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Googleshng - February 14 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Not long after I uploaded yesterday's column, I checked my mail to see someone pointing out that the movie with FF7 music in it was actually The Running Man. So, I popped into the column and corrected that. However, this correction failed to prevent almost every letter I got from being nothing more than another copy of this observation. Freaky. Oh, and evidently today is Valentine's Day. Go out and celebrate by beheading a saint!

No wait, you can't be a saint until you've been dead a while, so you can't do that. Instead why not go play PSO? Chances are these big swirling freaky hearts in town will disappear tomorrow. Plus they might stick in some weird holiday quest or something. Or you can force your boy/girlfriend to buy the game too and take them for a date in the forest! "Aww! look at the cute little baby chick!" "Want me to kill it for you dear?"

OR you could just sit around eating candy, or dating, or complaining about allmark inventing a holiday, or do what I do and check to see which of the various long-haired-20-somethings-with-webpages-containing-amusing-non-content sends a weird disturbing "gift" to another first. My money's on Sharkey freaking out Frog-boy. Either that or adding me back to his links page via a disturbing and innappropriate picture.

What is this "love"?
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No comment today about PSO for you!
Shenmue Fantasy 8?
Hey, Goog!ĉĉHave you heard anything new about the Shenmue-vie?

I also haveĉa question regarding one of the most popular rpg's to date: Final Fantasy 8. Why is it an overall departure from anything you see in FF7? Not just characters and plot, but gameplay elements (junction system and weapon system) and conflict (no good vs. evil stuff)?

Oh, and one more thing: the Sega Dreamcast ROCKS!!!!

I haven't heard much of anything about the Shenmue that we haven't run news stories on. As for FF8, well, the answer to your question is that it's a Final Fantasy game. Square reinvented the wheel for every game in the series, except 9. So 9's the freak! Not 8! 8)

Since I'm posting the whole box...
Hey goog, I'm glad to see you back in the world of the living.
Now to the point. Normally, I'm pretty laid back about "cheating" in a video game. Sure, I don't like it, but who am I to tell someone how to play their own game. Again I stress 'normally'. But with the Phantasy Star Online cheating, I am utterly outraged and disappointed in some of my fellow gamers. Namely the ones who are using these cheats to make real money on sites such as ebay. These cheaters selling their online "possessions" to honest players is disgusting. I know that only a very small number of people are doing this, even so, I think that the people engaging in this are a disgrace to the gaming community and give other gamers a bad name.

Russell "sephiruss" Goss

Now grab a shovel and get digging! Sorry, had to finish the quote... which you didn't quite make, but ANYWAY... Last I checked, PSO was still free of cheating, although it DOES have it's share of people who have been playing for disturbing ammounts of time. Anyway though, yes, in general, the concepts of cheating in any game, particularly multiplayer, and the concept of selling equipment or whatnot for real money in said games. Plus who buys this stuff? By the time you're on a high enough level to use anything really good in PSO, you should be finding it yourself no problem!

Here's a fun fact
Hey Google,

In response to that guy inquiring about Blade Runner's music and FFVII's Midgar I think I have a workable answer. The guy who wrote the music for Blade Runner was Vangelis--one of the early pioneers of Techno/New Ageĉmusic.ĉI seem to recall for one reason or another an interview with Uematsu where he said that one of his major musical influences was Vangelis, so there you go.

BTW, I just picked up a Dreamcast ($ could I refuse?) along with Skies of Arcadia, and I just wanna know what's up with the VMU game.ĉIs there really much of a point to it, are there special hidden treasures to find?

- GaminMachine

Interesting music note. As for your SoA question, you don't get anything from that you can't buy at the end of the game, but it's VERY nice for saving up money and collecting stat boost items.

Just a small quicky to tell you that you can watch DivX in QT!
Just go here: download the DivX player, us it to repear the movie and then you'll get a .mov file now with DivX palyer open, start up QT and open the new .mov file and it will play perfectly :)


Not sure about PERFECTLY, I seem to have lost the sound on the movie I converted, but thanks a lot for that little fact!

