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Googleshng - February 21 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

If you're wondering about that title, I watched a certain music video way too many times, and now have Asuka from Eva singing a german heavy metal song stuck in my head. It's a pretty cool song, so that wouldn't bug me, except that, well, I don't know the lyrics, and I can't stand having a song stuck in my head that I can't mentally sing along to, you know? So I'll just be borrowing this here new Madonna CD here... ahhh.

Mugu mugu?
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YO YO YO! Your intro on 2/20 was so totally inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics; specifically for when you sent your crap party members out on jobs. I would like to request an @ for figuring that out. so seeing as how you probably want a question, ummmm... in Tactics, can you explain how a calculator works? I just dont gets em. THZZANKS p.s. the transformers movie does totally rule, especially the weird al song on the junk planet, and when grimlock says "butt."

Job report spoofing is recognizable by all, so no prize for you... except of course answering your question. To make full use of a Calculator, you really should take the time to first master all 4 mage classes, which you'll have to use anyway to get the calculator in the first place, since every spell from every one of those classes can be used in the Calculate ability. Next, you should really go to the trouble of mastering Calculator too. The best way to do that by the way is to set either sing or dance as your secondary ability, since the fastest songs/dances will activate roughly 5 times between each of the calc's painfully rare turns. Then it's simply a matter of picking calculate, and building a spell. If you pick Level, 5, Flare, then flare will be cast on everyone whose level is a multiple of 5. Pick Height, 4, muddle, then everyone on a space whose height is a multiple of 4 gets muddle cast on them, etc. Now, considering how long this takes, and how any given restriction will probably hit as many of your characters as enemies, you might be wondering what the big deal is. Basically, there are 3 big perks. First off, these spells activate INSTANTLY. No more waiting 2 whole rounds to use the biggest black spells. Second, these spells cost no MP. Third, if you have Calculate totally mastered, you can almost always find a combination that will hit most of your characters and only a couple enemies, or vice versa. Especially if you do what I do and get every character up to level 99 with 99 EXP. Then L3 anything or EXP anything will hit each of your characters, and probably not many enemies.

Bums're gleat!

Morning, Googleshng! ^_^ (Maybe it isn't morning for you, but anyway...) I just wanted to say...

1) The quote, "Could ya spare a cup of cola?", is from Phantasy Star. (Mmm... Phantasy Star rules.) Lots of people say it. Damn lazy bums... couldn't they go kill a Sworm or two and get some meseta to buy their own cola? O_o

2) The quote is also... recycled! I know you've used it before... shame on you! You aren't getting tired or something, are you...? ;P

Okay, so now I know everything there is to know about the quote. Now can I have a tilde? ^_^

Hmm. When I was posting that quote I wondered if I'd already used it. Here's your tilde anyway though! ~ As for your question though, well, obviously if they're begging for Cola, they must be down to like 1 or 2 HP. Therefore they'd be killed as soon as they set foot outside. Poor bums.

Hey there, Mr./Ms. Shng.

Yes, I insist on being polite. Don't worry, I won't frighten you with visual rock singers from Japan like I did with the kitten. Anyway, I felt bad that your mailbox was devoid of intelligence. Not that you could call this an intelligent letter. _ Anyway, here's a few questions to get your slimey noggin going.

1) I bought the FF9 artbook the other day. Pretty nice. Have you seen/bought it? I only wish there were more pictures of Kuja in there. Yes, I'm female, and I think he's gorgeous. ^_^

2) I've rekindled my love for Xenogears. Know of any places online I can get the game (used or new, doesn't matter, as long as it plays decent) cheap?

3) How many great rpg's were there for the Sega Saturn? I only recall playing a couple games on there, but I was fairly young when it came out. Ah well.

Hope this brightens your day.

UGH! You just had to stick that quote in your signature, didn't you. I've been getting a hundred quotes and links about that thing a day lately. ANYWAY though, on to your questions. Amoung nerds, I have noticed that guys like girls who look like girls, and girls like guys who look like girls as a general rule. I've never met anyone who likes anyone who looks like a guy. Odd. Xenogears I don't think would be too hard to find. Try eBay, or maybe even Square's online store. Finally, the number of great Saturn RPGs. Hmm. That depends on how you define great. If you define great as "translated by Working Designs" there's a TON! Still, all I can do for you is briefly mention those Saturn RPGs which I have played. Panzer Dragoon Saga is darn cool. Dragon Force is the game I bought a Saturn for. Shining Force 3 is much like the first two in the series, similarly Shining Wisdom and Shining the Holy Ark are like Shining in the Darkness. Then there's a couple of games which are pretty unimpressive aside from having prime eamples of WD translations, like Arc the Lad and Magic Knights Rayearth. Then there's some games that slip my mind, and a ton of import goodness.

