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Googleshng - May 4 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I don't really have any intro banter today, so here's IS:

IceSeraphim: Hello again! Miss me? Of course you didn't. I hope I come off a little better this week. I've had an interesting day. My boss screwed up and caused me to have to pay $420 of rent for summer housing up front. New games are not coming my way soon. On the other hand, I'm grabbing some older games off friends. I'm expanding into that wonderful genre known as RPG's for the computer. And a few old shooters.
I've tried to find some other rare games that I want, but there aren't that many. All my old systems are gathering dust, and I have none of the newer consoles. Anyways, I'm also looking for Final Fantasy Tactics, Vampire: Masquerade, or any PC RPG (Single player) that looks good. Email me and ask. And I'm still shooting for Suikogaiden.
Well, enough jabbering, on with the column!

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Spikey hair

Taking a quick glance over the stories from yesterday, I noticed something interesting in the art of the game, Cross Gate. Does Squaresoft have anything to do with the production of this? Because I could have sworn that first guy was Crono in his wedding outfit, and that there were a few Terra, Celes and Aeris-wannabes.....

"Maybe I just confused and it was a different red-spikey-haired hero...."

Well, I don't know about the Amano like characters, but Toriyama did the Dragon Warrior series and Chrono Trigger. Either he's the character designer, or they're going for a similar style. Thing is, whenever I see the Chrono haircut, I think SSJ4 Gogeta from Dragonball GT. There's also an elderly Bulma in there... Say, I think these were done by the guy that did DBGT. (A different design team did that series)

That's about as specific an answer as I can give too based on just a few simple renders.

Major Multiparter

Hey, this is CanadianGhaleon with my weekly questions for you Google 1. What is your all time favourite tracks? (song, not soundtrack)

Well, my all time favorite song is Words That We Couldn't Say, from the Cowboy Bebop: Blue soundtrack. Heck, the entire Bebop soundtrack rocks!

I'm hard pressed to pick a favorite song off any given soundtrack, let alone overall.

2. Ever played the game Snatcher by Konami? I wish there were more like it.

I've never heard of Snatcher, so I guess I'll take your word for it.

All I know about Snatcher is that a previous guest host wanted it but nobody was offering.

3. Do you think the X-Box can really make it? I'm doubtful because of the lack of big companies producing for it.

It's Microsoft. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. I'm doubtful, though. It's basically a computer, so what's the point? I bet most games will be available for the PC as well. The third party support is a big problem, though, just look at the N64.

Well, MS has three major stumbling blocks before them. 1. They're based in America, and console gaming isn't. 2. They have a very shady reputation from their years in the PC world. 3. There isn't a single game in the works on their system worth a second glance at this point. Chances are they're planning to work on that 3rd point at E3, but I don't they can come up with anything that will pique MY interests that I wouldn't have already heard of. Nasty controllers too. Will they be reasonably successful though? I honestly can't tell you. I've spent years tryinng to get into the head of the average consumer, and they still do the STRANGEST things with no comprehensable motivation.

4. Have you seen the early GameCube movies? They don't seem that good to me.

I don't go by the early movies. They're meaningless to me, mostly because I don't understand the difference between 100 birds moving along predetermined paths as opposed to random ones. Plus, the ones I've seen just look like really good FMV. When I start seeing the actual games themselves, then I'll be impressed. I want to play Zelda and Metroid! (I just realized I never did borrow my roomate's N64....)

You two DO realize that those demo movies aren't prerendered, right? Those are accurate representations of what can come out of that little box. Quite frankly I'm drooling. Of course I'll be able to give much more informed opinions on these games two weeks from now when I'll be writing this column at E3, after having a chance to play around with them.

5. What RPG's are you most looking forward to?

Multiplayer, Shadowbane, hands down. Single player, I don't know. I don't have any next-gen systems, so I've just been going through older games. I am planning on finishing the Baldur's Gate Trilogy when the last one comes out this summer. Really. honest. I swear I'm telling the truth this time.

Many many many. If I had to pick just one though, it'd probably be Hoshigami, since I've done everything there is to do in FFT numerous times.

6. Are there any good traditional (read: Non-multiplayer) RPG's out for the PC?

Wow, that's a whole territory I just opened up myself. There's Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Torment, and Vampire: The Masquerade. There's also a few older PSX games too. Once again: Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen has no load times on the PC! ^_^

There's also Fallout, and, if ou want something console style, Septera Core.

7. Breath of Fire 4. Worth the money?

I saw it, it looked interesting. I don't know enough to give an opinion, though.

