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Googleshng - January 18 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Thus spoke Zeus before raising a couple corpses to kinda wander around and kick 2 headed wolfs to get little blue balls that make them more musclebound and makes their heads exceedingly small in comparison. Then later you turn into a bear that can turn stuff to stone at point blank. Anyway though, enough about old obscure Genesis games. I seem to be more or less healthy enough to get back to work now.

For the overly curious, to recouperate, I just spent the whole day sleeping, eating, and watching Shojou Kakumei Utena. An anime series so strongly aimed at girls that should a male watch it, he will be reduced to a gibbering heap crouched under a desk within seconds. As you may recall for a weekend or two I was forcing CC to watch it so I could hear him scream. Try it, it's fun.

Now, then, tomorrow's guest host will be ________. Maybe that blank will be filled in, maybe it won't. It's a long story. Next week however will be the beginning of the 2nd games for guest hosting chain. For those who missed it before, this basically means that I have some reader guest host, they mention a list of games they want, and if you mail them one, you get to guest host and request something. Then of course there's the 3 hosting slot cap, which is why this will be the second chain. Anyway though, column time.

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Is it just me, or does it seem incredibly dense of Nintendo NOT to use the traditional 6 button SNES controller scheme for the GBA? Especially since they're planning on porting a LOT of SNES games to it from what I've heard. I was surprised when I looked at the shots of it and realized it didn't have XY. RPGs genereally tend to not need it [Kill Slime? Y/N] I guess, but action games WILL. For instance, Mega Man X. How the heck are you supposed to dash in the game if there's no third button? Forward, Forward will work, but it usually sends you flying into a pit. And power-jumping off of walls won't work at all! I get the feeling they're going to really regret not using a SNES layout.

-Xane "MegaWolf" T.

You know, when I first saw the GBA, I thought the same thing. It makes SNES ports a bit of a challenge. After thinking about it though, maybe that's the point. The GBA is a 32-bit handheld as I recall. Twice as powerful as the SNES. Still, the fact that in can handle SNES games is just seen as an open opertunity for developers to port games right over. By taking out two buttons, the eliminate that kind of quick port job, forcing people to either rework games while porting them (hopefully taking advantage of the superior power and passage of time to make improvements), or make totally new honest to goodness 32-bit handheld games. I'm really excited about the thing myself, short two buttons or not. For the record though, there really aren't that many SNES games that use EVERY button. Most games either ignore X and Y or L and R. Personally, I always set dash to R in Mega Man X. Makes it a lot easier to dash-jump-shoot.

PSO stuff
hi Google i got PSO questions for ya

1. how long is the game and how much replay does it have?
2. can you choose a difficulty level on offline?
3. when playing offline can you play with just 1 guy (yourself) or do you have to have CPU's?
4. im not one for multiplayer, do you think it would warrant a purchase just for the offline mode?


OK, while I haven't finished it yet, I am under the impression that the actual story of PSO is very short, passing through a small number of VERY detailed locations. Either that or it's long passing through a large number of VERY detailed locations. In any case though, there is a VERY large number of optional side quests, most of which in fact have more interesting stories than the main plotline. There is also an option to dowload new sidequests like these, so depending on how much Sega keeps up with it, you COULD see a LOT of replay value. There are no difficulty settings, but when you're playing offline, you rarely have any computer controlled characters with you, which at times can make things VERY hard. So, to seque into your last question, if you like hard dungeon crawls, then you'd probably get something out of it solo. Everyone I know who imported is.


I've been wondering, and since I haven't seen it on the site, what's PSO like?

How many character classes are there?

Any different races?

Is it full 3D or a combinasion of 2D/3D?

Is it like a typical RPG or more like Everquest (map/fights/town wise)?

When it gets online, how many ppl can play at the same time?

Does leveling take amazingly long like EQ did?

Is it a short or long game and is there a storyline?

Did you play EQ and did you like it, or are you like most ppl that didn't like it because they just plain sucked, then gave up and moved to Asheron's Call cause any moron can play that game?

Megumi Hayashibara can sing? I just can't imagine that whinny voice singing, plus the Slayers soundtrack isn't great.

Sinceyou like Japanese music, what do you think of the ppl that edit anime for American television changing the soundtrack?

Also, ever hear the Lupin the Third opening song? The only words in it are "Lupin the Third" and 2 syllables, which I think were Da and Ba.

Did you watch Lost Univers yet? Made by the same ppl as Slayers (or something like that) and you really see the similarities, lots of the same voices and a pretty damn good story (The hero wears a mantle and has a lightsaber, what else can you ask for?). On a side note, I got to buy amazing quality fansubs of Slayers Try for 8 bucks (Canadian) and it was really good, but I still haven't seen Slayers Next. Since some fansub companies do such great work, maybe the real companies should consider saving the money they spend translating and buy the fansubs. On another side-note, Vanguard Bandit IS available out there, I actually saw a copy of it for rent. Did the game absolutely bomb, or is it some kind of sleeper hit?

