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Googleshng - February 27 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

The letter flow has been a bit low all month. I wonder why that is. I mean it's not like we just went from a year with 4 RPGs released a month to practically none or anything... no wait, it is. Still, based on the letter flow lately, one would almost think people are dealing with this dry spell by PERSUING OTHER INTERESTS! The horror! Seriously speaking though, a truck load of games came out last year, and I went out of my way to play almost all of them for your benefit. Feel free to toss me questions about them. Any kind of questions. Need a comparative analysis to determine which of the two TRPGs with mecha is right for you? Ask away! Wonder if any obscure but fun games slipped under your radar? Ask away! Heck, want a list of all the times I'll be venturing out of my cave so you can stalk me and have me sign cheesy merchandise? Ask that too! Otherwise I'll have to resort to some sort of drastic measures like doing the column topless or answering questions while juggling with one hand and yodelling, or maybe even something that ISN'T rendered pointless by the fact you can't see me doing it.

By the way, I'm almost done with disc 2 of Lunar 2 now. Won't be long before I can talk about the thing!

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iOla, Goog!

I've been wondering something. Square is releasing Final Fantasy for the (???) Wonder Swan.
a) I thought that was a dead system.
b) This game should get more hardware support on the Game Boy Color (not to mention better sales. I've seen the Wonder Swan, and personally, I don't think it's as good a system)
c) Are there any plans to release any recent FF games on the Game Boy Advance? It's a 32 bit system, so it should at least be able to handle FF VII... Just a thought.
d) Are there any plans to release a FF type game for the Dreamcast?


You're thinking of the NeoGeo Pocket, not the Wonderswan Color. The former is a handheld made by SNK, the company that decided they didn't like the US anymore and left. The latter is made by Bandai of all people, and has nothing but these few Square things on it to speak of. As for Square releasing games on Nintendo handhelds, well, Square and Nintendo aren't the best of friends at the momment, but if that changes soon (and it might), I'm sure GBA FFs will be one of the first things you'll see. Finally, you won't be seeing any DC FFs. Square's never really liked Sega, probably because unlike every other console manufacturer, Sega makes RPGs. DARN GOOD RPGs at that. So Square just grumbles at them.

Switching ISPs
Hey Google,

OK so I've got a Dreamcast. Ive got a brand new copy of PSO. I remember you saying something about PSO conforming to your Dreamcast or something. Right now I am using a free internet service provider on my Dreamcast and it works fine. If I use that to play PSO now, then I won't have any problems with PSO later on when I switch ISPs right? Also on a side note.... Whatever happened to Mother 3 (AKA Earthbound 64)?


OK, the PSO security issue is basically just that when you create a character, it saves the serial numbers of your copy of PSO and your DC to that character, or something like that. So, you can make as many characters as you want, and you can switch ISPs as much as you want, but don't go taking your VMU to a friends house and expect to be able to use it with their copy... but then if you and your friend both have PSO, you should be staying home and playing online! As for Mother 3, well it died. That sort of thing happens every so often.

Numbers are a good way to seperate questions.
Hello, Gooberflng...wait...Gramblebang...ahhh forget it.

1. How much of a difference will there be playing PSO with a phone line rather than a cable?
2. Optimus Primal is played by Gary Chalk, not James Avery.
3. Was I the only one a little depressed when Diablo II Howling Swords scared monsters away rather than vaporizing them with screaming green energy blasts?
4. Interested in Slayers paper RPGs? I converted everything from Slayers to the Alternity system. We're still playtesting it, but I plan to put something out when we perfect it. Anyone interested should mail me.
5. There is no number 5. Don't be ridiculous.
6. When I worked at a feed store I met a lot of Amish. Interesting enough, many of them owned computers...

Sorry to pick up loose ends from the weekend. I couldn't help myself. Now everyone go out and listen to the Philosopher's Drinking Song.

