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Googleshng - January 5 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Four hours is a lot for lunch. That's one hour for each generation of my family that was present though. Anyway, once again, here's CN.
CN: I'm baaaaaaaaack! I love doing Q&A, I really do. The insightful questions, the nonsensical ramblings of Imperial Mog, its all just so much fun. Here we go!

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In the PSX:
Ah lahke blow'n things up!
Live theater
Hey Goog. Yet another FF9 Q. Umm yeah. At the beginning the play thingy that Tantalus puts on. Is that supposed to be the end of Celes Opera? Just asking. Umm. My PSX just went kapoot. I can't edit memory cards at all. That means no saving no deleting nothing. Is it worth it to buy a Playstation One or to maybe invest in another system? Dreamcast looks cool but Sega has always been a flop. But they seem to be doing good now. Anywho. FF9 is totally awsome. Even though I have yet to finish it. Curse Sony. Yeah. Well now I'm bored. So Bye.

"Is that a couch?" "Yes" "Catch it!

The Opera scene and the Play in FF9 have no connection that I'm aware of. At least, none that should make you go play FF6 again and find. Yes, you should go buy a PSX1(I've never heard of someone breaking the memory drives. What'd you do, pour soda in it?), if only to be able to play all of your old games on. (Then again, I have spent money I things I really don't need, like guide books after I finish a game.) Sega HAS NOT always been a, as you so tastefully put it, a "flop". They just had a bad bit of luck, is all. Also, maybe you've never heard of commas, but they do great things with sentences. Just a suggestion.

The play is a seperate piece of half-shown theatrics, but it does seem to be something of a hat-tip. There's enough good PSX RPGs out there that you should have SOME means of playing them. Of course, I hear you can get yourself a regular PSX for cheaper than a PS1, so unless you REALLY care about saving space, there's not much point. As for the DC, well, there's a ton of great games out for it, and it's selling pretty darn well, so it's not like it's going to go the way of the Saturn as soon as you buy one. 8)

Heya Googleshng and CN,

And here we have the traditional question and answer format...

1) What would it take for us to get coverage in RPGamer of games such as Paladins Quest? Not to mention all the PC Rpgs not covered.

2) Editorial Plug. I just wrote my first editorial! Go see! Now!!!

3) I was wondering if you (Googleshng) play any other Pen and Paper Rpgs. Some of my favorites include Earthdawn, Fuzion, and Paranoia. If D&D is all you've played, I highly recommend checking something else out.

4) I've been reading RPGamer for a long time now, but no ones ever brought up where I might be able to find some good game soundtracks. Any suggestions? Heh... perhaps add this one to your FAQ list???

5) I liked FF VIII quite a bit. Just thought i'd state that... since it seems im the only one.

6) In the pronounciation of Suikoden that was posted, Mantis pronounced it SUE-EE-KO-DEN. Weird...

7) For CN. Tell us about The Journey Home, such as, what kind of game is it? Why are you obsessed with it? Why does it haunt your everlasting dreams?

7) Final question. Am I the only one in a time flux? On 01-02 and 01-03, whenever I checked the site, there was no Q&A update. On 01-04 all three appeared at once. The other updates such as news seem to be posting alright. Perhaps it's getting booted when someone else updates?

"Wheel... Of... Fish!!!"

1. To get all games covered would take a huge effort on the part of the RPGamer Staff. Time, money, late, I'm not saying that their lazy, but we do have social lives. (Some of us.) But hey, I'm sure if you took the time to write up something on Paladin's Quest, include screenshots, and do all the other work involved, RPGamer might post it. Only you can help us look at old RPGs! Do your part, and don't expect us to do it for you. Its not like I got free time coming out of my ass, you know what I'm saying?
2. Wow. That was an inspiring piece of...literature, that goes deep into the heart of the issue. A well thought out work of modern art. (In case you can't tell, CN hasn't read it yet.)
3. I know it isn't for me, but its not like that ever stopped me before. I don't do much (none) D&Ding. Mostly because it's really hard for me to take it seriously. Something about pretending to be a half-elf, quarter-human, quarter-troll, with a "Wand Of Really Awful Painful Fireballs +3" makes me want to punch the game master in the face.
4. I'll let Google yell at you. This has been mentioned a dozen times in the past week.
5. Its not that I didn't like FF8. Its just that after an hour of playing, I suddenly feel the need to go walk the dog, or commit suicide.
6. This isn't really a question. But hey, when your as bad-ass as Mantis, you can pronounce things anyway you like. And if you don't like it, he'll beat the crap outta you till you plug in a second controller.
7. The Journey Home. I saw it reviewed in an old issue of Nintendo Power. They didn't like it, and the only thing I remember about the review is that "you fight monkeys". (Can you tell I am loving this?) The only reason I want it, is to be honest, there is nothing else I want. I've got all the games I could use right now, and I don't need anymore. So I went for something obscure. To be honest though...if someone did a little comic of me and some RPGamer staff fighting evil or something, I'd give the Q&A position to them. I like comics, at least when CN is portrayed as someone cool, or at least groovy.
7(Again). That happened to me too. I just went to It fixed the problem right up.

