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Googleshng - April 10 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

In light of the fact that I don't have much in my inbox tonight, and the fact that, well, RPGamer was down for a couple days there, I am going to be posting an encore presentation of a column previously recorded... or a rerun if you want to be blunt. Anyway, here's Friday's column again.

Cyrael: Allo. I'm Cyrael (Cy-ray-el, not Cereal as some have said in the past), and I am taking the place of Crusader for a while until I get my games! GRR! Awww... I'm not good at being menacing and such. Well, a little about me. I'm currently a Junior in High School in the fine state of Colorado. I work at a Software Etc. (or Babbages or Funcoland depending on who you talk to or where you live) which is by far the best part time job I could have ever hoped for; discounts on games that I get the first day that they come in, coupled with the fact that I can take any game home for 4 days to 'expand my knowledge of the product base' has made my life very enjoyable. Oh well, I am also the author of Cyrael's Divine Comedy which I am 100% sure no one has seen as I cannot get anyone to host it for me... Any takers? Oh well, on with the column!

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Hey (monks sing) GOOG-LE-SH-NG AND CY-RA-EL
Ok I have to ask one obvious question. Who are you? Also what is the tribute that you demand? I can't afford to give you any due to lack of funds. Also Google, what type of part-time job are you going to do? How could you raise enough cash to go to both Chicago and LA? Also I've heard that you really are Xellos, is this true? What are the best job skills in FF5.
-Imperial Mog

Well, I'm just some random guy from Colorado who had Rhapsody on hand when it was requested, so here I am for all of you today. So, why not pull out a game and send it to me? I want FFT, PS4, Skies or PS1. My favorite job skill in FF5 has to be Mimic. Get all your guys decked out with Mimic and have fun casting your best spell 4 times each round. Yay!

FFT is too well balanced to pick just one skill. Master'em all and play with combinations! Today I used my magical power to pluck all the money I need for the upcoming cons out of thin air. The catch is I have to pay thin air back in June, but I'll find a way to get by.

Where's the beef?
I've been reading all the contest editorials, and now I'm depressed. See, one of them pointed out that most RPGs don't have any actual gameplay in them and I realized that he was right. So now my purpose for visiting RPGamer is gone, and it's all MN's contest's fault. What should I do?

Now now... Don't go blaming MN's contest for your woes.... As to what you should do, I suggest you find your all time favorite RPG and play it all over again just to rekindle your love of the genre. Plus, even if there is a lack of gameplay you can visit RPGamer for Q&A and such. Or not...

If you find your RPGs lacking in gameplay, there is a very simple solution. Play some RPGs that aren't by Square or GameArts. Those two companies tend to make stories that happen to be partly playable. Not that there's nessessarily anything wrong with that, but if you want some real meat, you should see some of the stuff Sega's done, or Enix, or Atlus, or random people without many games under their belts.

Hi Googy and Cyrael,
I'm gonna pass the long time reader first time writer bit and get right to the questions. While most of the questions don't have anything to do with RPGs I figured you were the right person to ask.
1) I just finished Cowboy Bebop and I'm looking for another anime to feed my craving. I'm kinda new to anime so I've only seen episodes 1-14 of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, Rorouni Kenshin (Samurai X), DBZ (dubbed), and basically everything else on Toonamie.
2) I really like the site layout on RPGamer and a bunch of other sites, but I have no idea how to go about making a layout like that. Could you suggest some sites or helpful hints for me?
3) I tend to like sprite type graphics so I love most of the older games however haven't been able to find many new games with those kinds of graphics. All I can think of right now is Alundra and Legend of Mana. I think both of those were highly under rated. Can you think of anything?
The crazy old turtle without a care in the world

Yay. Lets see here.....
1.) I highly enjoy Escaflowne (as does Goog as I am sure you have gathered...), Trigun, Ranma 1/2, Princess Mononoke, and Slayers. I am as well relatively new to Anime, so my list isn't that long yet. Oh, and watch all your anime subbed, for the love of god.
2.) Well, I use Flash for all my web page goodness. My Divine Comedy is being reworked in Flash to make it more fun and odd... I also use Dreamweaver sometimes too. After not coding pure HTML in a long time I am not the one to ask about such things. Bleah.
3.) Other sprite based games that recenty came out are the Lunars, Paper Mario (kinda), and (I think) Valkyrie Profile. Hurrah for sprites!

You don't HAVE to watch everything subbed. It's only REALLY required for Slayers. Dubbed it's like a completely different (and unwatchably hideous) show. Anyway, this would be a really good time for me to plug my anime database, but I'm too dead to dig up the url, and it still lacks the reviews that would make it useful. Still, if you like Eva, check out Giant Robo. What Gainax made BEFORE going crazy! Beyond that, RPGamer is just a big pile of decent images, nasty table code, and the immensely convienient insert tags. Oh, and VP is most definately full of beautiful hand drawn sprites. Heck, it's even side scrolling!

I threw this question at Mistress Nightshadow...or was it ttat Chesh guy? Anyways, it was one of those zany (yeah. I said "zany.") weekend Q+A guys. She/He didnt have a definite answer but I figured you would seeing as you're an N64 nut. So,uh, you like food of some sort? No, wait. That wasn't the question. Oh, yeah.
Does Ogre Battle 64 have a save-anywhere feature?
Or can you only save between levels, like the original Ogre Battle?
Are the levels of OB64 as long as the levels in the original Ogre Battle?
Hmm. I don't know where those other two questions came from. I think they snuck in with fakes. Yeah, OB64 looks interesting but if the levels are tedious I think the game'll get 86'ed.
Supreme Being
P.s.- Bavarian Creme or Chocolate?

