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Googleshng - January 23 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Time for a little of the old Ultra Violence! *WHACK* *scarfmuncheat*. Why did I start today's column by quoting a book I've never read? Uh, because someone just gave me a chocolate orange. Anyway though, I had a REALLY productive weekend! I got a VMU so I can save a 2nd PSO game, and get Chams if I ever start a second game of Arcadia. I also hooked up my Saturn so I could play Shining Force 3, which finally adds some decent AI and some new mechanics, like characters giving eachother bonuses by standing next to eachother, and Panzer Dragoon Saga, the Black Lotus of Saturn games. It's fun too. The fights are quite strategic and the game looks like NausicaÉ. Then today I replaced the battery in my (used) Saturn so I can actually save them.

On top of that, someone set me up with some Slime World Merchandising. If enough people buy these shirts and stuff that I can afford to go I'll sign'em at Anime Central... or something. More importantly though, I put a new rant up which contains stuff to download, a Scary Pic I'm pretty proud of, AND some actual humorous content. I'm proud. Actually, aside from a Scary Pic, I have the next rant all set too. Donations anyone?

One last bit before I start the column. JWH has kicked off the second chain of Games for guest spots. If anyone out there has a copy of Snatcher (Sega-CD), or failing that, an import copy of Persona 2: Innocent Sin (PSX, and why the heck are there 2 Persona 2s anyway) that you're willing to part with, let me know quick, and next week YOU might have a chance to guest host and request an obscure game.

Have a good weekend?
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I did.
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In the Saturn:
Panzer Dragoon Saga
Hey (monks sing) GOOG-LE-SH-NG
You now have merchandise!! When is Googleshng the toilet paper come out? Some PSO questions for you like do you use the keyboard to communicate with other players? Isn't Sega also adding new features over time as to extend gameplay? Also when would you be online playing it so I could be playing with you? I can be on during the day or in the middle of the night since I got nothing much to do. Oh and do you do this to get some of your mysterious income, when I go pick food up for my family or myself they oftentimes forget to ask for the change and if not ask in 48 hours, it's mine. I get $30-$50 a month on that alone. I do really want to play with you in PSO since I haven't had much people communication since late 1998 and none other than messages to this site in the last year. It's just I know nobody who shares my interests around here.
Imperial Mog

I am now deeply disturbed. You saw my latest rant on my page I've been updating something like bi-monthly these days before I mentioned it here. You must have been looking at every rant an AWFUL lot of times, or you just have one of those spiffy update-notifiers turned on. More importantly though, there's a question or two here. Yes, PSO supports the DC keyboard, and entering text the painful way, and the much more useful customizable emoticons. You can make a little screaming face that says Low HP! As for PSO, well, when it first comes out, I'm going to be busy playing it with the RPGamer staff, but after that I might hunt around with readers.

Hey Goog! Couple of questions for you.

1)Why does everybody think Lunar 1 was so hard? Aside from the fact that the Bosses were always at a comparable level to you and the last boss took a half hour to beat, the game wasn't that hard at all provided you had the latest equipment and were at an adequate level to handle the monsters in whatever dungeon you were currently in.

2)Am I the only one who doesn't agree with the constant tweaking of the systems in each Final Fantasy game? I mean, every game in the series from 5 on had a new unique feature (ie Job System, Espers, Materia, Junction etc). I think if they really want to do something new, keep Final Fantasy traditional, and make a new game not under the FF title. Don't you think Squaresoft is a big enough RPG name that they can release an RPG and have everybody buy it no matter how crappy it turns out to be? For example, Xenogears did real well with it's unique battle and ability learning systems, right?

3)My friend Sober James told me to say hello to you for him.

4)What do you think of the Breath of Fire series? I only played all the way through 3, and while the story wasn't the worst I've ever seen in an RPG (Mystic Quest, anyone?), it was pretty bad, and seemed to throw in nonsensical story elements just for the sake of making the game longer, plus I thought the overabundance of mini games really made the game less enjoyable.

Robust Stu

People say the Lunar series is hard due to the fact that you actually have to put some effort into not dying, as opposed to most fairly recent games where having your wimpiest character die never even happens once if you're competant. As for the FF series, you're a bit off. Every FF game since FF1 has had a unique set of mechanics. Therefore, there are no traditional FF mechanics for Square to stick to. Nor a traditional setting. Instead, Square sticks to traditional spell, ability, and monster lists, the same plot gimmicks, and the same mascots. Quite frankly I'm a bit fed up with all that and would like to see the FF team make some totally new games rather than their current "Stick with the cash cow approach", but I don't see it happening any time soon, since to answer the second half of that question, the average person DOESN'T consider the term Final Fantasy synonimous with Squaresoft, or even look at company names whatsoever. All non-FF Square games have relatively low sales. Finally, my take on the BoF series is that, well, they're games by Capcom. The first one is a nice average game, and pretty decent, then the rest of the series is a string of marginal but undeniable improvements. Plus, if you get hooked by the series, you will buy every single game that comes out in it no matter how insignificant the changes. Luckily, I can ignore the series myself, since the only Capcom series that REALLY dug it's evil tendrils into my brain is Resident Evil. Mega Man came real close though.

