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Googleshng - February 15 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

This is one of the weirdest moral dilemas I've ever faced. He Who Runs RPGamer is bugging me to play PSO with him rather than do tonight's column. Bosses aren't supposed to do that. However, I still have this evident mail problem, SO... let me just throw throw what I have up and call it soup. That shouldn't take TOO long.

Oh, and tomorrow JWH will be guest hosting. If you give him a copy of Persona 2: Innocent Sin, Snatcher, or a PSX2, YOU get to guest host and request an obscure game! It's fun and happy and rewarding!

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Hiya goog,

I noticed you were talking about AD&D yesterday, so I thought I'd ask you something. I've been playing Planescape: Torment (a -great- game!), which uses the 2nd Edition rules, and I still can't quite figure out what the relationship between AC and THACO is. If you could help me out it'd be great. Thanks and keep up the great work!


With all the computer RPGs based on AD&D out there, this is a handy thing to know. THAC0 stands for To Hit Armor Class 0. Which means, quite frankly, that whatever your THAC0 is is what you need to roll on a d20 to hit something with an AC of 0. Since AD&D has this weird thing with lower armor classes being better, you can get the number you need to hit something by subtracting its AC from your THAC0. So, if something has an AC of 7 and you have an AC of 20, you need a 13 or better. Then of course a roll of a 20 is a guarrenteed hit no matter what.

DC sequels
On February 13th, when giving reasons why someone should guy a Dreamcast, you mentioned that sequels to Grandia 2 and Skies of Arcadia were to be released. I've not heard of this anywhere else, so how do you know this? By the way, I live in the bizarro world, where I my local department store they've stopped selling Dreamcasts, but there are PS2s just sitting on the shelves. See ya!

I don't recall saying that, but if I did, it was a verbal slip. I'm not sure if there will be a Grandia 3 or Lunar 3 on the DC, but there WILL be a Shenmue 2 and presumably 3, PSO2, and almost definately a Skies of Arcadia 2. So many great games with great sequel potential... yum. Oh, and as for me knowing more about SoA2 than you, well, I work for a proffessional gaming news site. Don't you think I'd have at least a couple inside sources?

Speaking of SoA
Wuzup Goog?

After a few weeks of IRC arm twisting by a certain RPGamer employee we'll refer to only as Hawaiian Shirt at E3 Man, he knows who he is, I finally went and got myself a Dreamcast and Skies of Arcadia. This game rocks, but I'm wondering if the designers played a little too much Zelda as the characters look like they're straight from Ocarina of Time and it has a Zelda-esque feel to it. In fact, I keep thinking I'm playing Zelda and I'll run Vyse up to a ledge expecting him to jump off it. Did you notice any of this too or am I just going crazy?


I wouldn't say anything in SoA really LOOKS like anything from Zelda in an artistic sense, but between the really great dungeon designs camera control, and huge detailed map screen characters, it does give off that same vibe pretty often. A very good thing.

Heya, Goog. Glad to see you're back. What? Irrelevant? Whatever. Anyways, on to the questions...

1. I have recently come into the possession of $70. I can get either Shenmue or PSO. Which one do you recommend? (Keep in mind that I have no way as of yet to get my DC online.)

2. Valentine's Day sucks if you don't have a girlfriend. I'm sure you either know or don't know what I'm talking about. :)

3. Is Sega making the Smash Pack game available without buying the console? I want it. I heard it has Phantasy Star II and Shining Force. Yummy.

Well, thanks for your time.
~~James, who is too lazy to think of a REAL signature...

Hmm. I suppose your first question depends on your mood. Shenmue is the most immersive game ever, but unless you get hooked on Space Harrier or Outrun, the pacing can be a turn off. While the 3rd disc has some really fun fights and such, the first disc is pretty much just talk to person A who says to talk to person B who says to talk to person C... PSO on the other hand is EXTREMELY addictive, and honestly pretty fun solo, but eventually you WILL want to play online. Of course, if you can find Shenmue used for $20, you don't have to pick just one! Today's just another day for me, I've never had a girlfriend. Or a boyfriend. Saves tons of time and stress you know. As for the Smash Pack, well, at this point it's only in the bundle, but Sega would be crazy not to release it on its own. Then again, Sega IS crazy in some respects, so we'll have to wait and see.

Biology lesson.
The slime we know as Googleshng is neither male nor female! Slimes are (for the most part) simple organisms, little more than big cells. Googleshng is a more advanced form of this protoplasmic blob, but its physical makeup is still the same.

Slimes are asexual lifeforms, undergoing mitosis after becoming a certain size. A slime splits in two, and both slimes continue on in this manner. A simple, yet efficient method of single-cell (or slimy) reproduction.

D-kun, who has way too much time on his hands.

This of course requires you to assume I am a slime. If that worked, I could just divide and do the column AND play PSO.

Double the fun
1. It always seemed to me that you somewhat liked to bash FF8, but or the pas couple days you seem to of been on an "FF8's not that bad" kick. What gives?

2. Why do people care so much about how many controller ports a system has? Two is just enough for me.


Uh... I don't recall ever bashing FF8, nor have I been praising it lately. Really I don't have very strong felings on it either way, but it's fun to play devil's advocate, so yu may hear me bash or defend it if provoked. As for controller ports, well, it doesn't cost anything to add them, and everyone else has them, so there's no excuse not to have them! Plus, have you ever played a 4 player game? Massive chaotic fun!


The Last Laugh:

OK, if you haven't already, read this story. Many drool-worthy facts within.

Tomorrow JWH will be here. Send questions. Many questions. Buy his chair with a game or overpriced console. Goodness shall transpire.

Note from Mistress Nightshadow:

Just a quick reminder from my end, all editorials for the contest where you can win any RPG of your choice and a guest host with Cheshire Catalyst or other prizes are due in by midnight the 15th American PST (which is today), so you have about 23 hours left to send in a submission. If you haven't heard from me about a submission was sent, you better resend it cause I probably didn't get it. If you haven't sent one, here's your last chance. Just make sure you read the rules first before you send.

Now back to your regular program... well, lack of one anyway. ^^;

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