I was never a real fan of the series myself, so I'm not the one to ask.

Who let the- oh, I just can't say it.

Ok Goog, you asked for it,
My brother is still big into Pokemon. My question is about the 3 dogs in Silver and Gold that run wild all over Johto. Is there any good strategy to get them other than sheer luck? I have been trying for hours to track down the one we randomly ran into and only got a battle once. Anything would be a huge help.

My advice, from what I recall my brother saying, is don't fly to the locations, or they'll run away. I believe it's just luck. Remember to track them using the breeding ground screen in the pokedex, or whatever it was called. I really should play that someday...

Repels are also handy. Avoid those 5 billion Rattatas while you search.


Hi Google~!
Are you looking forward to Wild ARMS Advanced 3? I thoroughly enjoyed the previous Wild ARMS games released.

I didn't much like WildARMS, so no, not really. Wouldn't know about the next two....

I love the first, but haven't finished it, and thus haven't touched the second. As soon as I get to it though, I'm sure I'll start drooling over 3.

When is Star Ocean:Blue Sphere coming out in the USA?

Enix hasn't given any date yet.

Do you think that the Romancing Saga games [1,2 and 3] have a chance at being released in the USA? Seeing as there are so many remakes of games in the works for a release lately, I wonder if Square would think of it.

Not going to happen. Square's philosophy for the year is nothing but FF, since they brings in much more money. Plus the average American REALLY doesn't like the SaGa series. do you think the Final Fantasy movie will be received by the public? As far as I'm concerned, it's not going to do that well. Like others I know, I've been an avid fan of the FF games for years now, and upon hearing that a movie was going to be made, I expected it to have elements of the games. The setting on earth..the futuristic's really not appealing to me. I'm interested to hear your opinion.
Thanks for your time,

I think it looks kinda cool. I'm shooting low, and hoping for a Sci-fi flick with a great plot, and not a Final Fantasy story. It does sound a tad odd, though, with the whole spirits plot.

Well, since more people go to the movies than play RPGs, Square's trying to aim more at that group. Besides which, just by sticking FF in the title of the movie, they're guarenteed to rope in all their fans. A surprising number of people would probably even stare at a blank screen if it was called Final Fantasy the movie. 8)

Tictacs Ogre

Hello Googleshng and IceSeraphim,

I've never gotten into the Ogre Battle series much farther than playing the SNES one for a couple minutes, however Tactics Ogre just strikes me right at the core of my TRPG heart. So my questions are

1) Do the Ogre Battle and Tactics Ogre games have a connecting storyline, or are they all different like Final Fantasies? Also, if they are connected, in what order?

I dunno, never played the first.

The three Ogre Battle games are all set in the same world, and pretty close to eachother time wise. They don't happen in the order you'd think though. It goes OB, OB64, TO. Some of the characters from the original carry through to the others, and in fact, you get to hang out with the main character from the original for a while in OB64.

2)Is Tactics Ogre really worth playing? I've heard lots of good stuff about it from previous Q&A columns, but want the bottom line on the series.

My friend claims Tactics Ogre is pretty good.

Well, that's a tough one. TO is a cross between Ogre Battle and FFT. The catch is that TO came BEFORE FFT, so it's a lot less polished. On the one hand, TO has a branching plot, and a much bigger party (you can use 10 characters at once). On the other hand, the experience system is rather strange (killing someone who isn't on a higher level than you yields practically no EXP). Plus the characters are much less customizable, as any class can use any equipment, and have no customizable special abilities.

3)Are you guys expecting good things from Tactics Ogre Gaiden on GBA?

I always expect good things on the GameBoy Advance. I'm hoping for a good, portable strategy game.

Hopefully. I'm more interested in Hoshigami, but a portable TRPG would be quite nice.

4) I can't remember, how do you select the new guest host if no one gives the current one his games?


Goog told me that he gets to ask for a game. Which, of course, is why I ammended my list. I planned on doing that after a week anyways. The Suikogaiden request was wishful thinking.

Right, just for the sake of moving things along, no guesthost can have more than three weeks in a row, so if absolutely nobody offers up any of the games they want, I'll just have to start up a new thread with an obscure game /I/ can never find. Of course this chain's been going on for months and I haven't had to do that yet.

More on TO


I've noticed there has been a serious lack of letters lately? What's up with that? Has the world underwent a nuclear holocaust without my knowledge? I know I don't' watch much evening news, but still!

