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Googleshng - January 4 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

The title of this column is actually a typo, but I'm leaving it. Caffine has no effect on me. I stay up just as late if I have none, or I guzzle jolt. The same applies to sugar. Nutrisweet however makes me fall asleep almost instantly, and I just realized this is Fresca I'm drinking here. Must... fight... with... J-Pop! Eww... Shonen Knife. Oh well, this is on random play, I'll hit some wake up music soon enough.

In other news, I need a programmer. I need a programmer speciallizing in making 3D engines from scratch, ideally in C++, and ideally multiplatform. Heck, I'll take assembly and Dreamcast if I have to, but then you'd have more work to do. The important thing though is being able to actually get what I need coded, and in a halfway reasonable timeframe. Oh, and yes, such a person WOULD be paid. Quite a bit too.

Now then, tomorrow, CN will be guest hosting again, still looking for that copy of The Journey Home. Now that I'm more prepared, here's some more fun facts. CN JUST won Lunar 2, so he should be able to answer anything about that, and will probably be bringing along a Bromide list. He also requested, "opinion questions".

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Hey Goog,

This is my first time writing into rpgamer, but i've been reading it for ever, anyways, i have a few questions

1.) What do you think about FFIX's ending? I think it's amazing!

2.) I dunno if this has been said before, isn't there *too* many FFVII rip offs in there? Claude=Cloud Reina=Rena and there was mad others, i just cant remember

3.) How do you think FFV should be played? im in the process of just playing it now for the first time and im not using a players guide because i think thats the way an rpg is 'sposta be made. Would a player's guide make it more enjoyable?

4.) Do you think FFVIII is as bad as everyone says it is, i played it up till the middle of Disk 3, is the end of the game really half bad?

5.) I downloaded translated versions of FF2 and FF3 for my emulator so i can have the experience of playing the only 2 i havent before i devote my life to FFX, but FF2 is kinda ticking me off, should i just skip it and head right into FF3 or does it get better?

6.) Do you think FFX will be as good as FFIX?

7.) Do you know anything about when Suikoden 3 will come out, and for what system (pleeeeeez not dreamcast!)

8.) If its supposed to be FINAL fantasy, why is there so damn many of em!!!!!!!!

and lastly,

9.) What is your favorite class of people in final fantasy, i say you cant beat a dragoon

Thanks Googlemeister!

~~The Juggalo Dragoon~~~~>

I haven't played the 8-bit FFs that weren't released in this country. FF5, like any RPG, is better without a walkthrough. FF7 was the first RPG to penetrate the mainstream, so of course people copy it. FF8 has it's good points and bad points. FF9's ending warrants from me an official "eh", FF10 doesn't interest me one bit. I haven't really heard much about it, but well, isn't 9 FFs ENOUGH? Oh, and as for Suikoden 3, any information on it like that would be in our games section. Pretty sure it's unknown all around though. I think that covers everything except favorite class... and for that it's a toss-up between Dragoon, Black Mage, and Red Mage.

Calm after the storm
I think of the 'shortage' after PSO as a good thing... gives us all time to actually finish everything from the Great RPG Tsunami of Y2K, and replay those that deserve to be replayed *hums* Valkyrie Profile and Tales of Eternia. I play most domestics and select imports, so I got it a bit worse. :/

Yes... right now I'm looking at my huge backlog stack looking for where I should start. Think I'll play a TRPG or Action/RPG before I hit the Game Arts games.


Just two questions for you. Is the Final Fantasy IV in the Japanese equivilant to Final Fantasy Anthology the hard version or the easy version? I was thinking about importing it just for FFIV, but not if it is the easy version. Have you played Wild Arms 1, and 2? Are they worth buying in your opinion? Thanks.

Metus Odium

I'm fairly sure it's the hard version, since Square muttered something about not wanting to retranslate it. As for Wild ARMs... how shall I put this... If you liked Lufia 2, you'll like WA. Otherwise, you won't.

Bet you can call me response.
Heya Slimey, Happy New Year

I got me a Dreamcast for Christmas, but really crappy games. (Tomb Raider, Super Magnetic Neo, etc... Bleh) I got Shenmue for myself, but can't figure out what other games are good for the DC. Any suggestions? And is Lunar 2 really worth it for $62.00? Must decide between that and Evil Dead: Hail to the King. Oh, and the quote is from FFIX, by Zidane. Do I get a tilde?

~Bilious, the oh God of Hangovers

GET SKIES OF ARCADIA AS SOON AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN. Aside from that, you'd probably want Grandia 2, and for non-RPGs, maybe RE4, Soul Calibur, Power Stone 2, and don't forget PSO's out at the end of the month. As for Lunar 2, yes, it's very worth it.

An FF4 question?
Hey there!
Now I know you haven't seen a FF4 question in a while so I think I'll ask one. When fighting the Dark Elf in the cave that you can't use any metal stuff in, how are you supposed to defeat him? I mean, I read the walk through, and it says some guy named Gilbert is supposed to do something. Who's that? I know I missed something since it's impossible to win.


Well, for starters, you should quit using a walkthrough for the Japanese version, they changed a lot in translation (like Gilbert to Edward). Beyond that, I personally leave my metal stuff off for that whole cave. Sure, you have trouble moving, but you don't die instantly against the elf, and halfway through that fight, the magnetic effect goes away.


What class and race do you play in D&D?

-Squall the Surly SeeD

Various. I especially liked my Gnomish Priest and my Tiefling Necromancer though... and the modron.

What system is "The Journey Home" for? I'll try to get it for him.


SNES evidently.

Its astonishing! Unlike the rest of the nation, seems to have thawed! Woah.

No kidding. I like snow and all, but I'm getting sick of looking at this particular snow. Either melt or snow some more!

Hey Gramblebang,
I was wondering where the best place to pick up some easy AP is FF9. Thanks.
--The Geek
"Life is like a mop."

Hey Joe Miller! You found the marble in the oatmeal! Ahem. There isn't really any "easy AP", so I like to just kill Grand Dragons. 3 AP, 8000 EXP, and a big pile of cash!

The Last Laugh:

Woo! I defeated the evil Nutrisweet, and got the column done early enough to go eat breakfast with relatives in the morning! Don't forget to send lots of questions for CN tomorrow. Now to sleep... *finishes off the Fresca*

Googleshng "My achilles heel is an artificial sweetener."
Noonsa, we hardly knew ye.

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