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Googleshng - April 3 '01- 2:00 Eastern STANDARD Time

While other people like the lady of the Eds were here playing April Fools jokes, I spent the first putting a new rant up. Go read it! I stuck in a couple things people sent in to Q&A and everything!

I'm also making a very public display of actively not observing Daylight Savings Time. Who's with me!?!

Anyway, this week Cyrael will be guest hosting, having killed Crusader with a large rock... or giving him Rhapsody. One of those. Anyway, he's looking for, in order of descending priority: FFT, Phantasy Star 4, Skies of Arcadia, or the original PS.

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Murder in Forest 1
Player Killing, or "PKing" as it's usually called, is a rampant problem in almost every MMORPG. PKs (Player Killers) are usually nothing more than cyber-bully who like to flex there binary muscle and give weaker people a hard time. They rarely do it for any loot of reward they can get. There victims usually don't have anything of much value to the PKs anyway. Usually, they feel the need to kill another player just for the sake of being assholes. The PKing problem in Ultima Online grew to be such a problem that the developers added a whole new land, exactly like the old land, but no one could kill each other. To my understanding, EverQuest, has two kinds of servers, one where PKing is allowed, one where it's not. I'm not sure, but I think Asheron's Call has no PKing at all.

This, I assume, is in regards to the recent PSO PKing problem. As I think I have said, it would be one thing if PSO were a massively multiplayer game allowing Player Killing, but it isn't either. The closest analogy would be if you were at a big party, playing Secret of Mana, waiting for a friend to, say, come back from the bathroom to control a character, and some random punk walked over, plugged a Game Shark into the other controller slot, letting him control the sprite kid and before you can blink casts a spell that wipes your whole party out, laughs, and goes back to partying. Before you say that's not a fair analogy because you can't just plug in a game shark mid game like that (plus the SNES was in the Game Genie era), bear in mind that Sega bent over backwards to make that impossible in PSO too.

FT, not to be confused with FFT
Hello googleshng,

I finally got me Fallout Tactics!!!
Screamin' bloody gore!!!!

Here's a question, anyway: I noticed it's made by some new developers, namely 17'east and some other new company.

Question is: is there any relation between new dev teams and original Fallout game world creators - Brian Fargo & Co? Cause this game looks just a bit different from original (doesn't mean that it's worse, mind you). But I'm just curious. In game credits, there seem to be all new names.

Best regards,

Well, if the names in the credits are all different, either it's by different people, or everyone involved had their name changed. Probably the former. In most cases when a game comes out with Tactics in it's name, it was made by a different development team specializing in tactical combat with input from the original developers.

Shadowrun answers
Wow... sounds like a great team, no? I'D watch the show, for certain. Regardless, on to my message...
In response to Mr. Control-Your-Destiny: I'm 99.9% (awww heck, 100%) certain that if a missile-based attack is taken and no successes are rolled, then the attack misses completely. ShadowRun works a very fine-lined system of "1 success = winner, no success = loser", with additional successes simply making your accomplishment extra sweet (Or in the case of the hostile, axe-wielding mafia troll, really bitter for you.) It wouldn't make sense otherwise, seeing as someone with "Heavy Weapons:1" could blow the ass off of ANY competition, even without ever suceeding. If that isn't proof enough, well... I'm quite certain the concept is disscused in ShadowRun 3rd, possibly in the "Playing the Game" bit of the text if not directly in the combat section.

That letter was actually sent in by me, so thanks for that. Considering how the rest of the book is so frighteningly precise it's a tad odd how those two points aren't clearly covered, or at least not covered where they should be. Heck, I'm mildly tempted to rip out every page in this book and put them back in a more sensible order!

Who owns what?
Hello Google and Crusader.

So, Xenosaga. It sounds great and all, most of us loved Xenogears and would love a sequel. But my question is this: aren't all the characters and world and such copyright Squaresoft, not Tetsuya Takahashi and team? In that case, how could they make a true sequel to the game while working for Namco?
I hope the answer is something like Square gave Monolith Soft permission to use the Xenogears franchise, but for some reason that doesn't seem very likely.


As far as I can tell, Squaresoft is pretty generous when it comes to that sort of thing. The only name from them that's really WIDELY recognized is Final Fantasy. Xenogears, while it has it's very rabid fans, didn't really net Square a big heap of cash. So, particularly considering their FF-only policy for the year, I can see them having let Monolith keep the rights. Especially considering that honestly, I couldn't see there being that many name overlaps. All you'd keep would be the appearences of what? 3 characters? Maybe the names of a couple gears? As long as it isn't CALLED Xenogears 2, they're fine.

Nerd boy loves his booky book!
Hey there slimy one,
Someone asked this weekend about getting a strat guide for Lunar 2. I think you can get them directly off the official website at (Look in the Merchandise section)Wierd though that I have better luck getting posted when Chesh is around than when you're around.....

Mary-Alice Davies

NEVER give up!

There you go whoever needed that!

This was labelled a quickie by it's subject. Ha!
I guess I managed to shock a few people here and there, didn't I? Yes, my marriage to Paws was indeed a specially planned joke for April Fools, and I hear that very few people didn't pick it up. I guessed I used my favour owed by Cheshire Catalyst quite well, don't you think?
I'm still quite here, with no wedding ring, and certainly no Paws and I'll think I'll hang around for quite a bit longer. Did you really think that... that, that I'd leave you all without the contest editorials completed? Well, they're all up at Editorials so now you can all go look for yourself.
Ok, since now I've done that, now I'm going to my wedding with Paws now... Just kidding!
It was nice to know that a lot of you guys did wish us well. Maybe I SHOULD consider getting married... But you guys would miss me I guess...

Just a thought

Mistress Nightshadow

To review, no, Paws and MN aren't really getting married, or quitting, or leaving their respective countries. Even if they were, it wouldn't be the lesbian marriage that has a few people so freaked out (case in point: a funny flame in my box here) seeing as Paws is really a guy and all.


Hey, just wanted to ask if this Chris guy is going to post the Xenogear Alternity stuff on RPGamer or on his site or what?

I stared at this for like an hour before realizing you meant Crusader and not CC. Anyway, yes, he's doing that on his page.

Waaaaagh! I can't answer the poll! My first Dragon Quest was Dragon Quest: Mystic Fantasy! What do I do?!?!?

"Paws's panties.... I'll treasure these forever."


Ay yah, this is Jimez and i know your identity. You are Jamil that mexican kid from texas. I know you are because i got skeews and you don't. Oh, and that other guy is your uncle whats his face. Anyway yah your jamil and ive found out your identity. Mwahahah you suck.

This here is bizzare and off base on so many levels. For example: What the deuce is a "skeew"?

The Last Laugh:

Hmm. I actually had a pretty healthy mail load today, but most of it was the same Xenosaga question I printed (if you want more info, just watch RPGamer's main page like a hawk for new news stories), stuff about MN's prank, and a surprising number of people boasting about what prices they paid for various used games.

Googleshng "I also have a tail!"
Yes, that response to that last letter was MY little belated joke.

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