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Googleshng - January 10 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

You shouldn't be jealous of me having PSO before you. The US network isn't set up yet, so I can't play it online. Even once it IS, I'll have to start over since the Japanese version's save files aren't supposed to be compatable with the US one, and quite frankly, the first half hour or so isn't connected to the series I love so dearly much at all. So... why did I play it ALL DAY yesterday?

Now, since I'm sure PSO will come up in a letter, here's some other things on my discussion plate. I am still in need of a programmer, ideally specialized in cross platform Open GL 3D engine design. Also, CN's last guest spot is coming up, so unless someone has a copy of The Journey Home, which may or may not exist, I'll have to come up with some sort of alternative method of selecting a guest host for next week... or that person with the copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga could drop me a line again.

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Dear Goog,

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People send me weird little greeting cards with dancing fat guys all the time, but this here is a first. I thought I'd share.

Hey Goog,

I was wondering, are there any dark RPG's out there? The only ones I can think of are Persona and Persona 2. Both of which I plan to get. But is there anything else I can snatch up without having to resort to importing?


Well look who it is! Rad who hath not sent any comics my way in forever. Let's see... dark games eh? Well, unless you use a different definition of the term than I do, there's Vagrant Story and Koudelka recently. Then FF6 when you get right down to it was pretty darn dark. For the record though, the first Persona at least, is a PAINFUL experience.

Broadband woes
Hey Googz,

Speaking of PSO, do you have any clue why I can't order a Broadband Adapter on I need the adapter to play PSO!!!!! Many sites reported that people could order the adapter starting today, but I can't find it!!! Please help!!!


You know, half the staff of RPGamer is saying the same thing. Evidently Sega goofed on that date announcement. It'll still be out before PSO is, but it looks like we're in for another few days of waiting.

How many times must I answer this?
Do you have to play Phantasy Star Online online? I'm not getting it if you have to because I have no money and therefore cannot get online with my Dreamcast.


I KNOW I have answered this question here at least a dozen times before, but people keep asking. Now, I'm not singling this person out. I realize not everyone who writes it reads this column regularly, but when one answers the same exact question 20 times or so in a short period of time, one begins to snap. That is why I have prepared The PSO Fact Reminder Desktop. If you have a problem remembering whether PSO can be played offline (it can), whether it's Massively multiplayer (It's not), or if there's any monthly fees of any kind involved in playing it (there aren't), just download this image, and set it as your desktop. Also good for people working in game stores who hear the same kind of thing to set and spin their monitors around to face the store!

DCs and PSO

Do you think that the sega smash pack is a good buy for someone who doesn't have a dreamcast, and is looking forward to playing really cool games like grandi 2, SoA, and PSO? Like me. Speaking of PSO, how is it, if you've played it at all? Oh well, back to looking at graphic novels instead of homework.


Hmmm... buy a DC, or buy a DC that comes with 20 or so great old Sega games for what I seem to recall is the same price. Not a hard choice. Now then, as for my thoughts on PSO:

First and foremost, it reminds me a LOT of Diablo 2. There's a big open world with a town at one end. You take a few friends, head out, explore it, customize your characters as you go, get fun toys, and fight the occassional REALLY BIG, REALLY TOUGH boss. The AI's great, the interface is great, and the degree to which you can customize stuff is amazing. You can make your character look like just about anything you want... as long as you want something that looks like the PS character designer made it. Still. 5 faces per class, 9 very different outfits, 5 skin tones, pretty much every anime hair style, absolutely any hair color you could want, any remotely physically possible height and build.. and that's just for your character! You can also totally customize a bunch of icons to use to let your friends know certain little things like, you're about to die. Oh yeah, the graphics are nice too.

Stealing from thieves...
I need to know something about Skies of Arcadia that has been bugging me for the past few days. What is the deal with Zivilyn Bane? Does his treasures simply exist to be sold or is there some big secret if you can collect them all? I beat the game and nothing ever came of Zivilyn's stuff....

Thanks for your time,

To my understanding, none of that stuff is good for anything but selling. However it's VERY good for that.


Aurgh! Ever since she cut her hair, I can't help but stare at Dagger's butt! What's even worse is when she enters trance and decides to wear a one-piece thong swimming suit. Curse you, Square!!!

- Surge

I have never seen the camera at an angle good enough to stare at anyone, not that I'd want to.

Benevolent Giant Swing!!!

The untenanted bard

"Pacifist Crush!" is still the best.

so what j-pop singers or groups do you like ?

The only names I can recall off hand are Megumi Hayashibara and Sinohara Tomoe.

How do you beat the blue dragon?

Have one person keep healing anyone who needs it, attack with your best fighter, cast big fire spells if you can. Also if you have any attack or defense boosting spells, cast'em, you'd be surprised how well they work. I feel I should note this advice applies to fighting any Blue Dragon in any game.

I also wanna kiss Dark Shneider!

Uh... you do that then.

The Last Laugh:

There, a nice full length column for you. Sorry it's a tad late. Now, before I go back to playing Phantasy Star Offline, a couple quick reminders. CN's guest hosting one last time friday. I need a programmer. The DC broadband adapter just went on sale about 5 minutes ago.

Googleshng "Importer"
The first boss is BIG.

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