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Googleshng - January 24 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

In the last 24 hours I've been bombarded with people reminding me of various morbid stories in the game industry. Let me clear up the big one right now though. Thanks to sloppy journalism and gossip, there's a rumor all over the place now that the Dreamcast (and Sega) died overnight. That's not the case. Here's how that rumor came about I believe. Sega has been saying forever that the DC is the last console they're ever going to make, which is still true. It's a pretty much established fact that all consoles die right around the 4-5 year mark. So, Sega is saying that in 2-3 years, rather than release a new console, they'll just stop making consoles and start making games for, say, Nintendo systems. So yes, in 2-3 years, in Japan, Sega will stop making DCs, but heck, in 2-3 years or sooner, Sony will stop making PSX2s too. They've officially stated this. The difference is that when the DC leaves, there WON'T be a backwards-compatable new system to play all its great games on, none of which by the way are having their development cancelled, so it's still the more appealing of the two.

There, now that I have THAT off my chest, the games that get you a guest spot are currently Snatcher (Sega CD), or an imported copy of Persona 2: Innocent Sin.

Finally, my mail server has been out of commission all day, which is why this column is late and short. Sorry.

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In the Saturn:
Shining Force 3
Friends don't let friends die.
Shiny thing here!
Hey googly-moogly,

Since you got SF3, I'm gonna ask you about it.
1) Is the game save from the American version compatible with the other two episodes of the series, because I love this game and I wanna import the other two but I dont wanna get the 1st one in Japanese and play it over again
2) Do you like SF 1 & 2, seeing as how you're a Sega fan.
3) Aren't the anime style character pics phat as hell? (Especially Medion, he friggin rocks!)

Peace out,

OK, I've always heard that saves from the US version are compatable with the Japanese sequels, but not from reliable sources. I'm sure I'll be corrected tomorrow. I wouldn't call myself a "Sega fan", but yes, I've played the first two. Shining Force 2 really let me down though. They didn't change a thing except for making the characters less interesting, and more cute. SF3 turns down the shininess, I'm not far enough to tell if there's a good number of freaks, but they did add a few innovative gameplay concepts, so I'm happy. Oh, and yes, I really love the portraits.

Question with an obvious answer
Hi! This is James Donahue.

Nintendo has released Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow for the Game Boy. Nintendo has also released Pokemon Gold and Silver for the Game Boy Color, and hopefully, will port Pokemon Crystal to us as well. I wander if Nintendo will make another series of Pokemon titles for the Game Boy Advance?

Also, I wander if the monsters from the existing Pokemon (Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, and Crystal) will be compatible with the new Pokemon titles (if it indeed comes out)

Well, I for one would be completely shocked if there WASN'T a new Pokémon game for the GBA, with two versions, set up so that you need all 6 to get every single Pokémon. Will I buy it though? Hmm... actually I probably will.


That quote is from Diablo II. Gheed in the first act says it when you beat Andariel. Where's my Tilde you Hermathrodite Slime you?!

Right here! ~

The Last Laugh:

Again, I can't appologize enough for this being so short and late. I'll think of something to make it up to you with.

Googleshng "Mail server was baka desu"
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