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Googleshng - April 12 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

The cable going out has a very detrimental effect on my ability to post columns. Now that I'm back though, let's get things rolling!

Oh, and Cyrael is still really hoping for an offering of Phantasy Star 4, and will be here tomorrow.

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Grandia 2 fun
Hello once again! I just recently bought Grandia II. Not having played the original Grandia (does that even matter? I think not), I can only assume that it was this good at the time. Am I wrong? Anyway, it took me nearly five hours to get here, and I can't go any further. Do you guys have any strategies on how to beat the Eye of Valmar? I tried setting my AI on everything. My most recent strategy was to set Ryudo and Millennia to 'Go Wild', Roan to 'Safety First', and Mareg to 'Meanie'. Ryudo is equipped with the Mist Egg, Millennia with the Chaos Egg, and Roan with the Holy Egg. Alas, there was no luck... Poor me. Oh, and just for the record, Cyrael, I am a fond believer in and observer of DST. Just to let you know that there are sane people in this world who aren't easily swayed by the miscellaneous ramblings you guys post here every day. You can win, if you equip yourself with Corn Flakes, a football helmet, some flip-flops, and make sure you stay at the inn. Jesse

Well, the best advice I can give you is, DON'T USE AI. In fact, that's really good advice in any game. I have never seen an RPG with AI that even came close to being competant. Beyond that, character build a little, wail away, and heal when you need it. I don't recall any bosses in either Grandia being too challenging if you have decent spells.

FF1 too many
Why did I lose interest in FFIX. I'm at Oeilvert and it's just boring. Not as much fun as the old ones and the Lunar series (even Thousand Arms was more fun). The only good parts of FFIX are the beginning stages where you are on a peaceful journey. When the gay cross-dressing Kuja entered, the game got boring. Do you feel that way too?


That sounds about right yes. As soon as the generic villain rears his head, the recycled feeling of the whole game really starts to set in. It must suck to be doing market research for Square now though. "FF8 sucks! Everything's different!" "FF9 sucks! Everything's the same!" At least with FF10 we get to whine about something tangible. "FF10 sucks! The main character looks HIDEOUS!"

5 Chapters?
Xenogears spoiler in reply

Quick Question about New Xenogears: If it is presumed that this new XG ends with the launch of the Eldridge then where would episodes 2,3, and 4 fit in. I could understand maybe 2 and MAYYYYBE even 3 with the War with God and everything, but to fit three episodes into 10,000 years in the XG world...its no good. Help me out.

Let me get this straight. You can't see how 3 games could FIT in a 10,000 year timeline? Take a good look how tightly the Ultima series is packed sometime. Anyway, if you can actually find a copy of it and can read Japanese, Xenogears Perfect Works explains the timeline in detail I'm told. More simply though, I'm reasonably certain there's one chapter for each past-life flashback of Fei's.

hey is this kind of like the rumor pit or something? if it isnt can i suggest starting one? i think that would be cool if people could just post rumors and then have rpgamer answer them to the best of their knowledge. anyway the rumor ive just heard was that there is going to be a final fantasy tactics 2, u dont know if this is true or not, i was wondering if uve heard anything about that. well a response would be great if you know anything about this, if not, time will tell. thanks

Hmm... the only answer I can give to "Will there be a sequel to FFT?" is "Sort of." A long time ago, a bunch of people working for Quest made Tactics Ogre. Then they left, wandered over to Square, and made FFT. THEN they left Square, started calling themselves Maxfive, and started working on a game called Hoshigami. We have a good deal of info on it, which you can glance over as soon as the site is fully restored. Basically, it's just like FFT with some new features added, and all the specifically FF stuff (the classes, the monsters, the spells) replaced with original stuff. I'm drooling over it myself.

Vandal Hearteo!
Hi, Google!

I just found a used copy of Vandal Hearts for $20 (Canadian) and I was wondering if the game is worth getting. I know it's a TRPG and I really like TRPGs but never played this one - nowhere to rent it. Would you recommend this as a good purchase or should I hold onto my money for something else? I don't wanna buy a game without playing it unless I have a feeling it'll be good, and I trust your opinion as you've made sense in the past. Thanks for any help you can give me.


