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Googleshng - April 19 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Never agree to a bet which involves you quadrupling the amount of water you drink. You'll regret it by the end of day 1. You should also never sell a controlling percentage of your soul for anything, stop at 49% or less. Enough words of wisdom, time for some... well, more words of wisdom. On relevant issues though!

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Cool games that aren't quite RPGs.

If anybody's looking for a good PS2 RPG, then you should look for a copy of Zone of the Enders. It's story isn't the best part, but the voice actings good, and if you like Gundam or Macross, then you'll love the insane speeds at which the mech based combat of this game goes. On a seperate note, is War Craft 3 ever going to released? I haven't heard anything about it in several months, so I wondering if it still exsists.


Well, according to the panel of philosophers we keep locked in RPGamer's basement to decide on such things, Zone of Enders is not an RPG. According to everyone who's played it though, it is a pretty cool game. As for WC3, well, that one BLIZZARD told us wasn't RPG-like enough for us to cover, and when the developer says it's not an RPG, I'm not going to argue with them. It looks really great though and is due out by the end of the year.

Minor Misconception

Hello, Googleshng,

This is part rant, part question, so be prepared. *evil laugh* ahem...

It seems to me that there is an apparent surge in NGPC syndrome. What is that, you ask? When SNK closed up shop and decided to quit making the Neo-Geo Pocket Color, suddenly, people came out of the woodworks to try and snatch one up. Where were these people when the system was actually on the full market? The same seems to be happening with the Dreamcast. I've noticed that since the big announcement way back when, that people who write into the column have been asking whether they should get a Dreamcast, and if so, what games. Again, where were they when Sega needed them, huh? I'm happy that there is interest, but it still bugs me that it's only AFTER the system has begun it's passage into gaming heaven. Now, a related (though not carbon-copy) issue has arisen with Xenosaga. After it was announced, people began been writing in, saying, "I want to play Xenosaga, should I play Xenogears?" This is a more minor version of NGPC syndrome, but nonetheless annoying. I guess it's acceptable with Xenosaga, as Square will probably shift the auxiliary hype machine into overdrive for it, which they didn't do for Xenogears. (the primary hype machine is devoted to Final Fantasy ^__^)

Anyway, enough ranting. This kind of thing will probably keep happening... a mostly under-rated, deserving system or game will get it's time in the spotlight, even if it is after the fact.

My question for you, Goog, is this: Do you think that Squaresoft's -hype machine-® will warp everyone's rational expectations of Xenosaga to the point that when it comes out, people will rant about it the way they did/are doing with Final Fantasy IX? Am I just paranoid? Previous experience points to the former.

Ah, in any case, I await that glorious day when Xenosaga does come out, to either a fanfare or a collective "humph."

Thank you in advance, Goog, if you print this, or even just read it.
XeroZohar -- Third Advent of the glorious 'Mother of Destruction'

Well, I personally haven't heard of people snatching up Dreamcasts lately, at least any moreso than usual. If so though I'd attribute it more to a desire to play the pile of very very nice games that appeared around Christmas more than fear that all DCs will vanish from the shelves overnight. Now, as for Xenosaga, I would be absolutely shocked if Squaresoft hyped up Xenosaga, seeing as they have absolutely nothing to do with it. The team that made Xenogears quit Square, formed Monolithsoft, and teamed up with Namco for their publishing. Now, will Namco hype it up? Probably not... I never recall seeing massive Namco ad campaigns, unless they grease the palms of all the sites and magazines that rave about how great everything they touch is. Still, I think you'll be hearing a BIT more about it than Xenogears.

Gotta play'em all!


I was wondering if maybe you could direct me somewhere i can find a comprehensive list of RPGs for the Super Nintendo. I've just recently rediscovered my old console and, having nothing else to do over my holidays, replayed Secret of Mana (for about the eighth time) and bought and played Chrono Trigger and Secret of Evermore. Now i can't get enough of damn SNES RPGs, and i'm hungry to find a really good list that i can slowly work my way down until i've finished the lot of them. Do you know where i can find one?

Thanks for your help,

Well, if you click that Releases link up there, you can set it to display all RPGs ever released for the SNES in either chronological or alphabetical order. It's only those games we cover of course, but the only things I can think of that we're missing are a bunch of obscure untranslated games, and Arcana.


Good Morning Master of all things slimy and gooey,

First things first, I really don't mind the new layout, but I think I liked the old one better for some reason *shrugs* But, that's just me, it's your column, you do what you want to it. ^_~;;

Ok, onto some questions, I'll try to list them for ya:

1. The rumors are true! FFIV and CT are coming to the states, better than ever! Whoo hoo! Yea, question, how MUCH exactly is going to be changed? If you know that is.