Skies of Arcadia

Well, I asked about PS2 RPGs and then I thought of another question: what are the chances, with the move of Sega to just making games, that Skies of Arcadia would be released on the PS2? It looks like a GREAT game, but don't really want to buy a dreamcast for just one game, especially after just forking over $350 for the PS2 and memory card.


Hmm... the chances of SoA being ported to the PSX2 are about the same as the chances of me getting an X-Box. It's extremely unlikely, and if it does happen, it's not going to be pretty. Aside from the fact that SoA is a new game on a very active console, and pretty much the #1 reason to own that console, porting it elsewhere would be a ROYAL PAIN. The Dreamcast, unlike every other system on the market, supports NURBS based graphics. Basically, NURBS are round polygons. That's why just about every Dreamcast has nice curved smooth graphics without a jagged edge to be seen. SoA in fact has pretty simplistic graphics of this nature, with lots of broad sweeping curves. Converting these graphics to polygons would be a royal pain in the neck, and leave an end result that quite frankly looks terrible. I'd suggest just scraping up the cash and buying a DC, besides, it has plenty of other great games on it besides SoA.

Hi Google,

Nice trick, baiting the Vagrant Story fans and then taking off for the weekend. I do love the game, but I won't flame you for not liking it as much. How many flames did you get anyway?

1) Neverwinter Nights. Looks very very cool, and the fact that you can actually have a GM in it excites me. what are your thoughts on it, and how can mere readers get a chance to play the game with you once it comes out? I've never played P&P AD&D, but I'm currently working on Baldur's Gate and I played a few of the old gold box games...

2) Why isn't it July 13 yet?

3) Have you let your demon cat read Bun-Bun's Theater of Horrors yet?

Ok, I'm out of good questions, so I'll cut this off before I start rambling insanely again.


Actually, I guessed the number and variety of VS fan flames EXACTLY! Go me! NWN seems interesting. Considering that I'm currently running a fun little AD&D campaign through IRC, I might even get it myself, but it would depend onjust how robust that GM mode is. Does it let you create dungeons as they're being explored? Does it let you impliment your own house rules? Does it let you... oh... turn a PC into a beholder whose death ray is replaced with a ray that turns people into pink bunny rabits? If not, I'll probably pass. It isn't July 13th yet because time has this annoying little habit of passing at a rate of 1 minute every 60 seconds. Finally, there is no way I'm going to hold Lucifer on my lap and make him look at the computer. I value my arms.


I hear you about FM3, that game did get kinda sluggish towards the end of both scenarios. Anyway, since Paws has finally mailed me her games, I'm now playing Kartia and I hope you have too at some point...cause I have some questions:

1) I rented this game before and got pretty far in the Toxa quest. But I seem to remember my World Tree Kartia supply got pretty low, pretty quickly. Is there an easier way to gain some other than to play at the arena?

2) Speaking of which, are the items you win at the arena determined randomly? Or do they have something to do with chapter you're on?

3) Do you lose the equipment if the phantom wearing it dies?

4) Is there any GREAT benefit to experimenting with the texts you find? I'm just inclined to let the game sort them out for me.

That's about it.

-Red Raven, digging Amano's art

Ah, good old Kartia. Let's see... the arena is really the only place to get a decent supply of world trees. Just try to be frugal with them. Arena prizes steadily increase along with difficulty the more arena fights you do. When a Phantom dies, I'm almost positive their stuff goes back to your inventory. Finally, playing around with text combinations is the only why to find the 4 or 5 best combinations of spells, plus it's just plain fun. "EAT HUGE COW ICE YOU!"


The Last Laugh:

Sorry this column was so late. Stuff happens, as stuff is often inclined to do. So remember, the next time you see Stuff walking down the street, feel free to scream "Hey you! Stuff! Quit happening all over the place!" and beat it up... or something.

Googleshng "New Formula!"

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