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Googleshng - April 25 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

No wait, that's WA3 not WA3. That nasty punnish statement behind me, Wild ARMS 3 has JUST been announced. I should probably finish the original and pay through the second before it comes out.

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PSO fun fact

Yo, Google...

I have a Question and an Answer for you. First of all, I have found a place where they sell a five CD set called simply "Final Fantasy 1 - 9". The problem is, no one seems to know what's on the CDs. I know they contain music from the mentioned FF games, but... you wouldn't happen to know where I could find a list over the tracks, would you? It would be much appreciated.

As for the Answer, it's about Cyrael's Phantasy Star question. Myau's Iron Fang is his first weapon; it's better than what he starts out with, but the Silver Fang is his best weapon. If you have it, don't bother with the Iron Fang (duh). Strange as it may seem to us RPGamers, several of the "best equipment" pieces in PS can be bought in shops...

~Jonatan L, also a PS junkie.

Well, the soundtrack thing is, evidently, a bootleg, so there's no way for me to pull up a track listing of it. As for Myau's fangs, I always got Iron first. If nothing else, it's worth going through that cave for the money and experience. Oh, and "several"? I seem to recall buying all of Myau's stuff, and armor for either Alis or Odin, but otherwise, there's Laconian junk for everyone.


Hey Google,
Hey Google just a couple questions about Skies. I'm at the point where I've returned to the island Vyse got ship wrenched on. Glider sent some people who want a combined 100000. The problem is I spent all my money on the way there. My question is where can I make money fast there? I don't want to spend hours fighting random battles were 60% of the creatures run (What's the point of that Sega???). I also don't want to sell Daccat's coin in case I need money later.
Secondly, have you down loaded the extra island (with it's own boss)? I just read about it in a game mag, and with you being the Skies matrya I figured you would know.
Third, I have Phantasy Star 2 on the Smash Pack. Should I drop Skies and Play PS2. Skies has already been put off for PSO so it wouldn't be the first time. Also how long is PS2?

The Great Cornholio
I have a Vivi Key Chain

Uh, you have something that serves no purpose other than selling for a ton of money, and you're at the point of the game where you need a ton of money. Just sell it! Of course, if you insist on being a packrat (like me), you could also just cruise around the world hunting for ship battles. They give quite a bit of cash. Plus while you're at it, you can stop by every town you've been to looking for crew members. Also, monsters can manage to run away from you? You should be able to do first turn Lambda Bursts by now...

Oh, and as for your other questions, I haven't gotten around to stealing someone's dialup for grabbing Arcadia stuff, and, well, if character building in SoA bugs you, don't even think about touching PS2 right now. Expensive equipment+LOW encounter rates+downright disturbing monsters=bothersome character building... at least until you get Shir.


Hiya Googliewooglie, My streak of ignorant questions will continue! 1.) Are you going to E3? Really? Can I hide in your luggage? I don't need much air!

Uh, I only get 2 carryons, and one'll be full of anime. So unless you're really really small, no.

2.) If you are, what do you look forward to seeing most there?

Hmm... that's a tough call. So tough I can't answer in fact.

3.) Does E3 actually stand for anything important?

Electronic Entertainment Expo.

4.) In Neon Genesis Evangelion does Asuka like Shinji or just a really, really, reallllllly sore loser? (note, I'm only at episode 20, don't crush my pathetic curiousity by giving away something so mindblowing that you'll break the internet. Yeah.)

There are two ways to watch Eva. Way #1 is to take it at face value and enjoy the cool fight scenes. Way #2 is to try and analyze every detail. Since it eventually degenerates to a completely surreal work, and the creator is considered insane by a fair share of people, I stick to the first, and therefore won't be answering that.

5.) Glenn IS Frog, he's gotta be, he was whatchamacalled it by Magus, and I'm sure there's no other cursed frogettes? Maybe half the curse is he lives so long.

Frog's name is Glenn, nobody's arguing that, but Glenn from CC is decidedly not. I mean, it talks extensively about his family, in a way that makes it quite clear he was born in the present, and never turned into a frog 400 years in the past by a really cool mage. Sorry.

6.) I hated FF IX, for the first time I'm not going to be getting the other FF's that come out unless it's groundbreaking. Am I evil? Is Square evil for pumping out what some might call crap?

I think that's everything that passed my disturbed mind.


Everything is considered lousy by SOMEONE, and only in a very small number of cases is it an indication of evil. Of course, the conservative approach Square took with FF9 is a tad indicative of their new business plan.

Suikoden games

I asked the weekend guy, Chesh, but he didn't print it (I think AOL coulda messed it too, so I'm sending through hotmail now.)

Hey dude, I have a very good question regarding Suikogaiden. Here is my question:

Suikogaiden is a text RPG, something that hasn't really been shown here. Is there any plans for the first, 'Swordsman of Harmonia' or the second 'Battle at Crystal Valley' to come here? I'm a huge fan and wondering.. also, I was wondering why I can't find any information about it on the net, it did get released, right? If it did get released, and information was released, do you know where I can get some, and if where the game itself? Also, what about Suikoden 3? Any pics or details on that? These are games my dreams are made of.. Thanks for yer time


"Gaiden" is a Japanese word meaning "This game won't be translated into english." Oh wait, Ninja Gaiden. Bah. Still though, generally speaking, text based games don't come over. Suikoden 3 should, but there hasn't been too much news on that lately.

The Last Laugh:

Hmm... column's a tad short today. Ah well. I'll just make this closing short too to balance it out... or something.

Googleshng "Poof"
Bob Ghengis Khan

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