, I like Sony. The best VCR I've ever seen is made by Sony. I'd rather not have them in the console market though, since two consoles per generation is costly enough. Then there's the durability issue too. I know someone who has gone through 4 PSX2s in as many months. Now, as for whether I intend to buy one when enough worthwhile games come out on it, well, yes. I've said that several times before. I'm just holding out for a couple games and a massive price drop. $300 is just flat out insane.

I am not a fan of the PS2, for many of the same reasons as you, but I played the Metal Gear Solid 2 demo, and I think that game may be the Final Fantasy VII of the PS2, meaning that I just might have to get that system for that game alone (it doesn't hurt that Suikoden 3 has been announced for the PS2, and don't tell me that X-box is getting MGS2, cause it's not. It's getting what Kojima stated is a MGS 1.5).

Yes. MGS2 is one of the games in question. Xenosaga, Shadow Hearts, and a couple more obscure things also catch my eye.

Lastly, are there any plans for a Skies of Arcadia sequel? I would hate to think that just cause the DC died (moment of silence) that Overworks isn't planning on one for another system.

Arcadian Winds

Everything in life should be as simple as possible, but not simpler.

~Albert Einstein~

Well, as I understand it, there is a SoA2 in the works. What platform hasn't been announced at this point, but it's possible it'll stay on the DC, and I seem to recall hearing a rumor about Overworks looking at GC development too. Still, we won't be hearing anything really solid on this for a WHILE, so in the meantime, let's drool over other stuff... like the Arc the Lad Collection and Hoshigami.

Random queries

heres a couple Q for u to A

1.Is breath of fire 2 coming out for GBA?
if so, when?

Uh, slow down there a little. Capcom doesn't generally give the same kind of broad timetables Square does. If the BoF1 rerelease does well, there's a good chance of it though.

2.Whos your favorite rpg hero(from any rpg)

Hmm... I think I'll have to go with Myau from Phantasy Star. Why? Because he's a talking house cat. How cool is that?

3.Is it natural to lose interest in a plot 20 hours into a game?

Only if the game has a really lousy plot... or in the case of, say, FFT, character building is just THAT fun.

4.In every RPG a character always dies (ok so its not a question)You know like how the hero has to be 17-21 years old

Hmm... that's rather confusingly worded, but there's plenty of RPGs where nobody important dies, and there's at least a couple where not everyone is the standard Adventuring Age. The Ogre Battle series features some older characters, a couple of the FFs seem to have older than average casts, FF4 and FF9 in particular. Valkyrie Profile definately has an older median, and I'm sure there's a couple I'm forgetting too.

5.Where can I find a cheap copy of xenogears and grandia?

well, thats it for now
or so they say

Clearance bins at Kaybee's if you're lucky I'd guess.


Hey, a quick question or two here

I played Chrono Cross and finished it and got the directors ending and tehy said they had an accent program to automatically make an accent for no matter what the speach. I was wondering if anyone hacked the game or something and got the program???

Also what is your opinion of time travel and dimension hopping in an RPG??

Thanks for the time

I seriously doubt such a program would actually be hidden away on the Chrono Cross discs, but if you really want to play with such a toy, there's always the Dialectizer: Although it doesn't work on RPGamer, my latest rant looks pretty amusing in Redneck. Then of course if you play with some others, you might see "Mum! Blimey! Dad! Blimey! Don't touch it! Struth! It's Evil! Honest guv!" As for time travel, well, it's not really done that much, so I can't comment really.


Hallo! Harry Carey, here! Long time, no see!

1) Who would win in a wrestling match: you, or Ayla?

Ayla. No contest.

2) Are there gonna be any notable RPG's for the Game Boy Advance?

Heck yes! A good chunk of my E3 meetings are regarding GBA games.

3) Am I the only one who enjoyed Suikoden?

No, I'm one of the few who didn't. Nice concept, but 108 characters divided by 20 hours doesn't exactly leave much time for growth.

4) Is it true that about 16 Final Fantasies have been confirmed?

Counting in remakes? More than that...

5) Is Pat a man or a woman?


6) Who shot Alexander Hamilton in that famous duel?

Cubs win! This is Harry Carey, saying goodbye!

-- Hall of Fame Announcer Harry Carey.

"Amum Beh!"

Now for some more serious questions.

Heya Googs-

Just a couple of random comments, questions, rantings...

1. How do you feel about the Xenogears prequel? i'm totally skeptical about it because of what happened to Chrono Trigger's sequel, chrono cross. Chrono Cross is the only rpg i've ever played that I really hate and am disappointed in (yep, i've played Secret of evermore & Persona)... i'm still blocking the whole storyline out of my head. Now I know (pretty sure... i think) that the people that worked on chrono trigger worked on xenogears, but I dont know if same people worked on Chrono Cross... anyway, after what they (square) did to chrono cross, i'm expecting a butchered storyline crammed with 5 hours of FMV to make the masses happy... am I off my trolley? Or should i believe that the future (past?) is gonna be better?