Tx for your time, Mat

OK, from the top. PSO basically has three races: Human, Android, and Numan (cat girl). It also has three basic classes: Ranger (Guns), Hunter (Swords), and Force (Magic). Between these, there are 9 character types, two android rangers, one human one, a hunter of each race, two numan forces and a human one. The three choices within any given class have slightly different stats, mostly derived from numen being naturally good with magic and androids not being able to use it but making up by being TOUGH. After picking one of these, you get to customize your appearance to an AMAZING degree, and there's a lot of different strategies you can use in game for all of them. The graphics are entirely 3D. Like I said last letter, there's basically just the one no nonsense town and a lot of interesting wilderness. 4 people can play at a time, and yes, there is a plot, and yes, you can win. There, now that the PSO stuff is out of the way, I have never, and will never touch any Massively Multiplayer Online RPG. Not only can Megumi Hayashibara sing, she sings pretty darn well if you ask me, and sings the themesong for pretty much every anime she does a voice in, including every season of Slayers and LU, which no, I haven't seen any of yet, or Lupin. Finally, Vanguard Bandits is a really great game, and I'm still trying to figure out why so many people overlooked it.

Goog why is it that I can never seem to find many games in rental stores that are not made by some well known company? In all the rental stores there around here ( I live in Salem Or.) they never seem to have in the games I want. For example, I have never seen Valkyrie Profile in any rental store. Of course I already own it, but I want to know why they do not have any of these other great games that are out. I usually only find games that are made by Square. And they usually have plenty of copies of each game. Don't the people care about giving us what we want? Or are they only concerned about making money?


Well, when it comes to game rental places, giving you what you want DOES make them money. The problem is, they have no idea what you want. So, they just get the games that have a lot of advertising out there, assuming those are what people are looking for. Only thing I can suggest would be to talk to the manager of your local rental place, and suggest that they make a little suggestion box, so that the gamers in the area can voice what games they want to rent when they come out. Depending on things your circumstances, you could also just find a bunch of other people with the same tastes as you and start a gaming pool, where you all chip in to buy every game that looks interesting and circulate them around on some sort of schedule.

I hear FF X has an Okinawan setting -- what's your opinion on it? I think it'd be really cool (I do Okinawan karate) -- all those little Okinawan people kicking butt and saving the world and all that good stuff.
But it probably won't be those little Okinawan people -- it'll probably be big, inaccurate representations of them. I think they should introduce some of the martial arts styles into the monk fighting -- i.e. Shotokan, Shaolin, Shorinkan, and all that good stuff. NOT Kung Fu, that's Chinese! Bleh. Maybe some of the traditional Kobudo (weapons) too. That'd be neat.

So, what do you think?

-Sensei Ryoniyk-

Well, games like Valkyrie Profile and Koudelka prove that if you seem a game in the mythology and stylings of any given culture, you get something nice and refreshing. Still, FF10 hasn't managed to grip me at all. A lucritive franchise can be a really bad thing in artistic terms.

Greetings Great Googleslime!

I have an RPGamer Technicalوquestion today... what happened to the "marble" background that the site used to sport... it was rather spiffy. Also, what's with the "default font size" being bumped up to "3" from "2"? All the letters on the page seem huge even on my 1024 res. monitor, so I can only imagine what it looks like on 800 resolutions.

Just curious... is it a bug, or was it some weird design decision?

Aaron "We have three sizes- wee, not so wee, and friggen huge" Hall

Well, simply put, a decent number of people on the message boards whined about the background and font size, so to make them happy, it was changed as you see. Now, personally, I've been going EWW all week. Come to think of it, I meant to suggest this back on tuesday, but today, when you send in letters, if you have any opinion either way on this little new look could you do me a favor and stick it in a little P.S. at the bottom?


Kee hee hee! I'm back, and better than ever!
Sweet-o! Victoria's Secret is having a sale!

"Dirty old man!"

I thought the whole concept was in the stealing, not buying...

Am I the only one that thought Kuja was a woman when I first saw (him/her)?

First time? Nah, he's pretty obviously bishonen. At the end of disc 3 though, that's another story.

Hey Goog, did you see the Daily Show last night? There was an extremely funny story making fun of Bill Gates and the X-Box, in which they showed off X-Box's graphics ability by showing a demo of the first Pitfall. Funny, huh?


That was great.

dear google,
وووووplease excuse my ignorance, but could you please enlighten me as to what a haiku is?

وووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووthe wandering lancer

This is a haiku.
Haiku are easy to write.
Just count sylables.

First five sylables,
then comes seven sylables,
last, five sylables

Hey Googster,
What's your opinion, if any, of Outlaw Star now being on Cartoon Network?
-Esquire J

All the more reason to wish I got it.

The Last Laugh:

There's your column. Now I'm going back to my nice warm bed to generate white blood cells while looking at people with pink hair. By the way, regarding all the reason PSO confusion, I am 95% sure that what Sega is trying to say via their quaint little self-destructively bad PR people is that while the broadband adapter works for PSO, they haven't gotten around to making any extra high speed servers, so those of us with extra fast connections will still have to play at the seem speeds as dialup people. Since it's a cooperative game though, that's hardly a problem. Any other PSO questions may be directed here. Bye.

Googleshng "Gootena-sama?"
I should start a pool on how many "You just admitted you're a girl!" letters I'll get tomorrow. I'd guess 5, but you just read this and you're going to throw that off now.

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