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Googleshng - April 24 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Last night, a panel of experts deemed that Cruel Angel's Thesis played extra fast is really funny. Just thought I'd share. Also, I've done a little more tweaking to this little column redesign, just minor things honestly, like some extra space between the letters. I think at this point, it pleases the maximum number of people I can please without shinking all this manditory left bar stuff down to a size on par with the length of my intros. I'll have to get to work on that!

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Phantasy Star Question

Hey Goog... Thought you had gotten rid of me, eh?

I have been hearing alot about an Iron Fang for Myau, and I was wondering 1) Where is it and 2) is it worth the trouble?

Suprisingly good fortune has visited me recently. I have gotten every game that was on my list without lifting a finger. So now I can start the Phantasy Star series (AWESOME), play FFT AND Skies. Hooray!

~Cyrael, PS Junkie

Ah, every time someone enjoys the original Phantasy Star, a cat gets it's wings... or something. Anyway though, there are two nice weapons you can get for Myau. The iron fang, and the silver fang. I honestly can't remember which one is better, but I'm pretty sure it's iron since all the other great equipment comes from caves. Anyway though, it's in a fun little cave somewhere east of Medusa's cave. The monsters there are a bit tough, but good for character building. So, in other words, yes, it's worth getting.

Knowing is half the battle

Someone wrote in yesterday about the rood in Vagrant Story being a Judeo-Christian symbol. It's time for a lesson from Kurisutofa-sensei!

The rood from Vagrant Story is based off of a symbol called the Chi-Rho, named so because it is made up of the Greek characters "X" ("chi") and "P" ("rho"), which are the first two letters in the name "Christ." The symbol was first seen by the Roman emperor Constantine before a battle in Turkey (the former capitol of Turkey was Constantinople) in a divine vision. In the vision God told Constantine to put the Chi-Rho on his soldier's shields and they would win the battle. Long story short, Constantine won, took over Turkey and Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire.

Ah, better gaming through history.

So does this mean that in games where experience is abreviated XP, you're really getting Christ for slaughtering woodland creatures? It has some disturbing implications about emoticons too...

What to buy?

I have a question for you and i don't want to read a review. Should I get Lunar? I want a game with a nice battle system and story, and I also want a game that is pretty hard, but not too frustrating. Or should I get a different game. I am trying very hard to find FFT, but I can't, any advice?

I always hate getting questions like this. It's not that they're annoying or anything, it's just that, well, I don't feel I have the authority to tell people what games to buy in such a flippant manner. In this case I can though. Go get Lunar since it's exactly what you're looking for. Skies of Arcadia fits that too really. Anyway though, most of the time, when you want an opinion on what game to get, you should REALLY just cruise over to the reviews section. Those people get two whole pages to describe what is and isn't good about a given game, AND they write it all down right when they play the game, so it's not fuzzily remembered. PLUS all the reviews people write stay there in a nice happy list, so people don't, say, forget that Legend of Mana exists. As far as what should I get questions, I'm really only your best option for games that just came out, or are about to.

Chrono Cross Crestions... doh!

CC spoilers

Hi, once again. I'd like to say I know the whole story between Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, but I don't, so I'm going to ask you some questions I thought of when I was walking my dog and listening to Chrono music. 1. Why exactly did Lynx burn down the orphanage?(I beat the game a while ago, I forget).

Because he was a big fat jerk, not to mention on a spree of killing all the characters from Chrono Trigger and so on.

CC spoilers

2. Could it be possible that Ayla is a descendent of Leena?

Uh, that really doesn't make sense. The other way around does though. Especially if you subscribe to my theory that Leea is the illigitimate daughter of Ayla and Merle from Escaflowne... which IS true in inspirational terms at least!

CC spoilers

3. Is Glenn really Frog?

NO. Decendant of Frog maybe, but definately not the original.

CC spoilers

4. Why did the Masamune change from a sword to swallow?

Eh, change of pace. That and the fact that the person who uses swords already had two nice ones.

