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Googleshng - April 20 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

While you read Cyrael's intro here, bear in mind that for MY job, I spend 12 hours playing games, then 4 hours talking about'em. Who has the strongest need to get out more?

Cyrael: Hey guys, it's me for just one more day. How will you ever survive. Since I've said a bunch of stuff in my previous columns, I'll just leave you with this. I am such a loser, and this is why: Saturday, I work all day at a video game store. Saturday night me and my friends goto the Arcade to play video games. Afterwards we drive around listening to video game soundtracks for a few hours, and then head over to someones house to stay up and play video games all night. Ahh what a life. Oh well, Onwards!

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Yeah!!! Whoohooo Escaflowne!!! Awesome series, recommended to any out there who haven't seen it. Dilandau rocks, and so does Folken and the rest of the Dragonslayers!! Whose your favourite character?
I've been getting the DVDs as they come out and watching them on my PSX2 (I knew it would come in handy for something while I waited for Darkcloud- by the way, when is that gracing us with it's presence?)
..... only DVDs 5 and 6 don't work on it!! >.<

Pity me, the Esca-deprived....

Yeah, I am a big fan of Escaflowne. I've picked up the first 6 DVD's and am counting down the weeks till the last 2 come out. Allen is my favorite for some reason. I haven't had any trouble playing 5 or 6 on my PS2. Oh, and since we had 10 people asking about it at work today, Dark Cloud comes out on 05/29/01. Would you like to preorder that for only $10 down at your local Software Etc.?

Favorite Esca character eh? That would be a toss up between Van and Dilandu I think. I really like characters who get into combat and totally flip out. Episode 14 rules.

Weapons: Online, Sensors: Online, FF: Online

Hello, Google-sama and Cyrael-sama. While we all know about Google's hatred toward MMORPGs, I'm asking these anyway:
1. What is your favorite already released MMORPG, or which one do you think looks the kewlest?
2. Which looks more promising: Star Wars Galaxies or Final Fantasy XI?
Ok, that's all I've got today. After reading through the entire archive of Real Life Comics, one starts to develop an interest in MMORPGs.

BL Alien

Well, I've never been under the impression that Google HATES MMORPG's... My favorite is EverQuest right now. I've played the big name ones and EQ is the one i've had the most fun with, with Ulitma Online in second and Asherons Call in a distant third. I think SW Galaxies is more promising just because you can be a Jedi. Or a Wookie. Yeah!

I don't hate MMORPGs, I just feel no desire to play them. As for those, well, anything Star Wars related that isn't about the actual characters from the movies has a tendancy to suck. That puts FF11 a little ahead I think. Of course I have my qualms with both concepts, and refuse to pay monthly fees for games, so I'm not one to be comparing.


Vanguard Bandits spoilers

Hey I just finished Vanguard Bandits for the first time and I got what I consider to be the most annoying, slap in the face ending ever! You got all your guys lined up every one of them have some great ATACs and then you see Faulkner and he spouts some crap and blah blah blah. He brings out most of the main baddies throughout the game. I'm thinking hey this should be real good right? NO!! Faulkner does that stupid howl thing and you become the enemy against your allies. I of course said hey I'm not fighting them it must be part of a test or something. The killed all of the little baddies meanwhile I'm hiding in a corner. Then they go to take on Faulkner and he slaughters them. A few days later my character wakes up from his daze and realizes what happened and claims to have killed some of them but I never touched them I swear!! Faulkner goes "Ha ha ha and now I'm immortal" The End... WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?! As far as I could tell everything I ever did was for the betterment of mankind I tried to avoid killing those that didn't need it and I let anyone that asked to join. Now I ask you why is this? And how can I avoid this ending when I play again? Also I heard you highly recommended Vandal Hearts, or maybe that was someone else, do you think $15 is good for a used copy with a few scratches and everything else is there.

Thanks if you answer and if not I'll send it again and again until it's answered then I'll come to your house crying "Why didn't you answer my questions? I gave and I gave and all you did was take and take from me."

Maybe I need some help...

Well, I haven't played Vandal Hearts, but that sounds like it sucks...

I'd pay a lot more than $15 for Vandal Hearts if I saw it, but "a few scratches" is a phrase I avoid in the used game field. Now, as for Vanguard Bandits, you managed to get yourself the killing spree ending. Basically, when you get to then end of the Kingdom branch, Faulkner tries to work his evil mind control magic on you. Much like the protagonist of a Magical Girl show, if you have the love and support of your friends, you can resist. If not, well, you get possessed and have to kill them. Now then, as for how to keep them happy, in addition to making decisions that don't make you come off as a total psycho or incompetant, which you seem to have handled, keep people from dying, that ticks'em off quite a bit. Try to keep everyone on roughly the same level, since people don't like being ignored, and, most importantly, ALWAYS talk to three people between fights. When I finished, one of the girls loved me (red heart), another liked me quite a bit (pink diamond), and Devlin was slightly ticked (green triangle), and I got the good ending. I believe nobody being REALLY unhappy is slightly more important than having someone love you, but it's really not that hard to keep everyone in pretty good spirits. Then of course for a couple more upbeat endings, hit level 8 before the end of the third fight and you're on the Empire path. That has two pretty pleasant endings on it.


