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Googleshng - March 9 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Odd note if I haven't mentioned it yet. A little while after obtaining his chance to guest host, I realized that Jordan here was very nearly hired to do New Media here. Odd how things work out. Anyway though, here he is.

Jordan: Hello everyone. Since I sent JWH a copy of Grandia 2, I get to guest host for a week... (maybe 2 if my copy of the Bouncer takes a little while, hint hint... Crusader) Ever since I started reading this column years ago I always thought that it'd be sooo easy... Now I know how hard Goog and the rest have to work.

Now for a little background.
I am a freshman at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA. I am majoring in Japanese and Chemistry. I am 19, and I have been playing RPGs for about 8 years. Oh, I also enjoy long walks on the beach... :)

I just got back from spring break to start answering questions. Cuba was soooo much fun. If you ever get a chance, I definitely recommend that you go there. If you do, check out Havana and Veradero. Havana is just cool, Veradero is beautiful.

As for my gaming style, I am a huge fan of all the squaresoft games, but my favorites seem to be Xenogears and Final Fantasy 4. All in all, I have completed about 33 different RPGs for 4 different systems.

Let the column begin!

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Hey Google

I was driving home from class the other days when I thought of this, but unfortunately I have a short term memory of 3 minutes....wait...what were my questions....(sees large boulder tied to finger)...Oh yeah, those ones:

1)How much Japanese do you know?(was it hard for you to learn?) I've just started taking classes and it's pretty hard at first, but it'll all be worth it.

2)Do you know if they'll ban game soundtracks from Napster? I hope not (I wouldn't have enough cash to buy them) :(

3)What games do you know that have really good soundtracks?

4)What games do you know that have a really cool battle system?


Thanks a lot,
Ciphron "Me fail engilish? that unpossible" Belovue

Yeah, you forgot the guest host too...

As for me personally, I am in my second semester of Japanese. It builds up quickly, but it is definitely worth it. Stick with it. I think it is the best language on earth.
I doubt that Napster will ban them. They don't seem like the more popular downloads.
My favorites include Wild Arms, FFT, Xenogears, and FF4-6.
Go for FFT and Xenogears. Those have the best battle systems I know of.
Same as question 4. Can you tell that those are two of my favorites?

I know enough Japanese to understand about half of what I hear, and about a tenth of what I read. Which says quite a bit about learning it I'd say. Since game soundtracks tend to come from Japan, and Napster not the US, I don't think you have much to worry about. Now, as for games with good soundtracks plots and battle systems, I would have to say Skies of Arcadia, Xenogears, FFT, and Valkyrie Profile all do quite well in all of those respects.

... Wow.
I learned Feena's last spell !! Come on it was fun to fight random monsters for days to get to level 99 !!

It is my birthday tomorrow, can you, as a present, give me back those days when I had so little to do I could learn Feena's last spell? :p

- Juryu

Congradulations! You have lots of time on your hands!
As for the second part, *waves hands and chants... and it starts to rain* Sorry, no can do. All I can do is make it rain outside...

Well, I can't give you your time back, but I can give you the recognition of having more free time than I do, and that says a lot. I have a question for you though. What the heck does that spell DO to be worth so much trouble?

Hello Google,

I'm sure youve gotten mail about this already, but your old friend that sent you the questions about Grandia, he started his letter out saying 'Hello Brad'. æI dont really give a damn about the whole gender issue, I honestly think it is quite annoying. æNot to sound rude, you are a great Q&A host, but the hype is seriously annoying. æHopefully this will put that issue to rest. æ Well, since I am sending a letter to a Q&A column, I really should ask a question. æHow did you feel about Final Fantasy Tactics? æI am playing that game right now and am seriously impressed. æIt is the best strategic RPG I have ever played. æThe job system is flawless and the storyline just keeps getting better and better. æWell, I guess thats about it. æHave a nice day.


***SPOILER*** I agree. The whole gender debate is old. As for me, I am almost positive that Google is... human. If anything, Goog's some kind of super being that can handle all the work. As for your second question, FFT is a wonderful game. I will never forget some of the better points in the game like when Ramza finds out that the church is behind everything. The game has so many twists and turns that you never get bored, and the game is truly hard. I haven't played a game that hard in a while. Have fun playing all the way through it.

First off you seem to have a seriously warped image of yesterday's column. 10 months ago, Brad Lohr, then weekend Q&A guy, forwarded 3 letters to me that he couldn't or didn't feel like answering that weekend. Somehow, they were lost in the murky depths of RPGamer's mail server until yesterday, so I printed them. No letters were from old friends of mine, and I am definately not named Brad. That said, yeah, FFT rules.

Dear Goog,
æææææMy really really good friend from since I was 5 (I'm 17 now) is just now getting a Playstation. You see, she's a girl, and she's always been one of those smart nerdy well read girls. Well see now that she know's that she's getting into every college in the country she think's that she's got some time for fun. So I'm trying to lure her into the ways of the RPG player. See, I'm one of those old school FF6/Chrono Trigger loving guys, but this is the playstation that we're talking about. Could you suggest any really really great RPGs that arn't too long, so that I can get her hooked quickly? All I can think of is Lunar: SSSC.


Lunar is a good one. Give her FF7 as well. I'll let Goog think up some more

Lunar might be a LITTLE on the tough side. I'd go with something easy like FF7, or better yet, FF6!

Heya! I got PSO the other day (took me a while :P ) anyways, i had a question. What's with the blockign system? Is it random, or what? It seems completely arbitrary but maybe im missing something...