OK... let's see here. Originally, as you may know, RPGamer only covered Squaresoft games. Even at that, we didn't start covering PC games until about 2 years ago. The older games are a tad spotty because, well, suddenly deciding to go back and add a bunch of games takes a lot of digging, and we don't have an unlimited staff. It'll all get on here eventually though. On the PC end, well, we hired someone specifically to go beef up our PC coverage way back when, and, simply put, he did a terrible job. Wait long enough though and we'll have coverage of each and every RPG. I've played just about every paper RPG there is, but right now I'm playing AD&D specifically because the mechanics are so kludgy and downright silly if you don't modify them. I believe I answered the soundtrack thing yesterday, but if you missed it, everyone I've talked to seems to agree is your best bet. Suikoden IS pronounced Sue-ee-ko-den. Vowels are always pronounced the same way in Japanese. A is ah as in father. E is eh as in hey. I is ee as in ski. O is o as in so. U is oo as in blue. Always. Paws just has a french accent. Finally, if things like the interaction links and the title quote aren't changing for you, chances are it's a cache problem. RPGamer uses a lot of insert tags, it makes like a lot easier when you can just make one little file for things like the sidebar on the left of the page and stick it into every page on the site. The problem is, some browsers treat that like an image, so they don't get a fresh copy each time you load the site. There are two ways to solve this problem: First, depending on your browser, there should be a key you can hold down while you hit reload to force it not to use the cache. Usually shift or control. Or, for a more permanent solution, go look in your browsers prefs for something like "Compare cached files to files on server" and set that to always.

BoF4 spoilers maybe

Hey G-man, In your recent columns, you have often been asked what games of the holiday season were worthy of our money and those that weren't. Each and everytime, you have mentionned BoF4 with some kind of indifference, saying that the people you knew who got it thought it was so-so. Well I for one beg to differ. BoF4, in my opinion, is the game that ressembles most Xenogears up until now. Everything from the graphics, to the music, to the battles and even the plot reminds me of the best RPG of all-time. Although I am thrilled to see that it has similarities with XG, it's also a very solid game on its own. Sure it doesn't come with loads of extra goodies, but in the end, it's the game that really counts. The battles flow very fluently, and the battle animations are exquisite. The first hours of the game are absolutely awesome and filled with cool plot elements. You follow the adventures of Ryu, and at the same time, the misadventures of the first Emperor, Fou-Lu. The characters, while certainly not as vibrant as Lunar's, are very diversified and appealing. The music is charming and fits well in the story. You can also meet masters whom you can "study" from in order to learn new skills or boost some parameters a little more with level ups. And one thing that I think is a big plus are the dungeons. They're short and sweet and are practically ALL interactive. The puzzles (if they can be called puzzles) may not be as intriguing as Wild Arms', but add a little something to dungeon explorations. It's kind of linear, but personnally, I find linear games to be much more fun, not the mention that they usually have more complex plots, and this one is no difference. The only bad aspect of the game is undoubtedly the camera. It's fully rotative, but it always seems to be positionned in the worst place possible. And something that some may dislike is the fact that the hero is mute(I personnally don't care about that). Granted, I have yet to finish the game,as I am only 20 hours into it, but I tell you, it just keeps getting better and better. I also forget to say that the opening animation is wonderful and contains Japanese dialog, which is IMO a plus.The game sure could've used some animÚ cut-scenes,but maybe I'm just too greedy. So kids,take my advice and at least rent the game. You should really considere getting the game yourself Goog, as skipping this one might not have been a good thing to do. Capcom has produced a fine game indeed, and they deserve the recognition they should get. What's not to like about this game?

PS.This is my first BoF game, and I'm not doing publicity for Capcom.

Thank you Xero, I have always thought the BoF series was a bit underrated. However, since it is your first one, maybe thats why you like it so much. The series hasn't really changed at all, with Capcom making minor improvements. While this does end up making the games better and better, most people don't really feel like playing Ryu again, even if he is in an all new adventure. They keep reusing parts, (Ryu's dragon power, Ninas whole bird thing...etc.) and its hard to like it after the 4th time.