Well, I only got to play OB64 for 4 days before I had to take it back to work, I didn't get very far. I remember only being able to save after every mission. And I have no clue how long the levels in the original were, but of the battles in OB64 that I played they seemed either too short or too long. I didn't seem to find any happy medium. Oh, and Chocolate by far.

Oooh! And Cyrael's perfect streak hits a bump. OB64 can in fact be saved mid battle, I seem to recall the fights aren't QUITE as taxing as the originals, but most importantly, they tweaked the heck out of the whole alignment/reputation bit. Much less punishment of competance. Then there's a few other new fun things, like how undead work. All in all, much cooler game in my opinion.

Mister Goog, Sir.
Mexico doesn't support Daylight savings time either, effective this year. So I'm with you on no daylight savings as well.
Now for real questions.
1) What is your take on the announcement printed on RPGfan the other day, about Game Arts developing for GameCube?
2) What do you think of Super Metroid? Is it an RPG or NOT? I think the new 3D one might suck, though. How about CVSOTN?
3) Should I buy Suikoden 2, Finish BOF4 (If I can get it back... darn generosity), or NOT drop out of school? I still haven't finished FF9 or Lunar 2, though... should I stick to those?
4) Sad thing about the Dreamcast, sir... Still, I hear there are good titles coming up, but nothing interests me. Considering I'm a Lunar/Grandia Freak, Should I buy the system just for Skies and Grandia 2?
5) Still no info about an eventual Lunar 3, is there?
Well. Thanks for answering. That's about it, see you around, Sir.
Xerdo Pwërko, who knows not of a quote to place between his first and last name.

So formal, but you forgot me. Oh well, seems all guest hosts are snubbed 90% of the time.
First of all I think it would be awesome if Game Arts developed for the GameCube. I like Super Metroid, it is my favorite of the series. But I wouldn't classify it as an RPG, but hey who am I to make that statement? And Metroid as a FPS doesn't sound too great to me, but I'll play it anyways just because I miss Metroid soooooo much. I think you should NOT drop out of school, as you can gain many EXP from it. And who doesn't need EXP? And I bought my Dreamcast for Samba De Amigo, and then got Grandia 2, PSO, and Lodoss War. There are more reasons to buy a Dreamcast than just those 2 games you mentioned. And I have heard nothing about Lunar 3 at all....

Game Arts hasn't ANNOUNCED they're developing for Cubey, just said they're thinking about it. T'would be good though. I recently played Super Metroid again, and noticed the graphics were just as good as any 2D PSX game. Not an RPG though. Finally, at this point you'd have to be out of your mind not to buy a DC if you can afford it. Many many good games, and trust me, SoA's reason enough on it's own.


"I'm also making a very public display of actively not observing Daylight Savings Time. Who's with me!?!"
Dah, comrade.
-The Soviet Union

Cyrael: Damn you daylight savings time! You made me get up early!
Google: Oh, Union, not Unicron. Hey, didn't you guys break up?

You said Xenosaga is probably going to be Episode 1 of the whole series of stories.... If Xenogears was the last episode, what number was that?

Cyrael: Well, as I haven't finished Xenogears yet, and I have no clue I'll just take a stab in the dark. 5?
Google: DINGDINGDINGDING! 5 is correct.

My god.. I think I'm blind.
That's probably got to be one of the worst fates for an RPG fan, huh?
- J.Zulpes

Cyrael: Well, blindness is pretty bad, but then going deaf would be pretty bad too... I tend to put sound and music pretty high on my list of what makes a good RPG.
Google: I got a lot of compliments on that gaudy thing, and a few of these too.

Ach, my eyes! Ze googles do nah-sing!
~Bobo "Up and at them!" Fatt

Cyrael: Up and ATOM! Google: Isn't that goggles?

is it me, or does that pic of Xenosaga "artwork" look suspiciously like a doctored Chrono Cross screenshot?


Cyrael: Well, that was a thought that crossed my mind as well... Google: It certainly does. I wouldn't have swallowed it as real if it didn't come right off the developer's page. Don't forget they're made by the same people... kinda.

Dear Goog,
I read somewhere that Squaresoft is nearly bankrupt! Is this true?

Cyrael: This is highly unlikely. Where have you heard such lies!
Google: Not by a long shot. They DID lose money last year though. Cranked out many a game, a couple of which where piles of garbage, and a couple nobody really bought.

We're with you too!!
---The state of Alaska---

Cyrael: I don't like the way this is going....
I'm starting to wonder who ISN'T with me...

The Last Laugh:

Cyrael: Well, I have increased my appreciation for what Goog does by about 300%. While incredibly fun, this was time consuming. Oh well. I am sure my research paper can wait till another day. Unless if someone sends me game offers, I will see you all next week!

Cyrael ~ I have nothing witty to close with...

Google: Tomorrow I'll be posting a new column... or I'll be watching a marathon of the Inu-Yasha anime. I never thought I'd live to see something by Rumiko Takahashi animated so WELL!

Googleshng "No sleep and no FTP make Google go crazy."
Out you icepick wielding imps of insomnia! Out I say!

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