YES. Vandal Hearts is worth playing for one very important reason. Most TRPGs start every fight with "Victory Condition: Defeat all enemies. Loss Condition: Death of [Main character]." Occassionally they throw in goals of killing a boss or protecting an NPC, maybe one timed fight if you're lucky, with all these fights taking place on more or less flat fields full of steadily more threatening monsters. Vandal Hearts however is FULL of very interesting and innovative fights. To name a couple examples, there's a fight where you have to destroy the evil towers causing some villagers to try and kill you while keeping as many of them alive as you can (automatic counter attacks make this tricky), there's the fight where you have to keep moving down the length of a train with a car detaching every 2 turns (effectively killing everyone on it), and a fight where you have to hit 4 switches scattered about to free someone from a James Bond-esque death trap,then finish the fight. On top of that, most fights take place in very interactive environments, with boulders to roll down hills, tricky elevators to elevate your archers, and of course, bricks to push! If only more TRPGs would be that creative. Especially VH2, but that's another rant.

Confusing Questions

I have four questions to challenge you mind and very soul:

1. Do you have or know of a link to a site that has the translation for the song Radical Dreamers in Chrono Cross?

2. What difficulty setting do you recommend setting Valkyrie profile on for the first time playing?

3. In Lunar 2, is the entire epilogue just part of Lunar 2 Eternal Blue (not the Lunar 2 for sega Cd) or is it just the items that let you play the music and watch the anime scences?

4. Also in Lunar 2, does everyting really come in handy?

I don't have that song translation now, but I'm sure someone out there will toss me one upon reading this. You should probably play on normal first, since easy lobotomizes the game, and hard is, well, hard! Now, as for your Lunar 2 questions, well, I'm not QUITE sure what you're asking here, but let me give this a shot. The epilogue is in both versions of Lunar 2 (which are both called Eternal Blue for the record, the PSX remake just adds the word Complete). In addition to the little subquests to gather all the movies, bromides, and ability to play music, in both versions, the epilogue contains the actual end of the game... and then the Outtakes!


Hello there slimy one!
Did your computer bite the dust or something? Becouse I never saw a column for yesterday. Did your cat eat it or something?
Mary-Alice Davies

Something like that yes. Annoying isn't it?

Vyse from SOA is a member of the Blue Rogues. Rogue is french for red, so Vyse is a "Blue Red?"

No, Rouge is french for Red. Rogue means thief more or less. That tricky little U really changes things around!

Who first thought of the idea behind hit points, magic points, and experience points?

BL Alien

YIKES! That's a tricky question there. Especially since it has 3 different answers. HP has been around longer than RPGs have, being used by a few complex tabletop strategy games. Of course developers don't get their names put on those, so I can't answer that leg. Experience points I'm pretty sure first came from Dungeons and Dragons, so Gary Gygax can get the credit for those. MP is nowhere to be found in D&D, so that probably cropped up in some other obscure paper RPG. On the other hand, all RPGs owe SOMETHING to D&D, which stole all it's stuff from J.R.R. Tolkien, who himself yanked all his races and such from Norse Mythology, so for the sake of argument, we could just say Odin came up with all 3! 8)

Hello...did you know that you are a search engine? Thank you for your time, and may the farts be with you.

DarK TaloN

I sure am! Do I get any money for it though? No. Grumble...

Am I the only person who thinks that NO system is worth buying unless it has at least three games that are worth buying? And isn't that all a matter of opinion anyways?

That's a pretty good rule to follow. Personally, my buy point comes when a few pretty good games are out for the system, then one game that makes me have seisures of pure joy appears. Zelda sold my Gameboy, but only with the backing of whatever other GB games I have, Phantasy Star sold me an SMS, but only with Wonder Boy 3 and Alex Kidd back there. Etc. Etc.

The Last Laugh:

Those quickies were kind of rambling. Anyway, tomorrow, Cyrael. Send letters. If you have PS4 and are willing to part, speak up. Inu-Yasha rules, the theme song is terrible. Never equip anything that starts with the word Cursed. That's all the quick tips I can think of at the momment. Bye!

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