I thought I should print this since it's the first time I've really seen someone shout out the virtues of BoF4. Still, like CN says, Capcom has a habit of making sequels which are just improved versions of the earlier games. While there's nothing wrong with that, I was never really gripped by the BoF series myself.

Lunar 2 time
L2 spoilers?

Hey Google and CN

Okay, I feel like an idiot, but was I the only one surprised when you-know-who revealed he was the Dragonmaster? That creepy music didn't help either. And right after this follows what must be the funniest sequence in the game. One word: Mystere. "You need a spanking" and "Discipline feels good". I laughed so hard it hurt.

I guess I should ask a question. Umm, in the first one, if you did talked to Ramus at a certain time, you got a Rememberizer free, otherwise you paid through the nose. My question is, where can I get one and is there anyway I can get it free. (I know it's there b/c of the girl in the bridge town has one, poor soul). Anyway, enough of my incoherent ramblings.

The Wandering God
"SWM seeking funny quote to make letter amusing"

Yes, that was one of Lunar 2 most surprising moments. He doesn't do to bad a job either. Yes, Mystere rules. Hes my favorite character, if I only knew who that masked gentlemen was. "sigh"
You pick up the Remembetizer from that girl in the epilogue, and have to go to every place a FMV happened to get all the moments. This actually has a point, since a few of the FMVs have a new dungeon near them. Also, you weren't incoherent in the whole letter. It was a nice change.

I need to clense my pallete with some tactics before hitting another pure RPG.

More L2 spoilers?

Hey (monks sing) GOOGS AND C-N
I just want you to know that I'm on the road moving Friday night for school. By Tuesdays column I'll set up my single bedroom at my school in Florida. That means no sharing a bedroom with a loser. Also I heard that there's an RPGamer Bromide set and I want to know when is it going to come out? When can we see the Q&A outtakes or am I just a big mess up? CN question, what can you do in the epologue and is it just me or is the game harder than most recent ones. Also do you make scary pics since I need someone to post my ideas on RPGamer. I came up with political satire and anime crossovers. Like president Gourry W. Bush and the new genre of Magical Clinton Girl "Sailor Monica". So someone please make those pics since it's too creepy to keep to myself. Google, we can scare you brother by putting Paula Jones head on Sailor Mercury.(laughs evily) Also is it just me or did Working Designs got mean on some lines since they cheap shot Kathie Lee on sweatshops?
Wish me luck.
Imperial Mog

I have no idea what the RPGamer Bromide set is. If Google shows that picture of me on New Year's I'd kill him, so no dice on seeing me make a ass of myself.
In the epilogue, theres 6 (I think) new dungeons, which have to be done in a certain order, or you'll be toast in no time. (I almost cryed when I entered Lion's Head the first time. I suggest the the dungeon near the Blue Spire first.) And yes, Lunar 2 is HARD. If you think your a real RPGamer, play it. Most people will be sent crying back to momma, because every boss in this game takes over 10 minutes to kill, and really makes you struggle. Good luck, ye hard-core gamers!
The cheap shots are part of the Lunar worlds charm, though I missed that one. I've always enjoyed it when they diss someone. (Britney Spears when you first get on the Dragon Ship Destiny. I couldn't stop laughing.)

Lalala... I'm not listening!

Even more Lunar 2
Still more L2 spoilers?

Failure to comply will result in my leaping through the internet and stabbing your left arm. Or spearing you from the heavens with Gungnir. And I've a rather ill temper lately.

Question, question. Lunar 2 is really good, I'm in the Zaback mines right now. (Observation: Lunar 2 has better character design, Lunar has better voice acting. Other than that, they're pretty much equal on the goodness scale.) I do have to say though, especially having played Chrono Cross, Lunar 2 is hard. Mind-numbingly hard at points. I had a brain hemmorhage at one boss fight, it was so hard (compared to all that we've been playing recently, anyway). Is there any way to alleviate this, really, besides hours upon hours of character building? Or, at least a way to mke a quick buck, as money's been rather tight for me?

And does Jean ever become a dancer again, or do I get to keep Karate Jean for the rest of the game? (Obervation: Lunn reminds me of Mr. Miyagi.)

~TH Cole
"I will stop the motor of the world."