Dear Mr. Google sir,

What's new? Well enough with the chit chat, let's get to the questions.

1) Have you ever seen the anime Oh My Goddess! It's my favorite.

I've seen it but I wasn't too impressed.

I've read the manga, I've seen the OAV series, and I've seen a bit of the weird TV series where all the godesses are shrunken and hanging out with the rat. The OAV series I don't care for, but the others REALLY have their momments.

2) What are your thoughts on Grandia, the BOF series, and the Suikoden series?

I love Grandia, enjoy BOF and have yet to play Suikoden.

Way too easy, decent but not that appealing, and the first is way too short respectively.

3) Are you a mullet fan?


What an odd question...

4) Were you as disappointed with The Bouncer as I was?

That's all...

~ The Great Didingo

Yes. Our store copy was beaten in 4 hours. What a waste...

I've been told The Bouncer is a short, unbalanced, Double Dragon clone. Between that and the fact it's on a system I don't own, I didn't give it the chance to let me down.

Sequels on the Dreamcast

Hi there!
I'm thinking about buying a used dreamcast and buying Skies of Arcadia and Grandia II so...
1-What others games are worth buying? (I'm not interested in PSO).

Record of Lodoss War is fun if you liked Diablo. Crazy Taxi, Samba de Amigo and a bunch of other non-RPG's are fun too.

Those are the only RPGs I've personally played on the system, but I've heard most others are pretty decent. Speaking firsthand, some other nice non-RPGs include Chuchu Rocket, Soul Calibur, Power Stone 1 and 2, and of course Resident Evil: Code Veronica.

2-Are they going to make Skies of Arcadia II on the dreamcast?

I hope so.

Well, they're making one. What system is up in the air though. If not the DC, my money's on the Gamecube.

3-If Shenmue 1 is the prelude and Shenmue 2 is not the end of the story, will the other Shenmue games be on Playstation 2?

Could be. That or GameCube.

Shenmue 3, which will be the last game in the series, will be on the Dreamcast. All three games use the same engine, have been in simultanious development (some of the first Shenmue screens are actually from Shenmue 2), and well, your character transfers over between them!

4-How long is Grandia II this time around?

Thank you for your time!

I clocked in at 32 Hours. My firends said that I was slow.

Hmm... Grandia 2... I should get back to that some time.

Many comments

Hi Google and Cyrael. Just some general comments. I've tried HTMLizing this, but I don't know if it will work as intended...
1) In Chrono Cross, when you had an "enter code" shtick, each of the four buttons was assigned to a letter, and the L1 and R1 keys were L and R. I figure they'll do something similar.

Do you mean Chrono Trigger? I don't seem to remember anything from Cross that used those (except of course the LARA code in Lucca's house.)

Oh yeah. I forgot all about CC's LARA bit.

2)I think that Square has probably used its time to clean at least SOME of the bugs out of Final Fantasy Chronologies' FFIV. I hope and pray.

Well, they just might. But then again...

While Square has had every spare person they can find touching up older FFs, the PSX version of FF4 isn't the one getting the facelift. I really doubt we'll get a bug free release.

3) "Zophar" is from LUNAR 2: Eternal Blue and EB Complete.

This is true.

Oops. I meant to point that out yesterday...

4) On the whole, you seemed rather uninterested in FF Chronologies. I quote: "Well, considering that one of the reasons Square gave for not putting FF4 in the US release of FFA was that it was "too buggy", and FF6 came out so nasty I can't believe they let it out the door, unless Square has Working Designs translate it, the two movies and 2 or 3 newmenu options won't be worth it. They're also retranslating all the text. Considering that Square's recent translation efforts have been fairly nasty compared to their older stuff, well, see above comment." Does this mean you don't plan to get FFC? Not that it'll affect my decision, but I was curious.

I'm gonna get it just for the Anime Cutscenes in Chrono Trigger. Fuggle FF4. I already have it.

Well, if I wanted to play FF4, I could just pop it into my SNES. No load times, no 3 second battle swirls, no movies with rendered Amano characters. Chrono Trigger I can also play on my SNES. Of course, I HAVE gone all the way through 17 consecutive times, so that's not the strongest of my desires. So all I would get in exchange for my hard earned $50 is a collection of movies, which I would have to access by sitting through a game I can play with my eyes closed. Not worth it. Of course, for those of you who missed Chrono Cross the first time around, grab it! Not if you missed FF4 though. Hold out for the real rerelease there.

L2 Qs

First off, do you know of a site that tells where the bromides in the game are? I've found a lot, but I want to make sure I find them all on my second time through.

Second, how do I open the first door in the "Brave Labyrinth"? thats the dungeon north of Horam in the epilogue) It's one big room, with four glowing sword shaped marks in the cardinal directions, and two six pointed stars in the center.

Ok, I think thats all.

"When the horizon darkens most, we all need to believe there is hope."

I'm pretty sure any FAQ will tell you where they are. No particular sites come to mind though. As to that dungeon, you have to make the enemies run over those plates on the floor.

