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Googleshng - January 19 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Behold! The Mystery Guest Host! Who recently had a birthday by the way.

Doug: Well, if you were wondering who the mystery guest is, it's a me! Stomio! I shall entertain you as best I can. Unfortunately, I still can't juggle. Sorry.

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Greetings Slime and Mystery Guest Host #1,

Can you please tell me if there is any purpose to the card game, Terra Master, in FFIX?

The reason I ask this is every single time I wander by my brother's room checking on his progress in said game, he's always playing that card game...and has such made absolutely *no* advancement anywhere. I keep telling him to give it up, but he insists on getting every single card. He thinks a Big-Giant-Secret-Thing(tm) will happen if he gets them all, and I know that can't be right, can it?

Please tell me the game is there for enjoyment only, for if there *is* some big secret, I fear at this rate I shall never get to use my PSX again. =(

~Raistlin X
"Spare me this mockery of justice!"

What's Terra Master? Oh, TETRA Master. As far as I know, there is no grandiose prize for getting all 100 cards. I could be wrong, but I haven't seen anything. There is a point where you must play in a card tournament to advance the story, but it isn't hard, and there is nothing that I know of to do with cards after that.

Nope. There is no real reason to play FF9's card game. No Card Mod, no prize for getting them all. Playing with your Chocobo however yields all the best stuff in the game.

Good format multiparter
It isn't impossible for a guy to watch Utena and not go mad. I'm living proof. Also, on that note, see the Utena movie if you can get a good fansub copy. It is...amazing.

Never seen Utena. Still a man.

There's a difference between going insane and going into a temporary state of shock. I mean, if you see a hideous car crash, you're going to be freaked out and stay at home for a while, but eventually you will snap out of it and get behind the wheel again. Maybe even the same type of car. Similarly, while the first episode of Utena DID make CC scream and crush his manly soul a bit, he wasn't permanently traumatized, and even went on to watch a couple more eps. Oh, and CC, if you're reading this, that ultra-girliness DOES die down over the course of the next few eps. Honest. Plus it gets replaced with well animated sword fights.

On to questions.

Are there going to be any more RPGs coming out for the PSX now that it's nearing the end of its life? Likewise, for the N64?

PlayStation still has a few good things coming. Arc the Lad Collection looks very nice, and we still have faith that Enix will show us the Dragon Quest VII love.

As far as N64, there's Aidyn Chronicles, the game I've been waiting on for well over a year, and Paper Mario, which despite its appearance should be a very nice game.

Then there's a couple games in Japan I'm hoping will come over, like Hoshigami (Tactics 3) and Khamrai (Xenogears team). I'd also LOVE to see the Super Robot Wars series come over, but it seems nobody sees the sales potentials of a TRPG featuring all the mecha and characters from Eva, Gundam, and a couple other things in the US.

Also, is there anywhere that you can get a copy of Lunar: SSC without buying it off of ebay?

I think that if you get lucky at some Wal-Marts, they might be selling it still, despite WD's request. Also, you might check Japan. I hear a lot of them imported it, strangely enough.

Get better!

-Pat K

Will do.

Quick question to settle how good PSO is....
Is PSO worthy enough to bear the name Phantasy Star? Final Fantasy ain't nothing, look at 8.

- Beedrill51

Ouch, don't hit a series while it is down. That's like saying Camelot's games suck because they made Beyond the Beyond, while they made the Shining series (I wish I could play 'em) and Mario Tennis, which rocks. Look at 6 or 9.

..oh, PSO? Haven't played it.

At the point I'm at, I would have to say, not really. It has the same lack of a good connection to the series that 3 had, plus, well, it's an Action/RPG and a bit of a dungeon crawl. Still, if the plot picks up or I find a second town, I'll tell you.

Another well formatted multiparter
Alright, so if Kuja's a guy, what's with the thong-and-window curtain outfit? At least most decent bishounen in anime aren't *dressed* like women. Don't even get me started on Tidus, either...just a more effeminate Squall, if you ask me.
In my eyes, the best villain out of a recent RPG is Ramirez from SoA Little bit of a Sephiroth complex, but cool as hell moves, and *EXCELLENT* voice acting. Come to think of it, that game is loaded with great characters. Wish Gilder was developed more, though.

*Still waiting on Skies to come in the mail..* Oh, and don't forget Kefka for interesting outfits. Yikes!

Kuja's even worse at the end of disc 3. Watch his chest closely during that scene. It's disturbing. Oh, and I wouldn't say Tidus looks like a feminine Squall, I say he looks like he has Down Syndrome. I also simply don't like the style of that character designer. As for Ramirez though, I must agree. Not only is he the first sympathetic major villain I recall in an RPG since... a WHILE ago, he also has a pretty spiffy name. You can fear someone named Ramirez, you can't fear someone named, say, Lloyd.