Well, after making Xenogears, most of that team left to form Monolithsoft and start on Xenosaga, those who didn't did Chrono Cross. So, if you loved Xenogears and hated Chrono Cross, chances are you'll REALLY love Xenosaga since the people you don't like as much aren't involved... or something like that.

2. I actually went out and bought escaflowne, just based on your recommendation, and i have to say that even though you're a few fries short of a happy meal, you know your anime!

Uh, thanks?

3. Ya headed to ACen? sweet! I'll be there too! If you're a girl, you can come and stay at my place! you're a boy, you can still stay at my place... but you're on the floor.

Already have a room booked, nice one too.

4. Look for the "non-descript nerd watching anime"? Could you possibly be any more vague? How about you wear something so we can identify you? Like a bandana around your arm, or a bow tie, or one of those little hats with a propeller on top. come on, i dont wanna miss my chance to stalk see the great slimey one!


OK, fine, I'll give you another hint. I'll also be hanging out with other people from RPGamer, like Chesh Chim and Cham... no wait, strike that last one. No group of singers that get eaten by cute shapeshifters on THIS trip. Anyway though, if you see those two and another person with them, that other person might be me.


Hi Google!
Yay!! So Brad's gonna do a column? ::cheers:: And does JD still do that "Idiot of the Day" thing? I remember when he used to do that ^_^
::cries:: You can't go to E3 without me!!!! Please, please, gimme gimme gimme! I need, I need, I need!!!!! ::attempts to steal Google's ticket and runs off but is stopped when Google's trained hobbit militia attacks her and takes the ticket:: Grrr... you'll regret this! Especially when I send Gandalf after you!!!!

Xenochick, -The Lady of the Ring- (or Xenogears Goddess... whichever you wanna call me)

I didn't realize I had an army of hobbits, cool! Anyway though, if it makes you feel any better, while I am going to E3, I'm going to be working the entire time. Nope, no playing WarCraft 3 demos or hanging out with Vic Ireland for me, just work work work work work. Of course, work DOES entail playing games that won't be out for a year and sitting around talking with the people who made'em, so I guess you can envy me a little.


hola, goog! i got a few numbered questions for ya.

1. any news on deus ex 2...? or the first for that matter... some pc rpg's are sorely overlooked.

I personally overlook just about all PC RPGs, so I can't tell you a thing about Deus Ex 2.

2. which should i finish first: suikoden 2, vanguard bandits, or vagrant story?

People ask me this sort of thing a LOT, and it always creeps me out just a little. Personally, I'd go with Vanguard Bandits though, since it has the most endings. 5 of'em.

3. have you been to they've got some interesting stuff there...

Just now yes. Reviews of obscure old PC games eh?

4. uh... so... how's shadow hearts shaping up?

thanks for any answers given.:)

What I've seen of it so far has me drooling a bit. Koudelka 2 with a new combat system involving going insane from turning into demons, and I believe I heard Roger Bacon is one of the characters. Way to go mummy-monk!


Hi, This is James.

I have enjoyed the Super Mario RPG game for the Super Nintendo back in 1996. It was a very good game to play.

Now, five years later, I wanted to relive the game in a handheld fashion.

I wander if Nintendo will make a Game Boy Advance version of Game Boy Advance?

James Donahue

Aside from the mental slip there, people have been asking me this a LOT. If Nintendo announces it, we'll run a story immediately, but like so many current issues, we have to just sit around waiting for some official word.


Yesterday in a letter that Chesh printed someone admitted to buying Beyond the Beyond. *snicker* Then he actually gave thought to playing it. Bwahahaha! God help us all.

Hey! There's nothing wrong with Beyond the Beyond! Except for it not being very fun and all.

I went to see 'The Mummy Returns,' but there was no Final Fantasy preview. Should I ask for my money back? If they won't give it back, should I burn the theater down?


No, you should just watch the trailer we have. 8)

You forgot to invite Drew Cosner. Or to gas him and chain him to a desk at RPGamer HQ. Whichever works best.

Well you see, the thing there is I don't really know Drew. I'm fortunate enough to be on good terms with a little over half my predessessors, and I'm only ducking out for 2 weeks anyway.

The Last Laugh:

That was everything in the box if you couldn't tell. Except E3 spam. I still think it's odd that spam comes in E3 flavor. Anyway though, tomorrow, in theory, IceSeraphim should be around for one last column, let's see a nice sendoff like everyone else gets. I of course will also be popping out, to resurface for some live E3 Q&A in the midst of some nostalgia. In any case, let's fill up ye olde inbox!

Googleshng "Oh, hi there Mr. Sun!"
It's dawn. I believe that makes me officially nocturnal... spiffy!

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