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Googleshng - May 8 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

It occurred to me today that TWO unorthodox TRPGs are getting sequels made set in 1920s Paris. What the heck are the odds of THAT? Shadow Hearts and Sakura Wars 3 for the record.

In other news, this here is the last week before my haphazzard trip across the country, stuffing Pocky down my gullet, watching anime, beta testing Big Eyes, Small Mouth, and going to meetings with bigwigs like Vic Ireland. Not to mention seeing and playing games that won't be out for a year. I say this not to make you jealous however, but to set up... FLASHBACK "MONTH"

Just as I was looking for someone to run Q&A while CC and I head for Anime Central, various hosts of Q&A past popped out of the woodwork asking if they could guest host some time. So after Thursday, when I'll have IceSeraphim with me one last time, or someone else depending on the speed at which the game someone is sending IS arrives, I will be giving way to Brad, followed by Gin. Then I'll pop back in for some Q&A live from E3, and finally, there will be a few more flashback days, ideally containing JD, Ronnie, and Thor... despite the fact that he has no stable means of popping in to do it. Of course for that to work, you'd have to send Thor some letters now for him to answer and throw into a column over the next couple weeks. So, do that, and send me some too, and we'll see if we can pull this off with the minimum of wacky hijinks.

One last thing before I really get rolling. I tend to wait until right before I do Monday's column to read everything Chesh throws up, so I miss my chance to address the issues of the weekend in a timely manner. First, regarding MS, I didn't say the X-Box was doomed, just that at this particular momment there's nothing that interests me about it. Key word this point, E3's just around the corner, so that might change. Also, over the weekend someone said the GBA couldn't handle 3D graphics. This person was seriously misinformed. While I doubt you're going to see anything like an RTS on the thing, it's perfectly capable of handling polygonal graphics, and is doing so. The same person also compared the SNES to the 32x, which is rather silly considering that the 32x was an addon to the Genesis, which fell short of the SNES in a few other respects. Bottom line: The GBA is head and shoulders above the WSC when it comes to tech specs. Now on with the column! ... as soon as this brownout stops. Ah, there we go.

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Here's an odd one.

Hey Google,
How come no one ever talks about Earth Bound (SNES) anymore?? It has to be one of the top 10 BEST RPSs ever made, but except for a failed sequal (it looked crappy anyways) and Ness's cameo in Super Smash Brothers (N64), There has never been a follow up to the game!!! Whats wrong with everyone??!! In what other RPG can you: name all the characters, name your favorite food, name your dog, get assistance from an intergalatic fly, and still be able to hang out with a funky jazz band??!!!

Say fuzzy pickles!!!!

Why don't people talk about Earthbound much? Well, because it's an obscure old RPG on a dead console that wasn't even that well known when it was current. People don't talk much about Arcana, Albert Odessey, or Sword of Vermillion either. As for the aborted sequel though, here's hoping it resurfaces on the GameCube. I'd definately like to see more of that unique brand of insanity.

Quick recap

oh great google
i have sinned, i have not been to rpgamer in a while but i just ddecided to get on randomly recently, and i saw that they are making another xenogears game, but i am a bit in the dark on the matter so will ya fill me in on the whole xeno scoop? And what good games have been out recently on ps1 and ps2? If u answer this i will not poor salt on you.
p.s. how did i go from a plea to a threat?

OK, a couple years back, the team who made Xenogears, like so many others, left Square to work independantly. So they formed a little company called Monolithsoft, and, well, dropped out of the public eye completely. Then later they popped back in, teaming up with Namco and announcing Xenosaga, which, unless the universe is just a cruel sick joke, is a prequel to Xenogears. Additionally, Square Namco and Enix all bought shares of each other's stocks, allowing the Xenogears team to use all the names and other copyrighted elements in saga. And there was great rejoicing. Yay.

DC Multiparter

first off id like to thank you and everyone else who said Arcadia was worthwhile. it is very much so in fact it is the best game ive played since ff7. on that note you said that it was the best game youve played in six years so........ what is your favorite rpg you seem to have good taste(mine is ff7: sentimental value :p ).

In no particular order, some RPGs I really love include SoA, Phantasy Star, FF6, and Xenogears. Some TRPGs I love include all of them... except maybe VH2.

1.anywho first question, in skies of Arcadia should i save all my captains stripes until i gain my second ship (i heard you gain 2000 hp for them on it compared to 1000 on little jack). i was worried that it might be nessary in order to defeat certain bosses or some such. if so how many? id like to save as many as possible for the other ship while using all of my resources to their utmost.

Technically it's more like the 6th ship if you count all the various little crummy lifeboats and such you don't get to use, but yes, I'd recommend saving all your Captain's Stripes for the big D. You might need to use one to get through the dessert, but trust me, you'll need every edge available at the end.

2.any tips in general for Arcadia (no spoilers please ...... not that i think an experienced gamer like yourself would :p) .

Fina's last special is very very good. Get it ASAP. Then Vyse's.

3.what is a good rpg on dreamcast besides evolution1&2, Arcadia, grandia2, silver. i own all of these, but im always on the lookout for another.

Off the top of my head, there's also PSO and Shenmue, although they're technically Action/RPGs.

4.lastly i read about a selector i checked it out here are my results........# 1 Krelian # 2 Citan # 3 Miang # 4 Emerelda # 5 Grahf # 6 ID # 7 Ramsus # 8 Maria # 9 Billy # 10 Dominia # 11 Hammer # 12 Chu-Chu # 13 Fei/Lacan/Kim # 14 Jesse # 15 Kelvena # 16 Rico # 17 Seraphita # 18 The Gazelle Ministry # 19 Elly/Sophia # 20 Margie # 21 Tolone # 22 Bart # 23 Sigurd # 24 Emperor Cain. thats right everyone LAUGH at me..........i am :) .thanks a lot i like your site goolge and cheshire.

"Strange One"

Whenever I take a test like that, I always get all the demons gods and nerds... AND nerdy demonic gods!


Hey, Google! I've been reading your column for months. I love your style! And I'd really like to get to know you and be your best friend. So if you'd please give me your name, address, and -DON'T DO IT! HE'LL KILL YOU THE FIRST CHANCE HE GETS!- Shut up, Gus! Heh heh... just ignore him. I really like you and -DON'T BE FOOLED! HE ATE THAT RUSSIAN GUY LAST YEAR!- Quiet! So could we meet sometime? I have a nice cabin in the Colorado mountains! -HE'S MAD! MAD, I TELL YOU!-

A lot of people have been asking if they could come stalk me at E3. Unless you're carrying around a GBC with Mythri in it, the answer is no. Not that I don't want random strangers walking up to me or anything, it's just that I'm ducking out early on the day the general public is allowed in. So if you really want to come stalk me, you'll have to do it at Anime Central this weekend. I'll be the non-descript nerd watching anime.

The Last Laugh:

You may be happy to know that my connection has now been permanently fixed (in theory), so no more delays of that nature. In any case though, try to send letters to me for tomorrow's column, and some time delayed letters for when I theoretically rope in Thor after E3.

Googleshng "It's fixed!"
Legendary cats had too much sugar.

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