What can we expect from Tactics Ogre Gaiden (assuming it hits the US shores), will we be able to position our units and move around like FFT or will they be static once battle is entered like the previous Ogre Battle games?

Also, can we expect the GBA screens to be so bright and colorful, or will our actual screens appear much more drab due to the LCD screen?



I'll have you know that the evil demon from the fifth dimension residing on my hard drive has been restrained all we..... Oh crud. Anyone have some holy water? My guess is finals.
I'm pretty sure they'll be the same. LCD always looks brighter and more colorful to me than regular monitors or TV's.

Calling it Tactics Ogre Gaiden, as opposed to Ogre Battle, would indicate it's going to be a standard TRPG rather than an OB style game. As for the picture on the GBA, according to everyone I know who's imported one, "the color on the GBA is amazing." Like the original GB, you can't see it too well if you play in the dark, but otherwise it's very very nice.


Hello Goog and Icethingy!
How's the weather like?
It's nice and sunny here in Europe.
But now I'll stop the small talk and start bombing you with my furious guestions!

1. First af all...
I am a HUGE BoF fan, and I've been worried sick about this matter.
Is BoF 4 EVER going to come to Europe? If it doesn't I'm going to kick some Capcom ass! >.<

Seraphim. Like the order of angels. I was shooting for one of the lesser groups, but kinda went too far up. It came from some weird chat I had in #RPGamer once.
Gosh, Europe has it bad. How long does it take games to make it over there?

I honestly have no idea. If you got BoF3, you'll probably get 4.

2. What's your favorite scary movie?

Well, we used to sit around and watch people play Resident Evil, does that count?

I think that counts. As for mine, I'll have to say The Point. Oh wait, FAVORITE! That's probably a different definition of scary then... Army of Darkness count?

3. Have you ever been in sauna?

Why yes, yes I have. When the steam pipe broke in the... Oh, you mean a real sauna. No.

Does the sauna in River City Ransom count?

4. Umm... Nothing more I guess...

It's bye bye, you ugly slimy thing!
And you too IcyGangaroo!

IcyGangaroo? That sounds like an infection... Cool!

Most people never get refered to as "you ugly slimy thing!" Why is that?

The heat is on

Sorry, had to say that. That's what happens when you live in a college dorm most of the year. You wonder when you hear someone's hot if someone got the maintence men to turn on the air conditioner in their dorm. Wherever you are slimy one I hope someone fixed the air conditioner before you not just boil, you FRY LIKE AN EGG!

Mary-Alice Davies

Air-con-di-tion-er? What is this contraption? I usually just open a window. Then again, we've had snow in April here....
On the other hand, the Rotunda is kept disturbingly cold year round. You need a coat just to get outside. At which point you change into the shorts and barefeet. No wonder the electricity bill is so high.

You seem to be under two false impressions. The first is that I live in a dorm, and the second is that I have air conditioning. I live in a converted attic with small windows, and 3 slightly fogged over skylights that can neither be openned wide nor covered. Leads to a greenhouse climate.

The Dialectizer!

To clarify the Chrono Cross dialect translation, the entire script was translated normally into English, then for any character with a dialect, their text was put through an automatic dialect-creating program. (One of the translators tells you this if you get the staff room ending, in case you're wondering how I know this.)

-- LordBrian

You're kidding me, right? An automatic dialect program? Dear God, this is what we're wasting programming talent on....

I've played around with a program like that. Quite fun.


O' [insert witty suck-up remark here] Google,

I have a question. How do you say magus (from chrono trigger)? I've always said it ma(like in man)gus (like the g sound in goat, and us). My sister says it's supposed to be ma(in man)gus(with a j sound and us). How is it really supposed to be? Or does it not matter?


May-gus. like in goat.

I have heard, from various sources, every concievable pronunciation, from May-juss to Mag-us (as in Magazine and, well, us). The latter is how I personally say it, but I think you're OK with anything really. As long as you don't pronounce it, say... "Susan"

The Last Laugh:

IceSeraphim: Well, once again it was fun. And long. And hard. Well, if anyone has Suikogaiden, Final Fantasy Tactics, or Vampire: Masquerade, email me and you get the spot. Otherwise, see you next time!


Google: OK, another day, another unfortunately timed cable outage. Tech support's finally getting confused enough to send a repair guy out though. Again, sorry it's late, but hey, Chesh is like 75% more likely to print your letters if you send'em in now!

Googleshng "Woeful connection"
The whole vilage was on FI-Yer!

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