They had to add "gem" to make everquest more addictive... helllp

I don't have a Dreamcast. I USED to have a PS2, and I'm getting a new one on Saturday. So... I'll let Goog field this one.

You block randomly based on your mag's IQ and sync, but you can also block by hitting an attack button just before a monster's attack connects.

Sweet! æI mean, hot damn! æChrist, I just send you a letter letting you know how much I liked Final Fantasy Tactics and now this Hoshigami game is on its way? æI'm pretty happy about that. æOh I have to ask you a question. æWould you reccomend Tactics Ogre? æI heard it wasnt as hot as it was supposed to be, barely living up to the Ogre Battle name. æBut now, since I have played FFT and knowing it was made by the same people, i'm reconsidering. æIs it as good or anywhere near FFT, or should I just not waste my time?


Personally, I think the game looks great. I might even buy it despite the fact that I said I wouldn't buy any more PS1 games. That team hasn't let me down yet, so I wouldn't think they would let me down this time.

Tactics Ogre is just like FFT, but with units from Ogre Battle instead of the FFs, more characters at once, and uh... Ogre Battle's class system instead of Job points. The experience system is also a tad screwy. All things considered though, the have a branching plot and the fact that you can get necromancers does kinda make up for the fact that it's more worthwhile to invite the enemy's spiffy mage than to character build your own.

Hey Goog,

Hoshigami in the US! Happy days are here again! Wow, I haven't been this happy about a game coming to America that we didn't think would since... cripes, I don't know, I never have too many problems with missing out on japanese-only games. But admit it, nobody expected to see this game in English, so we all have reasons to be excited. I think I speak for mostly everybody when I say I've played through FFT more times than any other game (excpet CT, of course), and have been waiting for so long to a true successor to its greatness! Plus, FM3 gets tedious FAST the second time through.

So, we know you're excited, but that's all we know. What do you think about the game? What are you looking for in the true "sequel" to one of the better RPGs we've been lucky enugh to see made? And why do you think it took them this long to make an announcement? We'd all pretty much given up hope by now. And what about you Jordan? Sound off!

~TH Cole has a good feeling. Heh.

You actually mentioned me! *gives you a % for remembering me...* I think the game looks good, and I can't wait to play it when it hits the US.

Well, I worship the people making the game, and the new features I've heard of sound quite cool, so I'm thrilled. Of course it should also be noted that I love the whole subgenre to death... except maybe Vandal Hearts 2. As for why it took so long to translate, well, it turns out that the second you stop working for Squaresoft, everyone forgets you exist. Combine that with the little fact that TRPGs don't sell well as a general trend, and that the translation rights were more or less up in the air, and you see why it took forever. Still, time to rejoice.

More FFT
Hey, Googleshng

Well, well, well...I been reading this lil' ol' Q&A since Brad just took over, and yet I NEVER once sent in a letter of any sort. Probably because I really didn't have any questions, but, hey! who cares?
ANYways, onto the questions...

1) I got no money...can I borrow some? Please?

2) Seriously, though, I liked Final Fantasy VIII. Only real problems that I had with it were: first, the Junctioning made the game WAY too easy. Pulling off a 3000 hp normal attack at level thirty just makes me feel dirty, like I was using a Gameshark. Second, the story climaxed way too early, with Squall saving Rinoa in space. Hunting down the witch just seemed sort of...well...anticlimatic. But otherwise, I loved the game. The question is this...can you tell me why people hate the game so much?

3) I found Final Fantasy Tactics for $29.99 American. Is it truly worth it?

4) I keep on hearing about some guy blaming video games for all of society's woes, or somesuch rubbish. Can you tell me who it is, or maybe a link to one of these rants of his?

Thanks, Googleshng! Even if you don't use this letter, too. Sorry about the lack of HTMLizing, but I haven't used it in years, so I really don't remember it.

Bob "The Tailed Avenger" the Monkey

Whoo Hoo! My first real question! (Even though you don't say hi to me... )
Sorry... I understand how you feel, since I need to borrow money to buy a new room. My room got broken into and I am buying EVERYTHING new...
Okay, it works out to be something like this: A lot of people like me started playing RPGs with games like FF4. At that time, all the games had that "old school" feel. Then, FF7 comes out, and it is all shiny and new. The games are just as good, but they are not the same as they used to be, and thus people don't like them. Different = bad to some people. The truth is, FF7 and 8 aren't bad games at all. Some people just want something to complain about. As long as you like them, that is all that matters.
Yes! Buy it now. FFT is an amazing game and that price is simply amazing.
People just want to put the blame on something. "It can't be MY fault, it must be the video games that they play." I played violent video games as a child, and I don't have too many problems... :)

The FF series is so popular that every game in it will have droves of people who love it, and droves of people who hate it. Hate is more satisfying to vocalize. Buy FFT now. Right now. Finally, tons of people blame real violence on things like videogames. These people quite frankly have no idea what they're talking about, but luckily are very rarely in positions of authority, so they just blow off steam every so often.


The Last Laugh:

Jordan: I have to say, this was much harder than I thought I would be. I hope Crusader has as much fun as I did since he'll probably be taking over for me. Should anyone ever want to drop me a line, they can at Now that it's over *sniff* I have to get back to chemistry and English. "I'll only be using this bed for sleeping, eating, and maybe building a small fort" Okay, maybe not for sleeping tonight... Jordan "Back to work" Jackson

Google: It is now 5:30 AM. Skies of Arcadia is a very dstracting game to have being played in the background.

Googleshng "zzzzzzzz"
zzzzzz I say!

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