I'm 95% sure that RPGamer has a Bromide FAQ in the Lunar 2 section. Especially since I recall checking it after I finished the game to make sure I didn't miss any.

One last multiparter

hey google,

alright... i've been a hard-kore fan of this site for almost 2 years now, but this is my first time writing in to u... here are a few questions for u, slime-babe!!! ;-) lol...

1. Where can I find a copy of Perfect Works for Xenogears... Is there a link to a website that has it translated anywhere???

Cyrael seems to have missed this letter, so it's just me for a little. Perfect Works was only available in Japan, and has been thoroughly snapped up, so just look on eBay for someone sick of looking at the pretty pictures and trying to translate it.

2. I found a copy of Suikoden for 10 bucks a few weeks ago... I bought it, but haven't really started to play it... Is it worth getting into while I still have to buy Lunar 2, a Dreamcast, etc??? Or should i just wait until I ::accidentally:: lose it, come across it some day in 5 years, and act surprised that I found it???

For a game where you get a party of 108 characters, Suikoden is shockingly short, like 20 hours I believe. Might as well plow through it while scraping up cash for all that.

3. Was it just my computer, or was today's column messed up? it wouldn't scroll down past the SNES rpg question... sigh...

It was your computer.

4. Is it at all a possibility that Sega might re-release their Phantasy Star games on a new console? I, unfortunatly, was just a young-un when they were released and knew very little about them...

HMMMMMM! They very well might. After all, every other RPG developer has been doing that these days, and it seems to be working out pretty well for them. Plus if they do, I'll be able to get more people to actually play the original. Sega Master Systems aren't easy to come by, let alone games for'em.

5. I love Madonna... and if ANYONE begs to differ her excellency, I dare them to take me on... :-)

THERE'S a random comment!

6. I'm SOOO excited about the FFIV/CT re-release... Am I the only one in the world who still has faith that Squaresoft can kick ass... I know that the argument belongs in the Editorials, but they're amazing... They've had a so-so track record the past few years, but think about what they've done for our communtiy... If it wasn't for FFVII, there wouldn't have been the burst of rpg's that there was... And where would we be now then?

I kind of have a love/hate thing going with Squaresoft. At least out of what I've played, Squaresoft has made more great RPGs than any other developer, and talent doesn't just go away (well, except for the bit where a brilliant development team leaves Square to go out on their own every year or so at least). On the other hand though, if you take the PERCENTAGE of each developer's RPGs that are really great, Squaresoft ranks pretty darn low. I can't name a real dud from Sega, Enix has only bombed twice that I recall, Game Arts does nicely if you don't mind the ease of the Grandias, but Square has released it's share of utter garbage, and a lot of it in recent years. If you can even classify PE2 as an RPG, it's a real lemon flat out. I don't know anyone who exactly adored Legend of Mana, and of course the entire SaGa series just screams the fact it hasn't been playtested enough. Again though, the occassional release of a game like Xenogears, Chrono Cross, or FF9 (despite my being a tad sick of the series as a whole) DOES give me confidence that they can make some really good games. They just need some feedback from us so they know what's gold and what's garbage. Since the only real way they have to get that feedback is sales numbers, just try not to grab the games that don't rule, even if they do have FF in the title. Oh, and that's a good point about FF7 there.

7. One more ::little:: rant... When people are describing a game that totally blows, could you not use the word "gay" in reference to it? It would be appreciated from the ultra-rare breed of gay guys who play video games... Thanx!!!

Thank you for reading my (kinda?) long email... BYE!

I don't tend to call bad stuff "gay". I don't say "it blows" either. I go with "sucks". By the way, isn't it odd that "This blows!" and "This sucks!" mean the same thing? The normal words are opposites, so one of those should mean "This rules!" Oh, and I'm not so sure on that "ultra-rare" comment. A pretty good chunk of all people I know pretty well are both homosexual, and seriously into RPGs. Let's not have a debate starting on THIS though, I can't stand dumping that sort of thing on CC right at the start of the weekend.


Hoggle has no friends!

Cyrael: Jim Henson was the man!
Google: "was" nothing! Jim Henson is still making cool stuff from beyond the grave! Like Farscape!

How dp I get to sliver cave!!

Down the hall, 1st door on the right.
Oh wait. That's the bathroom.
Google: OK, usually when I get a letter like this, the game is mentioned in the subject, but here I'm left completely in the dark. The best I can do here is play the odds and suggest you go north from the town you're in.

When you fight the vitas befor entering Chronopolis the only real differnce is the loot dropped, And Vita Unus drops Vigora a one of a kind element i belive, that is very useful.

A handy piece of info!

The Last Laugh:

Cyrael: *sniff* Been fun and I'll miss you all. During my reign at the top I got 3 pieces of fan mail and 1 flame. Ahh, such is life. Well, I hope to see you all again someday. Goodbye and Goodnight.

~Cyrael, "I didn't get any Harvest Moon questions! Alas!"

Google: Thus Cyrael steps aside yielding his position to IceSeraphim, who gave up one of my favorite games for it. How generous!

Googleshng "Flames are funny."

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