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Googleshng - March 29 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Tomorrow Crusader will be guest hosting again. In addition to knowing about most games, he's currently replaying Xenogears, so feel free to toss in some questions on that. Come to think of it, you can ALWAYS feel free to toss in questions on Xenogears, or anything else really, but tomorrow will probably extra Xeno-rific.

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In the PSX:
Need to finish this.
This may be an old question, but, on which ship and block are you playing PSO and what is the name of your character? I really want someone to play with, so even if you don't post this question, at least respond to it.......please?


Well, I'd say the names of my characters, but they're terribly embarassing bad jokes, and I'd say what server I play on, but, well, A- I don't really stick to a given server, B- if I did, and mentioned it here, it would be instantly flooded and I wouldn't be able to get in, and C- I haven't been playing much PSO lately. Other people on staff are still very heavily into it, and I believe most of them have names pretty close to their e-mail addresses.

The first TRPG

I have a little question of knowledge: what was the first TRPG? The one that started it all... Oh, and on wich platform was it.

My suggestion is: why not ask readers to ask questions about more obscure but really good games (like Vanguard Bandit). There's some games that didn't get much coverage. Talking about them will help readers discover them and maybe get their interest!

And as there will be almost nothing new for the next months, people will maybe replay some old games (like SoM), and then they'll possibly have some questions...

That's all! Keep up good work!

Mister Art

Hmm... the first TRPG released in the US was Shining Force, however Fire Emblem (not released in the US) beat it by a good 2 years. Then of course if you go even further back, there's a good number of old PC games that have your characters move around on a grid, which I suppose you could argue are pseudo-TRPGs. So, take your pick of those.

Amano! Quit drawing punk-boys characters!
Hey Goog,

If Amano didn't design the characters for Final Fantasy 8, then why does RPGamer have Amano artwork in the FF8 Square artwork?

- Lord Sephiroth

For FF7 and FF8, while Amano didn't design any of the characters, Square did have him make a few sketches of the characters just for kicks.

How to play music
I have a question about some files on your site? the digital music files. How on gods green earth do you play those SOB's!? How do i play the XM and IT files? Please find some time in your busy life to inform me so that i might be able to listen to those cool musical tracks too.
-Tad ^_-

Winamp can play all of those, as can a few other players.

What does 2d4 weapon damage mean? I am asking about a general overiew of what damage of 1d2, 2d6, etc... mean. Search on the 'net, but can't find a good explantation. Even Baldur's Gate 2 doesn't explain it. What's the difference between 2d4 and 1d2 weapons? Is higher, or lower, numbers better?

Jerim (14th level Inquisitor, who still doesn't know what 2d4 means)

Ah. #d# is the standard die notation used for every game in which more than one kind of die is used. The number before the d is the number of dice being rolled, and the number after the d is the number of sides on those dice. To review, here is a picture of 4d4, 1d6, 3d8, 4d10 (2 of which have 2 digits on them making it easier to roll 1d100 if you need to), 2d12, 2d20, and the pure novelty that is 1d30. So, if a weapon in Baldur's Gate 2 does 2d4 damage, that means there is a 1 in 16 chance of it doing 2 or 8 damage, a 1 in 8 chance of it doing 3 or 7 damage, a 3 in 16 chance of it doing 4 or 6 damage, and a 1 in 4 chance of it doing 5 damage. Nice little bell curve there.


The TRPG that Potato Jones mentioned is in all likelihood Wachenröder.

I wonder if the Sakura Taisen series would qualify as steampunk?

A couple people pointed that out, and if the ST series has a steampunk setting, excuse me while I go maim someone and take their copy of the first game.

ACK! can't breathe.....


Hehehe. Funny scene that one.

You didn't post the url to RPGamer on the letters column! You've made me sad, Googleshng. :(

"You shall always be Pantyhose Google, I shall never change your name!"

Hey! I posted a big huge link right up there in the far upper left!

The Last Laugh:

OK, here's the column! Tomorrow Crusader will be here, and the column will be going up a little early, so hurry up and send in Xenorific questions!

Googleshng "I only have 23d6? Need to stock up!"
Shadowrun requires at LEAST 20 per character! If everyone's a troll...

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