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Googleshng - May 1 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

This morning CC was disturbed to find a Sonic hentai doujinshi in his mail. It's amazing what freaky stuff people randomly send people upon hearing certain words and phrases. In other news, did you know that spam comes in E3 flavor? Seriously, I get 3 "Come see our 5 Gameboy Platformers based on a 20 year old movie!" to the "Buy new Herbal V!" lately. Anyway though, column time.

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FFC bugs?

I'm definately looking forward to the FF4 and CT remakes... FF4 was my favorite Final Fantasy game (and perhaps the one that got me REALLY into RPGs... FF1 was cool, but FF2us REALY got me into it), and, of course, CT was just a wonderful game.

Now, we know Japan already has these... my question pertains more to CT, though. Seeing how bad the loading times were for FF6, do you know if CT is going to be as bad about it? I would find it a little more annoying with CT, I think, since the actualy scene doesn't shift at all (at least with FF6 you got a nice effect while going into battle). Oddly enough, FF5 didn't bother me at all, save the translation. Hence, since we're getting the FULL FF4, I don't think that'll bug me too much. But is there any info showing how the load times on these games will be?

Even if you don't post this, I'd really appreciate it if you could take a moment to reply, even if it's along the lines of "CT: Slow, FF4: kinda slow" or "Both are slow." Just so I have some fair warning about what to expect when I buy 'em. I know I will. :D


Word on the street is that while FF4 is a buggy barely playable monsterousity, CT came out just fine... or at least pretty well.


hey google,

I wanted to ask for some advice. My friend is (foolishly) selling his dreamcast and skies of arcadia. Should I buy them? I have some interest in other dc games but I think skies would probably be the best... Is it a waste to buy a dc just for skies? I've seen my roommate play and it seems alot like chrono cross (the graphics anyway) and pretty cool? any advice?
On the xenogears thing, I wanted to say that I'm disturbed by the number of would-be xenogears fans who suddenly popped up now that xenosaga is coming out. I was at the mall the day xenogears came out waiting to get my copy. I seem to remember all these people saying how confusing/dumb xenogears was and now they hail it as a king rpg. I know you were always hardcore too (and xenochick, of course) and I wanted to see if you had noticed this too.
Do you know if wonderswan color will ever come to the us? I want a wonderswan way more than a gameboy advance, but I guess you have to make due with what you've got when you're an American. Have you ever played Koudelka? I got it new for $20 at Software etc. and it's great. I can't believe i never heard about it before. Wasn't it made by some x-square employees?


I'd say it's worth it to buy a used DC off your friend just for SoA. I've bought more obscure systems for single games that were MUCH less fun and gotten plenty of enjoyment from them. Besides, there's plenty of other cool DC games too. A lot of people are trying to hunt down Xenogears now that they hear there's a prequel coming for a number of reasons. First, there's people who meant to buy it way back when, didn't have the cash, and then forgot about it. Then there's people who think to themselves "hmm... if Xenogears was good enough for them to want to make another, I should go find it!" I haven't seen very many of said people personally though. Koudelka was indeed made by ex-Square employees and in fact the lead designer/music guy did the music to Secret of Mana... kind of a big jump there. Of course he left Sacnoth and now Mitsuda is doing the music for Shadow Hearts. Finally, while the last time I checked, we are getting the WSC in the US, I must ask, why do you prefer it to the GBA? The WSC is a 16-bit handheld from a virtual noname that doesn't have a single game to speak of except remakes of FF1-3, which are less likely than the WSC itself to hop the pond, and at that really aren't all that great if you don't factor in nostalgia. The GBA meanwhile is backwards compatable, giving it the largest library of games of any system at launch, 32 bit, and has a very enticing list of upcoming games from a variety of developers, including a spiritual sequel to SotN, and possible remakes of FF4-6, which are much better objectively than 1-3, and seem about as likely to appear in the US at this point. So seriously, do you know something I don't here?

Saturn Imports

hey do u need anything to be able to play imports on your sega saturn? lik a mod chip lik playstation?

Yup. The only company whose systems need no modifications to play imports is Nintendo.

There's probably longer...

Hey Goog,
Have you heard about a PC game called Longest Journey? I read about it yesterday, and I think it's supose to be about time travel or something like that. I was wondering if you could tell me anything about it. Is it any good? Is it like Chrono Trigger??? Thanks.


The Longest Journey is a PC Adventure game involving parallel dimensions, a la CC, not time travel, a la CT. Chesh really loves it, which is pretty much the only reason you hear about it around here.

One quickie for ya

I finally bought Skies of Arcadia! Aren't you proud of me?

-Esquire J


The Last Laugh:

Column's cut a little short today due to, well, people not sending in many questions. If you want to keep reading stuff I typed though, feel free to check out the rant I threw up over the weekend.

Googleshng "RAABU ANDO PIISU!"
Gee, you think you know a guy and then someone tells you he's a muppet full of midgets...

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