CC spoilers

5. Why didn't they make Chrono Cross in the same area as Chrono Trigger? How did Kid move down there?

Well, Chrono Trigger takes place around the whole world, while Chrono Cross takes place on a little island chain off the coast of the continent you start on in CT, so it DOES technically. As for Kid, well, when your house gets burned down, and everyone's to the north and west do too, you generally want to go southeast, no? A better question would be why did the Chrono Cross team exhibit such apparent HATRED towards Chrono Trigger's cast?

Anime and used games

I got a few questions and comments both anime and RPG related Googs.

1. I can call you Googs, can't I?


2. Is it just me or did Zelgadis' character change in the second half of the Slayers series. I know you don't care for dubbing but I thought it was really interesting that everyone except for Lina and Gourry changed their voices after the first have of that series was over. Did that happen in the japanese version?

Yes, they changed english voice actors a few episodes in. That happens with a lot of dubs actually. Doesn't in the original though. In Japan, Zelgadis always has the same voice, which by the way is the same voice actor as the Japanese Fei from Xenogears.

3. I saw Vandal Hearts in my local EB for $13, I bought it. (No scratches!)

Good for you.

4. I saw Revelations: Persona at my local Funcoland for $13, is it worth my money?

Thank you for your time and attention.

Jamie "2-handed Battle Ax or Double Bladed Spear, who would win?" Harper >8^()

I once made a list of the 5 most vile RPGs I'd ever played. Persona was on this list.

Death and taxes

Common spoilers about deaths in games.

Hey How's it going,

I was just thinking about the death of Aeris in FF7 and how that single event will change how we look at RPG's.... Eg. when I finished FF8 I was actually scared that Square had killed Squall to make the ending "romantic"... It was a love story and you know how most love stories end in tragedy. So when they show him in the end there is actually relief that he is still alive atleast for those who liked Squall.

So what im saying is that Aeris death will always leave that uncertainty which will make the game more enjoyable. What do you guys think??

Another thing i was introducing one of my friends to RPG's and he renamed Aeris to a girl he loves and Tifa to a girl who has been complicating matters. He has yet not reached Aeris' death but i cant wait for him to play that bit just to see the look of shock. Anyone else had a similar experience??


Well, you would have an interesting point there... except that everyone and their dog knew Aeris died before touching the game, heck, they showed it in commercials, and FF7 was not by any remote stretch of the imagination where a likable character on your party got killed permanently. Of course, if you replace FF7 with PS2, and Aeris with Nei (whose death, come to think of it, was also pretty widely known beforehand), then yes, that did change some things. In the few RPGs before then, if someone joins your party, they're on your party forever, you can equip whatever the heck you want on them. Ever since though, whenever you see a character who looks a bit different from anyone else, or has a disgustingly good special move, or even someone who just doesn't seem to have potential for growth or starts on a high level, you have a tendancy to treat them like dirt, and not give them any valuable equipment on the off chance they'll die. Oh, and yes, a lot of my friends name characters after themselves and their friends, and it IS a bit odd when they die.

Stocks and labels

Common spoilers about deaths in games.

Hey (monks sing) GOOG-LE-SH-NG I was wondering. Is there much in good RPG's coming out soon? Anything that is mentioned won't be out until the end of the year or later. You getting ready for your trips since they're only in a couple of weeks. When you're in Chicago, are you coming down to St. Louis to bug me? I think the Xenosaga question might be answered since I saw an announcement that Namco, Square, and Enix are partnering up and buying 5% of their stocks. That would explain any questions on the game. Imperial Mog

Well, the GBA is out soon, plenty of neat lookng games on that. Hoshigami's due out this September too. As for Xenosaga, yes, evidently various RPG publishers bought chunks of eachothers stocks and Square's letting Xenosaga use stuff from Xenogears. Huzzah!


Hi Googleshng

Just thoought I would let you and the readers know that Sega is releasing the Smash Pack GD-ROM on Thursday 4/26/2001 for $39.99.


Nice to know.

Is PSO Version 2 coming out in North America?

Last I heard, yes.

The Last Laugh:

Well, hope you enjoyed the column. By the way, this Friday IceSeraphim will be guest hosting, to buy yourself the seat, you'll have to donate Suikogaiden, or Rockman Complete Works 2,3, or 5. All imports I see.

Googleshng "Zoom!"
The Chipmunks Sing Anime Themesongs. I think it'd sell.

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