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Googleshng - January 16 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

What the HECK happened to this weekend? I finished Friday's column, then I went to sleep, with plans of throwing a rant up and stuff the next day. Now all of the sudden I'm doing Tuesday's column. Obviously, one of the following must have happened to me: I looked at a full moon and became a rampaging giant monkey for a while. I was abducted by aliens and experimented on a little before it was realized I'm not a bear drinking hillbilly. Hmm, I'd correct that typo but it's funny. Ahem. There's also the possibility that I was under the effect of some curse or possession, or just fell through a hole in time thus skipping right over the weekend. Hmm. The rest of those would have caused massive destruction, so I guess it must have been that last one. Hmm... does that mean I have to start celebrating my birthday earlier?

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Almighty Googzmeister,

Got some important issues and questions for you:

1. What the hell is up with all this crap about the broadband adapter for DC??? I just ordered one (for PSO) and an hour later I see that PSO won't support it! I have a cable modem and I dont feel like paying $20 a month for a narrowband piece-of-crap 56k ISP. Basically, Sega is screwing anyone who has a cable modem. But be happy, Sega, you've just lost $110 in sales and the faith of one of their biggest supporters.

2. Since this year won't see the release of many RPGs, I've decided to go back and get all those games I missed out on. Here are the ones I'm looking for: Final Fantasy Anthology, Wild ARMs 2, Persona, Persona 2, Breath of Fire IV, Brigandine, Vanguard Bandits, and Valkyrie Profile. In which order do you think I should get them, and where is a good place to find these(on the net or at stores).

3. For some reason, ever since I downloaded the v1.04 patch for Diablo II, I can't get on As a fellow Mac user, I thought you may have some ideas to help me get back online.

Hopefully you can answer these painfully tedious questions. Thanks a bunch.


OK, here's the thing with PSO. Some sources say it works just fine. Some say it doesn't work. Some say it's buggy. NONE of these sources are Sega. They're still trying to settle on an official statement. However, considering the fact that Sega has been scheduling things so that the broadband adapter would be out right before PSO FOREVER, so I'm assuming the broadband adapter will work just fine with PSO, it just hasn't been extensively tested and Sega wants to cover themselves in case some weird bug they missed happens to crop up. Worse case scenerio if I'm right, people with dialups get to start playing a little bit earlier than us broadband folks while Sega kills a couple network bugs. Might want to hold off on your preorders for a couple more days just in case though. Now, as for Diablo 2, I haven't played on B-Net forever, so I'm probably a couple patchs behind you. You can always try going to Blizzard's site and check for a new patch, or check tech support. They tend to be really good about that sort of thing. That next bit I'll talk about next letter.

Calm after the storm?
Hey (monks sing) GOOG-LE-SH-NG
I am wondering now that I'm back home with as much to do as you do, what should I do with my life and do you in your infinate wisdom have any ideas. I'm still thinking on what to do with my life and it's hard to figure out. I really know my odd behavior that makes any RPG hero think i'm odd is a result of my inner sadness. Do you have any odd characters in you cast of characters since Chesh and I have some? Have you ever meet anyone who is just like any character in anime or in RPG's and name them? I'm getting $51 in a tax refund got any ideas to spend it on? When I was in Florida I learned that all things don't work and that only a sexless slime can get Chad pregnant. (har har) Just me or is this year a light one on RPG's and will be one 'til late 2002 since the companies are switching platforms? But that means that we'll have time to buy and play the ones we missed and save money for new systems and other things.
Imperial Mog

OK, between the last letter, and the end of IM's conciousness stream here, it seems everyone is making the same realization at once. A mountain of games came out last year that you almost definately missed a lot of. This year, all that's due out is PSO soon, then theoretically Arc the Lad, a DW remake or two from Enix, maybe a Square game or two on the PSX2 later in the year, and one or two games from random no-names. So, if you get some spare cash, hop over to EB, or their site, or where ever you get your games, and try to grab... let's see... everything on our awards page from last week, FM3, Vanguard Bandits, Valkyrie Profile, Vagrant Story if you like dungeon crawls with weird mechanics the best brown graphics ever made and a spiffy backstory... that covers surprisingly many people. I think that covers all the really cool games that got overlooked by a bunch of you.


The Last Laugh:

Hmm... it's 7:30 PM now. That must have been another temporal anomoly. It's like I'm trapped in some sort of bad Star Trek episode. Anyway, there's probably some twit hiding in the closet downstairs with a funny nose, big ears, and a pinwheel glued to a graphing calculator messing with the flow of time. I'll go kick him out and come back to do tomorrow's column. Sorry for the lateness and shortness.

Googleshng "1 minute ever 60 seconds! Behave time!"
Temporal glitchs suck, you know that?

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