Yes, Lunar 2 is tough. People fresh from FF9 will be screaming at their screens. I love it. The only way to make it easier to fight, sorry. By the epilogue, I was hitting auto battle and reading a book. Theres just no other way to do it. I was never tight for money, and I suggest just conserving your supplies. (Another thing I like.) Its a tough game, deal with it. And no, Jeans a karate chick for the rest of the game, though I still like her, lopsided head and all.

I'll get to it sooner or later.

Escaflowne and stuff
Heyo Goog and CN,

Ok, first off, I just found out that Radical Dreamers (the psuedo-sequel to Chrono Trigger that eXplains the origin of Guile, and the relationship between Kid and LynX) is being (or attempting to be) transalated by Neo Demiforce. They need some help, so if anyone out there is interested, check it out here:

Anyway, I don't know if CN has seen EscaflownÚ but I have some questions anyway. (I've only seen the first 2 DVD's (Episodes 1-8 subbed), so if the answers to these Q's contain spoilers...don't answer them)

1. Is Dilandu male of female? Everyone refers to "him" as male ("Yes sir!" etc.) but "he" sounds *really* feminine.

2. Why does Dilandu get all worked up over Van slicing his face? Is he *that* vain?

3. How can a phone call from Amano down on Earth reach Hitomi's pager up on Gaea? Last I heard they hadn't made planet-transversing cell phone technology in EscaflownÚ.

4. Do you like the monks who fly in and chant ES-CA-FLOW-N° out of nowhere for apparently no reason?

Now for some "opinion questions" for CN...

A. Subbed or Dubbed and why?


C. Dreamcast or PS2?

D. World Domination (by you) or World Peace?

E. White or Wheat bread?

F. Chicken or Turkey?

G. 2D or 3D?

H. Mario or Sonic?

I. Cotton or Feather Pillows?

That's it...hope this satisfies your slimy self and CN.

~Raistlin X

Radical Dreamers? Last I heard it was a crummy little text based adventure, but hey, whatever floats your boat...
I haven't seen ANY Escflowne. Pity me.
A) Either way. I don't watch enough anime to mind.
B) Liked them both. =p
C)Dreamcast. It has good RPGs. It also hums like a angel! (Bastards.)
D)World Peace. I am not arguing with a bunch of backward countries over rights, and I don't want to be killed by some damn "Hero Of Light"
E,F) All of the above, in the same sandwich, lightly toasted, with dressing. Mmm...
G) 2D. I LOVE C:SOTN. I woulld kill for a sequel, that game was simply the best.
H) Mario. He gets a girl in the end, a dinosaur to ride on, and the admiration of thousands of mushrooms. Sonic gets...all his buddies robotized. Forever. Screw that.
I) I have both. Sick, I know.
Yes, that letter was fun, but its getting late...

Hmm... being anti-emulation, I'm just going to assume you mean translate the text of RD and post it in a big text file. That'd probably make for an interesting read. I will now answer these questions in a spoiler free fashion, before you write in to correct me on anything, I Know, and Chris has only seen the first four eps. Don't spoil it for him. Dilandu IS male, he's just UNBELIEVABLY girly. Most people just assume the pronouns are being used wrong until it shows him with his shirt off way down the road. Getting upset over his scar doesn't help his case either. Cell phones work by bouncing signals off a sattelite. You can see the earth from Gaia, so you can pretty much assume it's a really small moon with a cloaking device or something (hey, low gravity would explain a LOT about that show!), so it's about the same distance, and therefore, yes, you could page someone on Gaia, or on the moon, if the angle was right. As for the monks, I like'em... Fox likes them WAY TOO MUCH however, and stuck that one track in every fight scene. Meaningless opinions are always fun! Subs beat dubs usually. Most translators do horrible voice casting, plus most anime has the occassional english word, and it's just plain funny to hear things like that. FF6 beats FF7. DC beats PSX2. World domination BRINGS world peace! Ask any evil emperor! I don't like bread. Turkey beats chicken but makes you tired. 2D beats 3D in some vague way. Mario beats Sonic, because he did. I want a 3rd pillow choice, neither of those stay fluffy between my larger than average cranium and hard matress. I think that's all.

Multiparter with a side of Lunar 2
Yet another L2 spoiler?

Hi Google, Hi CN

1 - How many bromides are there in Lunar 2?
2 - What do you mean with "9 FFs are ENOUGH"??? How can you say that?
3 - Is it true that I can get Adamant Armor in FF4? How do I do it?
4 - This may have been asked before, but what is you favorite RPG of all times (including Final Fantasy)?
5 - This may have been asked before, but what is you favorite RPG of all times (excluding Final Fantasy)?
6 - What's your favorite quote in an RPG? Mine are "The end comes... beyond chaos" and "If story is to be changed, let it be! If my fate is to be destroyed, I must simply laugh! I'm coming, Lavos!"

