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Googleshng - March 2 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Lunar 2 is now completely beaten and gutted and done as far as I'm concerned. Yum. Good out takes too. Anyway, on to the matter at hand which is of course the column.

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Some serious misconceptions
Hey Goog,
what's up? The kid who sits next to me in Computer class is getting an X-box because because it plays every game for every console....
Also, if doing the collumn topless was a big "thing" then you must be a female, unless i'm just weird for laying around the house without a shirt on all the time...
Correct me if I'm wrong but, GAMEBOY COLOR IS NOT A 32 BIT HANDHELD!!... I better not be wrong...
Now for a question... uhh, do you have a PS2? What's your favorite console of all?


OK, first off the X-Box playing every game for every console is beyond the shadow of a doubt the most absurd thing I've heard in a LONG time. Aside from the obvious legal problems that would cause, most consoles use uniquely shaped carts, and even disc based systems tend to have unique traits about their storage. On top of which, it'd be a design nightmare to emulate so many machines, and pricey too. So, bottom line, the X-Box WON'T be able to play the games of any other consoles... and quite frankly with those controllers even X-Box games will be a bit of a challenge, but that's another rant. Moving along, the Gameboy Color is not 32 bit, however the Gameboy Advance is. Quite the droolworthy little machine. I don't have a PSX2, there's nothing on them worth playing at this point, and they still cost a fortune. Finally, asking what my favorite console is a somewhat ambiguous question. If you're talking in terms of the available games, that's a pretty tough call. Otherwise, I think I'd have to go with the SNES. It's EXTREMELY durable, pretty compact, has those nice big switches for power and reset, and the controllers are just plain spiffy.

OK, well, since you mentioned it, I thought I'd ask the first one... plus some others I'm curious about.

- Is there a mech TRPG out there that uses the same type of turn system used in FF Tactics? I really liked the idea of having each character take their turn individually, rather than having your side take its turn, then the enemy side take its turn... The onlt TRPGs I've found this in were FFT and Tactics Ogre... and I couldn't really get too much into TO... the character graphics (not the portraits, mind you) kinda bothered me... Front Mission 3 was cool, but... I didn't like the side-based turn system! Boooo...

- What do you think the chances of us seeing the Wonderswan Color and the FF remakes here in the US are? I've played FF2 and FF3, and I liked 'em... plus, I've seen the shots of the upgraded versions of FF1 and 2, and I'm pretty impressed.

- Any obscure RPGs for NES, SNES or PSX I should look for? Some of the more obscure ones I've played are Paladin's Quest, Robotrek, Lagoon, Inindo: Way of the Ninja, and... I can't think of any others right now.

That's all. My head's not working QUITE properly right now, since it's 2:18am, and I have an 8:00 class tomorrow... ugh...


For your first question, yes. Vanguard Bandits. In fact, it goes one better and let's you move, attack, and move a little more. I prefer FFT to TO just because there's more investment in your characters. In Tactics Ogre, it's just a question of seeing an enemy mage who's cooler than yours, inviting them, and leaving the old one to rot in the closet. The Wonderswan Color is probably coming to the US, presumably with the FF remakes seeing as they're the only reason to buy the thing. If you like puzzles, you should definately track down Lufia 2 and Wild ARMs. Then there's Arcana if you want a really good plot on the SNES. By the way, you just stirred forth memories of Lagoon I buried long ago. Now I may have nightmares...

Dead parents
Wow, it's amazing! Somebody else knows Zelazny's works. Too bad he died. I always felt that Prince of Chaos did not finish the Amber series, too many loose ends. Also, if you've read Donnerjack, doesn't it have an eerie resemblance to Digimon (or I should say, Digimon to it.) Anyway, that's not my point. my thought is, why are there so many orphans in fantasy? It's the biggest cliche and no one knows it. Almost every RPG it's so, but then I realized that a lot of books are that way too. Well, either orphans or one parent gone. Examples- games characters: entire cast of FF8, Terra, Cloud, Aeris, almost the entire cast of FF9, Chrono(s), Lunar, etc. etc. Then, books: Rand (Wheel of Time), Frodo (Lord of the Rings), Garion (Belgariad, etc.). I think you get my meaning. I really don't think that a hero needs to have a person die to have motivation. Sure it's good motivation, but why can't they have other motivation (other than "I want to be the Dragon dude." Well, just my thought for the day.

Well, the fact that a lot of fantasy works have orphans in them really makes sense when you get right down to it. When you have a bunch of tiny undefended villages surrounded by horrible monsters and evil empires, people are going to die, and people will be having a lot of kids to keep the population up. As for why these orphans become major characters, well, when the evil emperor kills your mom, that's the sort of thing that tends to set you on the path to vengence. What I find odd is how few RPG characters ever have any family or friends. You get the occasional sister here and there, and the main character in a few games has some parents they say goodbye to at the beginning, but statisticly speaking there's WAY too many loners out there! Oh, and as for motivations, well, it takes a pretty big push to make people leave their nice quiet home towns and stick their necks out walking through caves full of theoretically deadly monsters. Really aside from saving the world from destruction/tirany, avenging/rescuing a loved one, and being bored out of your skull, can you think of another motivation strong enough?