Hey, this saves ME some raving!
"I can't believe people still suggest the Dreamcast over any other console. It has 3 noteworthy RPGs. Sure, some more might be released between now and '02, but otherwise it's a dead system. Deceased. Gone. Wasted. Anyone who has a DC now will have to buy a PS2 or X-Box later if they want any RPGs at all. Especially Square ones. "
Blah blah blah, wah wah wah.
The DC is not dead. Sega is supporting it with games for the next 18 months or longer and is releasing 30 games for it in 2001 alone (which is more than were released last year by them). I don't think $99 is a bad deal for a great system with awesome games, free internet play, and included modem compared to $300 for the PS2 with no "noteworthy" rpg's, no internet play, no $20 year-old games, and only 2 controller ports.
There ARE other types of games that are fun besides RPG's, and DC has the best or very good games in pretty much every genre. I heard that there is going to be a Skies of Arcadia sequel, a MMORPG called Far Nation, and a few other new RPG's. You can also get the Sega Smash Pack soon which is a compilation of older Sega games. It includes Phantasy Star II and Shining Force. Also, the awesome, older games are CHEAP!
Let's name noteworthy RPG's on PS2 and Xbox. Ok....ummm....Final Fantasy X and XI, a Suikoden game.....and maybe it's just me, but I can't think of any others. So, I guess I'm saying that people should quit bashing systems (especially Sega I guess) and play fun games and also, buying one system before you buy another doesn't mean you can't buy the other one you were looking at.


Well put. A couple things I'd like to add though, those dates and times apply to Japan, so add a year or two for us. Also, since the DC is MUCH more popular in the US, you can pretty much guarrentee we'll get each and every one of those. Plus that dreaded DC death date people keep talking about is about 5 years after it first launched give or take. Gee! What do you know? That's the EXACT SAME AMMOUNT OF TIME between the launch of EVERY console and the day games dry up for it. That date is also about when the PSX2 is slated to be replaced with the even MORE overpriced PSX3 by the way, so if you believe buying a DC is a waste of money, buying a PSX2 is a much much bigger waste. It won't have been around as long when it goes poof, has a much smaller list of current and upcoming games, costs 3 times as much, will be replaced with a backwards compatable system, and, on a more editorial note, despite the numbers Sony throws around, the DC is a lot better in the graphics department. It's all about polys vs. nurbs. Oh and then there's also the little fact that the DC has great first party software. 8)


Hiyas Google!
This is the first thing I've ever sent to RPGamer (be proud of me)- and its for you! Hope you feel special.
Anywho, the lady in Chesh's pic is dressed like Queen Beryl from Sailor Moon. What's up with that?
>>Valkyrie XII<<:
P.S. Can I have a tilde too for figuring out the pic? ^_^

Cosplaying. Be glad it's a girl and not a 400 pound guy with a full beard. Oh, and sure. ~

Ever just go outside in the morning, take a deep breath and smell the spring breeze then get the urge to snap some punk twelve year old's neck?

Neobrolly ..........

No, but I think that's FAIRLY normal... [calls police]

"It's not polite to open other people's cabinets."
The quote is from Phantasy Star IV. It was what Chaz said when you inspected someones cabinet. That has got to be one of the best games of all time.
-Sofa King Cool

Yup! And for catching the error, you get a ~+!

Hiya Goog,whom I will not reveal the said slime's gender,even though I do not know it myself
Ever read a Dragonlance book? I'm a big fan of the series.
The Masked Mystere

I have... the first trilogy of'em. They're OK.

Just wondering, in FFIX at the village of the summoners, when Vivi's feeling confused and lonely again, and Zidane tells him of a way to get his mind off things by using some age-old male bonding technique or something, what exactly are they doing? ĉ"[tinkle tinkle tinkle]"?

Urinating over the edge of a bridge I believe. More proof that the plot and translation of FF9 are just kinda icky.

The Last Laugh:

Hmm. Last night I did a column instead of sleeping. I think now I'll sleep instead of writing a clever closing. Don't forget. If you're willing to part with Persona 2: Innocent Sin, Snatcher, or a PSX2, SPEAK UP!

Googleshng "SLEEP!"

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