- Aggmahatandrus

1. 22. I think. Theres a hidden one on top of Lion's Head, and I don't know if that adds to the total. Each woman in the game has 4, 3 normal ones and 1...spicy one. The rest are just assorted people.
2. He can say that, because, at least in my opinion, the next FF looks like FF8 all over again. I do not FF8, I do not like it at all. In other words, Google wants the series to end in a bang, rather then a whimper.
3. Yes you can. And its not worth it. I wouldn't bother, and there are plenty of guides at about it.
4,5. I enjoyed C:SOTN the most. Simply because you can play through it again and again. If your talking about a true RPG, then Lunar 1, PSX version.
6. Good second quote, Magus is cool. I really don't have one, since I've never bothered to write down quotes from RPGs before. Kinda lame, like a button collection.

Oh drat. I meant to dig up a bromide list today. Just so he doesn't get flooded, anyone who feels a sudden need to send in a bromide list, send it to ME, not Chris. Otherwise I'll dig one up on my own. My top 5 RPG list is in my bio, linked to down by my sig there... it needs updating I think because SoA isn't there I don't think. As for favorite quotes, well, I have to put mine at the top of the main page every week. 8)

FINAL Fantasy?
Hey Goog...æææ
Yesterday, you said you weren't interested in FFX, and also said "isn't 9FF's ENOUGH?"

It's just a name.

What if they completed FFX and changed the title to something else without FF in it? Would it be worth it then? It's pretty easy to make a series of games when they aren't true sequels to each other. No need to think of a name for the new RPG, just slap a FF title on it. You could argue that it's the same style as the other ones. But 7 was quite different from 6, they kept the name anyway cause it's easy and will make the game known. The name sells, that's why they don't make creative new titles. It is a new game, and can be worthwhile.

Oh well, I'll stop my rambling now.


Good points...I think Google just doesn't think the series is going anywhere good, with FF10 looking like dooky, and 11 being on-line. I myself feel that Square sold us out with FF8, trying to be popular. And it looks like it'll happen again with FF10. Blarg.

Well you see, FF ISN'T just a name. If it was, I would have no problem. It's a name, the name of a couple characters, a basic set of mechanics, a list of spells, a list of items, a list of abilities characters use, a guarrentee that the most damaging spells will have at least a bit too much in the way of overelaborate special effects, and even a few plot elements. I'm not going to pick on FF9 because it's full of nostalgia, but past that, I'm starting to get a LITTLE bit sick of that baggage. I mean, honestly, how many times do you have to get an airship from a guy named Cid and summon the same dozen or so monsters to kill bosses before it gets old? I don't have any problem with the FF TEAM, I just want them to make a game without throwing in all those little elements that have been kicking around for 10 years. Heck, they can even keep calling them Final Fantasy as long as they dump the rest.


It makes sense in a way. Pour salt on slugs, pour artificial sweetener on slimes. I think it's safe to say we will see a sugar cube item in the next Dragon Quest game.

CN: This is what causes Google to put up late columns. Its time for you readers to know! Google is a caffeine junkie! Its shameless! He chews caffeine gun 24/7, and hes always jumpy. Hes really kind of sick, the way hes always working, using his no-sleep habit to make the rest of us look bad.

Google: Hey, I've been up for 21 and a half hours without any caffine at all thank you very much.

The Last Laugh:

CN: Another great Q&A. I'm sorry about the length of some of the later letters. I just ran out of steam. Next time, I'll take a page out of Google's book and drink more caffeine then is good for me. Until next week, tell me you love me! Because your all wonderful people!
(This has been another inspiring Final word, brought to you by CN, who has loves every one of you very much, because your all very special people.)

Google: Hey... there's no meat for this closing sandwich. I wonder where everyone like Radrisol Lightsoul and Guifá went... oh right. Holidays and vacations and stuff. Well, before I crawl back into the magic thimble where I sleep through the long weekend hours (where did THAT come from?), here's a few announcements you may be interested in. Silkenray finally updated Media Central. There's some pretty spiffy wallpapers in there this update, go look. On a similar note, fan art should be updated this weekend, and reviews (hey, it's not ALL my fault! Nobody's been writing any!), which will mean every section has been updated, which means I have to give some sort of valueless prize to everyone. 8)

Googleshng "Contains no artificial sweeteners"
Saygram's Ginger Ale? Cool! Fine, Seagram's, but close enough!

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