Alright, questions, huh...I can do that:

1. Is it just me, or is Enrique's voice TOO masculine for the rest of his personality?

2. Any idea when Sega'll get their act together and make a soundtrack for this amazingly orchestrated game? Hell, they've got one for PSO coming out and the game's been out in Japan for half the time. I need the Zelos and Dark Rift themes handy!

*I really really really really (ended for your convenience, trust me, there are many more really's) want my Skies to come in!*

I didn't think much about Enrique's voice. I was quite frankly too busy imagining him losing his footing and falling overboard. As for a soundtrack, I'd like one too.

3. I know it's horribly unlikely, but since Sega has developed a Genesis emulator for the DC (for their Smash Pack game, which happens to contain PS2), is there any chance of us getting some sort of *real* Phantasy Star collection (even just in Japan)? The SS game just didn't cut it for me, it added nothing other than some damned cool artwork, and took forever to load. I want some anime cut scenes for PS4, damnit!

No word on a Phantasy Star collection, but if they do it for Sakura Taisen, they just might do it for Phantasy Star. Who knows?


Alright, enough raving for now Faithful Sega RPG follower, -Michael J. Brannan

Oh, right. I can see Sega releasing a DC PS collection, but it would depend on how well PSO does.

More PSO stuff
Hey Google!

First, the obligatory "You just admitted you're a girl... or possibly a neuter, since neuters aren't male... but you also didn't say anything about your not screaming... and... uhm... nevermind, I think this is too subtle for my `2 days before code release' mind" comment.

Anyway, being our official source for PSO info... You've said that you can play by yourself... do NPCs join you for significant periods of time? Or can you create an entire party? One would think that levels designed for 4 people would be extremely difficult with just one.

Not that this matters... I already know who I'm playing with. Even if we're not going to play until April. *grrrr*

-EnoOn, who is about to start going through all the Phantasy Star games again, to remember which planet is which.

He's the source, not I. I have yet to play PSO.

OK, as I mentioned before, PSO has a lot of little side quests. For the duration of some of these side quests, you will have an NPC following you around. This is always part of the plot, so it's not like they just come and go as they please. If you plan on playing alone, I REALLY recommend going on this sort of side quest when you first reach each new area to character build a bit because you're right. Playing alone is HARD. The various classes compliment each other, and teamwork pays off unbelievably, both for players and monsters. The things I'm fighting right now for example are just slaughtering me because I have no partner with a big huge gun to blast away at it while I dodge around.

One last Multiparter.


Two things...

1: I remember Altered Beast! Heck, I own Altered Beast! Can I have a Tilde now?

Tilde? I don't know. How old are you? I wouldn't want to be giving out such things to people too young.

Hey, you have to guess quotes for tildes. You just get this: `


2: I want the background back, too. This grey one is depressing.

I've been contemplating the background myself.. I don't know if I want the old one back, to keep this one, or a new background altogether. The mighty overminds of RPGamer ponder this as you speak.. or send.. or.. whatever..

Yeah, enough people are complaining about this new legible look that we might switch back to classy. Yay.


-Jonatan "I like hidden text" L


Have you noticed that in Front Mission 3 that people get angry over the smallest things....especially Liu....

*Angry Face* "Let's go!"

Doug: I have Front Mission 3.. I think I bought it new.. I should play that sometime.. I heard it is fun..
Google: >8O You're right! That is weird!

hey gal
"syllables" not "sylables"

Doug: I'm telling you this. Goog has no gender. I've seen it turn into male forms and female forms. It is really rather disturbing. Oh, and everyone makes mistakes.
Google: Hey! Don't knock it 'til you've tried it! As for the typo thing, it was 6 AM. I make typos when it's 6 AM... wait. It's 6 AM now. I should spell check this column.

Should I sign up for Redmoon? Is it any good?

Doug: Ah, Redmoon. I saw that on our parent site's gaming website ( but I didn't sign up. No idea if it is good. It is free, apparently though.
Google: I don't like that sort of thing, so I make no comment.

The Last Laugh:

Doug: Thanks to Goog for letting me guest host. It is always a pleasure. I wish I had played some Phantasy Star Online and Skies of Arcadia first, but currently I just can't yet. Oh well, hope you were entertained.

Googleshng: Oh, I probably should have mentioned that was Doug Hill who heads our news section at some point. Anyway, it's the weekend. Enjoy the cat. I'm going to go watch the rest of Utena and finish sleeping off this flu.

Googleshng "Hey cool, it IS darkest before the dawn!"
I called the number of people who would point out how they "deduced" I was a girl exactly. Do I win something?

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