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Googleshng - March 6 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

No, the title of today's column is not directed at the habit of one of my favorite developers to refer to 2 years from now as "soon". It's a reference to the fact that the large blizzard smacking New England around knocked out my power last night, which is why this column is a tad late.

By the way, while yesterday's column was amusing, I'm not going to be having any 80s icons answer questions today. I tried running a few past some Moblins from the original Zelda, but they just kept replying "It's a secret to everybody." On the bright side, they gave me a bunch of rupees. Also, yesterday's menagery didn't quite answer a rather important question. Yes, you can save games on VMUs. VMUs are the only things Sega ever released to save DC games on in fact. So, while 3rd party memory cards are always slightly cheaper, while 3rd party PSX cards have a marginally higher chance of forgetting things, 3rd party DC memory cards lack a monitor, speaker, set of buttons, and processor. Of course, since 3rd party DC memory cards never spontaniously delete saved games (to my knowledge), you really only need one actual VMU. Trust me though. You need one.

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Who says games based on movies always suck?
Spoilers for several TRPGs

Heya, since today's (6th of March) my 17th birthday, i've decided to do something i've never done before in the past... write something to you!!! (Am i going to be the first guy from Malaysia to write you??)

Anyway, thanks to your recommendations, i bought Roger Zelazny's Amber (it was a 10 volume in 1 book) Just finished the first volume, 9 princes, it's really nice!! Anyway, have you read George R R Martin's books, you should try them!!

Okay, here are some RPG-related questions for ya!!

1) I heard that Dragon Quest 7 sold very well in Japan (broke some sales records, rite?) Do you think Enix will bring it over to the States??

2) Did you notice that MOST heroes in playstation TRPGs have been betrayed by their BEST pals!! Look at Delita in FFT, Vice in Tactics Ogre, Yuri in Vandal Hearts 2. i haven't finish Front Mission 3, but i heard that Ryogo's going to be a traitor too. See?

Well, i think that's all i wanna say. See ya!!

While you may not be the first to send a letter to me from Malaysia, you're definately the first to point it out. Always glad to hear when I've successfully pressured someone into reading a good book too. Now, on to your questions. Enix is currently in something of a "one thing at a time" mindset. That one thing at the momment is the GBC rereleases of the Dragon Quest/Warrior series. So, once all the good little fans of the series go out and buy those, THEN Enix will talk about whether or not they'll be bringing over DQ7. Much like a parent not telling their children if there's any icecream until after they've finished their dinner. Now, as for TRPGs, yes that is a something of a recent trend. While nobody I can recall really stabs you in the back in the original Vandal Hearts or Kartia, every PSX TRPG since has had that theme. Heck, in Vanguard Bandits it's even possible to have the main character snap and attack the rest of your party, if you play your cards wrong at least.

Post Lunar 2
Spoilers for several TRPGs
Dear All Knowing and Wise Googleshng,

I just beat Lunar 2. Man that game was cool. Not as cool as my pants. But still cool. Anyways, I don't want you to be jealous of me and my pants, so I'll get right to my questions.

1.Did you think Zophar was easy? By the way people were talking about him it seems like he wasn't as hard as they say. And all my characters were only level 52 when I beat him.

2.Now that Lunar 2 is finished what should I play now? I was thinking of getting Valkryie Profile or Vanguard Bandits. And I'm sort of in the mood for a strategy RPG.

That's all for now Googything! Stay slimy!

"Don't worry Anus, I'm not going to back out of our bet."
- Lemina

Yes, the last boss of Lunar 2 seemed significantly less hard than the original. Still, after you finish smacking Zophar around, you get to play the nice happy non-linear epilogue, which can be fairly challenging at times. Anyway though, if you're in a strategic kind of mood, and you were already thinking of getting Vanguard Bandits, GO GET IT! After that you might want to get Valkyrie Profile too if you're in a side scrolling RPG mood... in fact, if you're EVER in a side scrolling RPG mood, you'd better get Valkyrie Profile, because it's the only one.

PSObuo Pocky?
Hey Goog,
Got a few questions for you...

1) I just beat PSO on Normal. I understand that now I can choose a difficulty level. Can I choose it each time I load my game, or do I have to beat it again?

2) How do you pronounce Nobuo Uematsu's name? Is it No-boo-oh or No-bue-oh for the first name? And You-mat-sooh or We-mat-sooh for the last name?

I've included some Bad Dudes pics I whipped up a few months ago. The Tony Danza one was in a column that Gin Irochi did, but oh well.


It's easy to remember how to pronounce anything in Japanese because there are never any exceptions to how every vowel is pronounced. A is always ah as in car. E is always eh as in hey. I is always ee as in ski. O is always o as in oh. U is always oo as in blue. Therefore, it's No-boo-o Oo-eh-mah-tsoo. As for PSO, yes, now you can play on either normal or hard as much as you want. Funny pic shall appear at column's end.

More L2 ending fun
L2 spoiler of sorts
hey googleshng,
I've been at the final boss in Lunar 2 for, oh, a few months now and I've given up on it. I was wondering if you could tell me how you managed to finish him, what level you were at, etc. Thanks alot Googen-dorken (German).

Personally, I powered up and spread out during the whole Lucia's chitchat phase, then I just wailed away at the head with the standard big spells, tossing out the occassional White Dragon Protect, and healing constantly. A good strategy for any boss really.

Now a word from this week's guest host!
I just got back from Cuba. My list is pretty short, I guess... I would be happy to get either the complete Japanese Final Fantasy Anthology or The Bouncer for PS2 (even though mine is still stolen, I'm buying a new one this week...) I'll be ready to co-host this week. Until then, take care!


There you have it. If you want to guest host for a bit, and probably get a free game out of the deal, all you have to do is offer up a copy of either the FF Collection, or The Boucer.


All your Panty are belong to us!
Ha ha ha ha!!

"you know what you doing."

THERE we go! See that universe! Jokes BASED ON overexposed quotes don't induce NEARLY as much screaming.

The Last Laugh:

There is now a layer of snow on my roof at least 2 feet thick. Ahhhhh. Nature's insulation!

Googleshng "I like pizza Steve"
Compare this quote to the one below the mailto!

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