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Googleshng - April 4 '01- 2:00 Eastern STANDARD Time

Today I have a ton letters, but for the mostpart they all just explain Player Killing in various online RPGs. suffice it to say, Player Killing IS possible in Asherton's Call under certain conditions. Also, for purely arbitrary reasons, today's column will be presented in...


Actually, having looked at said column, those with weak stomaches should probably just spare your retinas and just hit View Source.

Could you read the whole thing?
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DC sequels
Hello, Goog and Cyrael. How you doin?

Well, I really, really want to know, so I'll ask you again... :) With Sega's hardware not being supported anymore, they are looking to other formats as far as software goes. GameCube, Game Boy Advance, X Box, and (how dare I say it?) PS2. None of these (except maybe X Box) have online capabilities, so I think that Sega is at a loss for a sequel for PSO. *sniff*

My question is: Can I still look forward to sequels of Sega's games (namely: Shen Mue, Fighting Vipers, Skies of Arcadia, Daytona USA, Sonic) on the Dreamcast, or will I have to buy another system to get them?

You could have won, but I got here first. Mua-ha-ha!

Sega's big DC announcement is one of the most misunderstood statements of all time. Simply put, the DC is not dead, all games being developed for it by Sega will be released just fine, as should those by other people, but THEY haven't made any big announcements explicitly stating so. So, those games you mentioned, including PSO, will all get their sequels just fine.

Who's with me! ... uh, guys?
Hey Google,

Well I have been playing Vanguard Bandits lately, and I have come to a realiztion, the last battle in the Kingdom path, to get the "good" ending you must have kept good relations with your soldiers. Now little me having foolishly not talking to my soldiers, until like the halfway point in the game, have some very PO'ed soldiers not liking me. So how would I get them to like me.

Synbios "With you 100% on Daylight saving time!"

Well, if you have people actually ticked off at you, it's probably too late to steer away from the "bad" Kingdom ending. I'd just shoot for it, which means you should just have Bastion hog all the EXP he can get. As for getting the good ending on a fresh start, here's some general tips for keeping the people happy: First, obviously, chat between battles. Second, don't let anyone die, ever. Third, try to keep everyone on about the same level. Finally, when faced with dialog choices, pick the one that DOESN'T make you come off as a homocidal lunatic.

How specific!
I believe the quotation on the main page is from Skies of Arcadia. The context is Vyse and co have just arrived at the town in Nasr, and are sitting in the bar. Bellena the dancer is putting on a... show nearbye while the group is talking. Vyse's eyepiece, as we were introduced not long before, as the ability to zoom in on certain targets. Vyse, of course, is not paying *any* attention to Aika and Fina planning the adventure, and is watching Bellena dance. This makes Aika angry, who asks him in the middle of the chastising "were you zooming in?!"

I wish I had one of those.


Yup! Tilde for you: ~ and for the others who got it: ~~~

So long Puck
Hey Goog, a few questions.

1) First off, have you ever heard of the Mayflower trilogy, a collaboration triology between Orson Scott Card and Katheryn K. Kidd? If it helps any, the first book is Lovelock. If so, do the second and third books even exist? The library didn't have it, neither did Amazon.

2) How many players is Grandia 2? I swear I saw somewhere that it was four, but I find that highly unlikely.

3) Are you as excited about Suikoden Card Stories as I am? It better be released here in the west.

4) This isn't really a question, but can I take this opportunity to plug something? Thanks. *insert glittering special effects and loud noises here* For all PSO playing RPGamerians, I've "created" a place for RPGamers to meet with each other and start a game. It's US ship Puck, Block 14, Lobby 1. Everyone's welcome, and it'd be even cooler if the staff members found out about this and visited every once in awhile .*hinthintwinkwinkandallthatjazz*


I believe I have heard of said books, but I haven't read much of his stuff aside from the Ender books. Grandia 2, like most RPGs, is single player. I never get excited about any Suikoden news. I'm against having more characters than you can actually develop. Finally, you realize that just by printing this I've doomed Puck 14 to overflow and lock people out, right?

Arcadia Tactics
Heya goog,
I got FT recently, and of course i watched the whole intro in which it says, in it's own unique fallout style "Brain Fargo Presents: Fallout... Tactics". So that would lead me to believe it's still done by the same people, just under a different name.

A question: In Skies of Arcadia, how the heck do you get through that south pass place.. with all the wind yknow? It seems i take 1 step forward, get into a fight, and take two steps back. couldja help me out hya?

Between that statement and the credits bit from yesterday, my statement that it's probably by a different team advised by the original creators seems to stick. As for Arcadia, just keep heading west, and make sure you start holding forward before the world map fades back in. It's very slow going but you CAN eventually make it.

More on Shadowrun
Hello, Your Slimey-ness,
Here's some questions. Or statements. Mabe somewhere inbetween.

1) How do I beat the Seal Gaurdians of Moore Forest in FF5? They're annoying me to no end by killing me off in the second turn of the fight.

2) Someone asked me the other day why there seemed to be so much anime piracy on the internet. What do you think?

3) Can I just say that Noboyuki Masaki is THE MAN?!?!! Not only is he a hillarious pervert, but in the first Tenchi movie he has a Beatles poster on his wall. He reminds me of what I may eventually become. Oh...crap.

Justin "All I'm saying is that closeness is good in a family. And so is a bath" Harwood

Ah yes. Those pesky guardians wouldn't be so bad if they didn't have that habit of attacking in unison. One way to beat'em would be to cast float on everyone (so Earthy can't hurt you), and then just have everyone wail away summoning Titan. This heals the one that can't touch you, but you can worry about it after killing the other 3. The other main strategy would be to just make everyone a berserker with 2 swords or two handed and some NICE axes. They don't have much HP. No real opinions on your other comments.


"I'm also making a very public display of actively not observing Daylight Savings Time. Who's with me!?!"

We're with you!

--The state of Arizona

That's one!

"I'm also making a very public display of actively not observing Daylight Savings Time. Who's with me!?!"

We are.

-Chris, on behalf of the entire state of Indiana

That's two!

Uh, everyone in Mountain Standard Time actively refuses to observe Daylight Savings Time. Not because of your idea, of course, but because it's always been that way. Oh, and since you said Happy New Year on the 1st of April, that means you aren't a slimeball any more, you are now a silly fish.

~ Kristy

Woo! I'm also backed by the entire nation of Japan! Also, a fish? Hey! I'm climbing the evolutionary ladder! By this time next month, I may be an amphibian... like Frog from Chrono Trigger!

The Last Laugh:

You know, I have no idea what possessed me to do that. It WAS kinda fun randomly mashing in all those color codes though! Tomorrow should be a bit more normal.

By the way, it has practically been confirmed that Xenosaga will encompass Episode 1 of Xenogears. Hurrah! If you happen to have a copy of Perfect Works, that means you can look up a vague plot summary right now... assuming you can read it.

Googleshng "My eyes!"
Ugh. Why did I do that?

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