Saving. Do not pull it out.
I read Angelo's post about his morbid curiousity and decided to satiate it. My friends and I decided to find out just what the hell happens when you yank a memory card while it is in the save/load process. Let me just take a moment to say that I strongly do not reccommend that anyone try this at home. I forget exactly which game we were using, but I'll bet dollars to doughnuts it was either FFT or Monster Rancher. Anyway, we, like the children who stick their arms out the window while the bus is in motion, yanked the card out despite the bold-print warnings of the game. As a result we were treated to a nice, friendly PS lockup and a freshly fried memory card. I'm not sure if it was really worth it or not, but the card wasn't mine, so I don't really care either way. In the end the card became unuseable, but the controller was fine. Yarr.


-Dave Weiler
HRIS System Support

Someone else told me a little story about doing this sort of thing that ended up killing the controller PORT. Yikes.

Nasty boss

Since you're on the third disk, you've fought the black dragon monster before releasing the aura. FAQ's just seem to pump me full of the same old BS on how to beat the scutellumed scorcher, and I've become rather displeased (and by displeased i mean a ivrtual raving lunatic). If it's not too much trouble, mind sharing your encounter to perhaps aid me along. Lunar's been just sitting on my shelf for awhile because of the hours I wasted trying to beat him.

Dark Archimedes

I know two people who can make Zero Wing funny....and a whole host of them who just discovered it...*cringe*

Ah yes. I remember having trouble with that one myself. My suggestion is to do one of the following: Give everyone anti-paralysis equipment. Use White Dragon Protect constantly. The latter is pretty cheap, but it DOES mop the floor with any boss in the game. As for Zero Wing, it's disgusting how long people have been rubbing it in eachother's faces. I can't believe people haven't found a new joke yet. It's not like a poorly translated intro is uniquely funny, thus having lasting appeal. The general public will have to get over it sooner or later.

I was randomly going through various websites the other day, glancing through artwork of various anime, and something caught my eye. Going back and trying to figure out what struck me took a while, but then, it dawned on me. Take a look at the pics included and tell me if I'm the only one who sees a similarity. Were the character designs for the Vision of Escaflowne movie done by the same artist as the Chrono Cross characters?

Also, for a totally off the above topic question, I'm late in the game of storing PSX/2 games. I've got CC, Valkyrie Profile, FF7 and Threads of Fate. What should I buy on my next binge? FF9? Vagrant Story? Xenogears? FF8? FFTactics? the choices are overwhelming... so please suggest some titles! ( my favorite games are Chrono Trigger and FF7. Anything you know of that are similar?)

Nothin much more to say; I guess that's a good thing.

"Why is it that in RPG games, no one in town ever finds it odd that a frog, a warlock, a robot, and/or other kinds of creatures are walking around like normal people?"

Yes, Chrono Cross and Escaflowne have the same character designer, Nobuteru Yuuki. I'd post your little example pic here to prove it except that it has the movie version of Van which just plain creeps me out. He also did the character designs for Seiken Densetsu 3 and 4 by the way. Evidently he's a huge fan of humanoid animals. Next, if you haven't played them already, go out there and find Xenogears and FFT right this minute. Both are must have games. Some people would insist that you buy Vagrant Story too, but it really isn't for everyone. Get it if you like dungeon crawls though. Finally, to answer your little quote question there, there's two reasons for that. Either the people are used to living in a world where freaks abound, like Chrono Cross, or they're too scared to say anything. I mean, if you saw a giant frog bouncing down the street carrying a magical broadsword that can cut mountains in half followed by a vampire-looking guy whose feet aren't touching the ground, you'd probably just smile and nod too!



-Rinoa the Resistance Fighter

Uh... yeah.

I just got a guinea pig. What should I name it?

Chuchu. Definately Chuchu.

Hey Goog!

Got a few PSO questions for ya,

1) Can I play PSO offline?

2) If I can play it offline, can I play it with friends?

Yes, PSO can be played offline and in fact you have to to get certain items, and yes the same character can be used offline and offline no problem if however you're asking if there's any kind of offline split screen multiplayer mode, no. There isn't.

"If a tree falls on a mime, does it make a sound?"

The tree or the mime? Rhetorically speaking, the answer is, "Does anyone care?"

The mime of course, to both your questions. 8)

i never get anything posted on the site, so i hope this one gets on. Do you know if Phantasy Star Online will be on next gen consoles? any info that there will be a Star Ocean 3?

the RPGamer

Uh, Phantasy Star Online IS on a next gen console. The Dreamcast. It won't be ported to anything else. There have been no announcements of a Star Ocean 3, unless you count that odd Gameboy game. Finally, your openning sentence seems a tad odd since I've never seen a letter submitted by you before. I think I'd remember a signiture like that one.

The Last Laugh:

Hahahahaha! I'm in an odd literal mood tonight. Have a good weekend.

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