The Crusader

PSO is remarkably lag free, even if you're on a 56k modem. I suppose your ISP is a factor though. Hmm... your second question is rhetorical! As is your third! The rest aren't even questions! Anyway though, yes, Slayers could easily be made into a darn good paper RPG. Ideally from scratch, by the makers of the show. Converting it to other game systems leaves the problem of really having to water down all the spells. Oh, and Amish people really aren't allowed to have computers! Go tattle on them!

Not a question, but...
Hmmmmm......playing FF7 on the PS2 is crapped up......3 times on the world map the game has just locked up and froze, making me turn it off to get it to work again(VERY frustrating when you havent saved for awhile). Also, on a few screens in particular, the screen gets really screwed up with lots of colors, you cant read any text and all you can see clearly is Cloud.....I dont know if youve tried this yet but at least mine is screwed up......

I've gotten two or three other grumbles today about various PSX games freezing and having other errors when played on the PSX2. Evidently there IS a reason to keep your original PSXes lying around.

PSO talk
Word, check this jive,

Now then, I bought Phantasy Star Online about a week ago and it's great, I love it. I've beaten the solo game and I'm ready to go online, but I'm hesitating. This is the kind of online RPG I've been waiting for, yet from what I've heard, the online portion is filled with a bunch of l337-speaking twits pestering each other for rare items. Since you seem to be having a good time with it, you can probably answer this. Is there any actual role-playing in the PSO world? The game isn't designed for anything grand, mind you, but it would be nice to see people that aren't just being themselves online. Or maybe I'm just petty. Aside from that, can you actually organize hunts and such? Thanks for your time.

-={~Potato Jones~}=-

Well, it's something of a moot point seeing as there IS no "PSO world". Just games being played with groups of up to four people, and lobbies in between. Still, while I personally play almost exclusively with friends, and have no keyboard, on the occassions when I have played with strangers, I've never seen any of the unsavory speech patterns you've mentioned above. On the other hand, I personally have never encountered any real chit-chat between characters, mostly just contextual things like "Wow! That's a NICE sword!" "Ack! Someone heal me!" "Watch out, this hallway is lined with traps." and so forth. Most smiley faces on the other hand tend to be VERY in character, and I've laughed out loud several times upon seeing how creative people can get with them.

Potbellied Midget POWER!

Hey, just wondering, but did you get an email from me last week about Grandia 2? I sent one to both you and Chesh, but not only was I not printed, neither of you responded...So I'm thinkin maybe your mail server got funky on you or something. Well, I solved my last problem, but I have a new question for you. In Skies of Arcadia, you can talk to Pinta, and download "Pinta's Quest" onto your VMU. I just did this, and I have been testing out the whole PQuest game, but so far I'm basically totally confused...Are you actually able to control the little flying ship, or do you just have to sit and wait for something to happen? It's kind of ridiculous, sitting there; I waited for about two minutes while nothing happened at one point. Oh, and what was your favorite aspect to SoA? So far I am seriously digging the graphics, and the characters seem pretty cool...but the control is not pretty at all, and the battle system is just kind of blegh. Overall I am digging it, though. Well, keep it up.


I don't recall any recent Grandia 2 letters, so it must have been swallowed by the void. Just as well since G2 hasn't quite reached the top of my stack yet. Anyway though, on to your question. Being VMUless, I had to research this, and evidently there's 3 or 4 seperate Pinta mini-games. In one you have to steer around rocks, in one you have to keep hitting the two buttons in a mashing manner, etc. None involve tossing the VMU on a coffee table and waiting for it to beep. As for a favorite aspect of SoA, that's a tough call. I think I'd have to either go with the ship battles, or the amazing range of expression from the characters. It's all good though.


The Last Laugh:

No time for quickies unfortunately. For that matter, I don't have much to say down here either. So I'll just end the column with one of the oddest quotes I've ever heard and call it soup.

Googleshng "I have brainwaves!"
For the record, it's from Moldiver. The cheesy anime series that REALLY proves a bad dub can make things HILARIOUS.

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