I wouldn't be saying "better than ever" about FF4. It's the version they left out of Anthology for being buggy. With that one, you get a rendered intro and ending movie (with literal interpretations of Amano sketches), a new translation (not nessessarily a good thing), and in theory all the stuff that was cut out of the original US release (having a special ability at the beginning of the game, some changes to the ending too I think). Doesn't seem worth drooling over to me really. Chrono Trigger on the other hand is, I'm told, bug free, contains anime cutscenes in several places, and must do something really weird for the XABY and LARA things. L1or1o would just be an odd name.

2. Skies of Grandia? I should get some extra money soon, and I'm itching to buy a new game, PSO is just boring after playing through everything legitly and NON-legitly.

Grandia 2 is pretty much just more Grandia. Skies of Arcadia meanwhile might just be the best RPG ever made. So unless you really can't get enough of disgustingly easy fights, I'd go with Arcadia. They are both good games mind you (as long as you aren't like me regarding difficulty) but SoA really just blows everything else away.

3. Should I finish Evolution: World of Sacred Device, or should I start on Shenmue? Again, PSO bores me now.

Shenmue is basically just the intro to Shenmue 2, so you might as well put it off a bit.

4. Now some anime questions, Have you seen the Rurouni Kenshin OVA? If not, GO GET IT NOW! It's on DVD, both versions subbed and (ugh) dubbed are on it! Look for "Samurai X" (eww, I hate that they used the Mexican/Puertorrican name).

I've heard a lot about it, but still haven't seen it... gimme a month.

5. Of all the anime's out there, which one is your all time Fav? Me? the dragonball saga, up to the end of Z, not really too much into GT, and I'm eagerly awaiting for Dragonball AF (After Future).

Ok, I'm done, hope you like that I HTML'ized it for ya. I won't be surprised if you don't post it, or even reply (You've only answered what? 1 question in my entire life?). Ok, C'ya!

Tough call, but I'll still go with Escaflowne. Nice production values, and it has a little of everything.

Magic vs. items

i was just playing skies of arcadia and realized that i never use magic ever nope not once no sir anyway, i was just pondering and wanted to know if anybody did, in fact, use magic and if they found it to be advantageous well goodbye -dead fish man

Well, I will admit that generally speaking, you're better off with healing items than magic in SoA, due to the whole spirit concept, there are some times when magic really helps you out. The Increm spell for example is EXTREMELY handy. Offensive magic can be pretty handy in ship battles before you get your hands on the really big guns. Then of course there is that one boss with the rather clever achilles heal.


Each of these parts could stand on its own.


To answer that guy from yesterday: Yeah, X can learn. And every other reploid. For all intents and purposes, reploids are alive. The only difference is that they're "inorganic" in that they're made mostly of metal instead of carbon.
At least, that's the popularly accepted belief among MMX fandom. Capcom is notoriously bad at continuity, especially when it comes to MM plots. After all, it doesn't relly need a plot, does it? X is much more intensive plotwise, which means the gaps are even more apparent.
And, Google, unlike the original Blue Bomber, X does keep his armor upgrades, for the most part. Though he does lose his weapons...

That's an interesting point about 20 people made though. I'd still keep some weapons though. Imagine Mega Man 3 with the metal blade and leaf shield! Cake walk!

Questions! I've asked these before, and I'll keep asking them until I get answers or you tell me to stop! Blaaaargh!
1. In Chrono Cross, does it matter which "Vita" you fight before going to Chronopolis? The ones on the islands of Clotho, Lacheis, and Atropos all have different names, though there doesn't seem to be much else difference. And you only get to fight one.

Doesn't seem to be particularly important. Most people fight a different one each time through.

2. Does the name Zohar have any significance, mythological or otherwise? I've seen it in both Xenogears and Silhouette Mirage, and I think there was also a "Zophar" somewhere, which sounds very similar.

Why yes it does! "The Sefer Zohar or "Book of Splendour" is supposed to be the most authoritative Kabbalistic work", and makes very little sense when you try to translate it. It also means "white, bright, dryness". All in all, pretty fitting. Xenogears picks some nice names out of the hat of obscure mythology, doesn't it?

If you feel that emulation cheats the original developers of the game out of hard-earned money, why then do you support the used-game industry? The original producer of the game recieves no money from the sale of used games, once a game is sold to a retailer it is the various retailers who continue to make money off of selling it used. This seems, to me, even worse than emulation. It's cheating the game developers to the same degree, and people are recieving money for it, whereas no money changes hands (usually) through emulation. Perhaps there is some subtlety of the situation which I do not understand, if so, could you explain it for me?


Who says I'm for buying used games? I agree that buying a game used doesn't give the developers any more money than emulating does (although it does make the number sold roughly equal to the number who really liked the game). When I have no other choice, I prefer a used game to an emulator though. A keyboard can't beat a controller... at least not THIS keyboard.

The Last Laugh:

OK, tomorrow, Cyrael will be guest hosting one last time, before making way for IceSeraphim. He's in the mood for some Harvest Moon questions by the way.

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