This ain't like dustin' crops boy!
Hey Googleshng,
Someone asked some questions about Harvest Moon that CC couldn't answer so I thought I'd give it a shot. That is, if you don't know the answers. Wouldn't want to steal your thunder or anything. OK, here goes:
1. You get the fishing rod from the guy who's out on the pier at night. I got it during the spring, but I'm not sure if the season matters. If he's not there, just keep going until he is, or try going at different times.
2. To get the beehive you have to plant flowers around the tree.
3. The lovely ladies of Harvest Moon are very delicate creatures. You must treat them with respect. They are also very material and opinionated so you might want to give them presents and plenty of attention. You can tell how much they like you by the color of the heart in the dialogue box. I don't think you have to do this, but I'm sure you get a better score at the end of the game by getting married.
4. The horse is a pain in the neck. Just keep whistling to get it to follow you to the stable and then stand right next to the door and whistle until it runs inside. If it doesn't listen, leave the stupid thing out in the rain. That'll teach it a lesson.
5. The Goddess Fest is just another way to get the girl of your dreams to like you. If you ask her to go with you the day before she just might say yes.
6. General hints: uhhhh...try not to feel overwhelmed? Try to give a little bit of your time each day to doing something different, but don't overwork yourself. You don't want to end up in the clinic with a 5000G medical bill. Everything else in that game is expensive enough.

Laurel Rhiscarlan

There you go. Answers to all those Harvest Moon PSX questions nobody around here has been able to answer since there isn't enough of a difference between any two games to make you want to get more than one. Only Capcom has THAT skill.

Ooh! Pre-HTMLized!
Hi-ho, Googster!
I'm never goning to do that again

Anyway, I have a small problem with my old PS. Whenever I press the 'open' button, it sticks. Usuailly, this isn't a big problem, because some punding on the case will pop it back up. But now, it is just stuck down there, and won't come up. SO I have to put a rock on it so it won't pop in the middle of a game. Any help with this?

Ah yes. My cousin's PSX has the exact same problem, along with several other people I know. Unfortunately, aside from opening the lid and fiddling with the latch a bit, or taking it into the shop, I can't think of any better way to deal with the problem than what you're already doing.

Clash of the titans
The reason for this explosion in titles bearing the prestigious Final Fantasy name is, according to Suzuki, that "The fact must be accepted that middle-rank games are no longer selling these days...this year, we will use the brand name of 'Final Fantasy' to its full extent."

If this doesn't proove you right, I don't know what does...frankly I absolutley love the idea of all of the FF games being Re-Released *with perhaps, the exception of 7-9* ALthough it didn't say they had plans to bring them to America...I like the idea of being able to re-play 1, and the oppurtunity to play 2 and 3, as well as an awesome likeliness of being able to re-play 4, (My personal fav) 5, and 6.

Anyway...I suppose you want a question too...D'ya suppose taking 200$ out of my account is good for getting a Dreamcast, plus SOA and PSO? Perhaps even more to get the broadband connection when it is eventually compatible with Dreamcast? Especially to a student about to head off to college? It sounds very tempting to me, but I just need either the encouragement to do it, or the discouragement to save for college...

~ *¤iL¤À* ~ *(­h¬i$)*~

OK, first I have to point out what a horrifying statement that quote makes. No wait, I donlt, since I just covered that three letters or so ago. OK then, I DID say playing FF9 was basically like playing 4-6 with improved graphics, so I guess rereleasing them is the next logical step. Still seems way too soon on 7-9 though. Now, as for the DC question, well... I personally would go with the DC, but my system of values isn't quite normal. I guess it depends how much money you have. I think your price calculation's a bit off though. Last I checked a DC's $150, a VMU's $30, and games are about $40-$50.

Potbellied protagonist
My dear Googleshng,

For every question not answered, another baby gets thrown on the barby! Well, I only have one, so that shouldn't be too bad, but I'm warning you!

Is there anything good that comes out of Pinta Quest? I've just started the 2nd disk, and I want to know if there is anything absuhlewtly important and kick-butt enough to play that pudgey little overgrown cherub for hours on end. All I've gotten so far are those little unborn trees that raise my statistics. (not to say that they aren't cool, just that they don't float my zesty boat, if you know what I'm saying)

Freelance writer, artist, Christmas Ninja.

As I understand it, the whole Pinta mini-game in SoA is really only good for cash, stat improving items, and killing time when you're away from the DC. Nothing you can't get by characterbuilding, well, except that last bit of course.


Discipline feels good!


It's not the -buying-, it's the -peeping-. Any true martial artist would know that. And now... would you turn into a girl for me and put this on? (holds out a pink lace bra)

"If you don't wear it, they'll sag!"

I believe you have me confused with Ranma... or Futaba... or Maze... or one of a couple silver haired freaks who shall remain nameless.

*FFT Spoiler!* Since CC was so tired at the end of the collumn after printing a google letters can you explain more in detail why exactly Delita kills Ovelia? I was confused also.

Simple. Our happy little queen gets sick of Delita being such an evil coniving manipulative freak and decides to stab him. Being the evil coniving manipulative freak he is however, Delita manages to stab and kill her before taking a FATAL blow. I've always prefered Algus. At least he's OPENLY evil, unlike everyone else in the game. Plus there's that interogation scene.

Hey Goog,

Just wondering how much will GBA cart's cost? Thank ee.


I'd guess in the range of $30-$50, depending on whether it's a snazzified GB game, snazzified SNES game, or a totally new game. Only time will tell though.

WOO-HOOO! it's my birthday! do i get a tilde?:)

~shramoon~ finally old enough to see those nc-17 movies...

No. Tilde's are for quotes. Birthdays just get quickies printed.

The Last Laugh:

That reminds me. Why are there so many birthdays in January? 2 RPGamer staffers, 3 out of my 4 cousins, and that person there. Weird. Anyway, there's the column, hope you enjoyed it. To recap, I have a rant up, the games that get you a guest host spot are either Snatcher or Persona 2: Innocent Sin (waitaminute... that's contradictive!) and if you've ever REALLY wanted a tee-shirt with a slime pushing up its glasses in a Gendo-like fashion, your prayers have been answered. 8)

Googleshng "Sugoi!"
I named my dragon Razorbeak. I've always wondered if that's what Laserbeak was supposed to be called.

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