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Googleshng - January 3 '01- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

OK everyone, the happy little "holiday season" is over, and I believe we're all settling back in to our personal routines. I'm still a LITTLE bit out of it today myself. In any case, the column lies ahead! By the way, am I the only person creeped out at how once PSO comes out at the end of the month, there aren't really any RPGs on the horizon?

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You so STUPID!!!
Dear Googleshng,
Please answer this question!
How do you get the stone mask??
I know you are supposed to give a soldier the red potion but where is he and what does he look like? Is he one of those skeleton Ikana soldiers??


It's in the east, early on, there's a circle of stones, use the lense of truth. Tada! Can't miss him... well, actually you can, that's a hard sort of thing to find come to think of it...

This is coming up a lot lately...
Hey Goog, I think you may have answered this before, but I can't find any soundtracks to games anywhere. Know of any good place to look other than online?

I've been told is a good bet, plus a lot of publishers sell that sort of thing off their own pages sometimes.

Dark Rift
I can't belive that I solved all the puzzles (so far) without any help. And yet, I can't get through this furshluggering thing. Please help me!!

Yikes, what a nasty little maze that is. You'd think it'd be easy to navigate a 10 room maze full of dead ends. Anyway, the first thing you need to know is that any red glowing vortex is going to kick you back out to the begining. That in mind: First room, go through a hole in the wall, and proceed through the vortex. I believe this takes you to the dark moonstone chamber. You can get a new crew member if you hang a sharp left in here, but to get to the exit, procede through the vortex on the right (the one that isn't glowing obviously). This leads to a big room with some pillars of glowing lights. If you sink down, there's a vortex under the lip of one of the land masses leading to a large treasure room, but to get to the exit, just get right in one of those glowing columns and float upwards. From there, you should be able to find your way to the exit easily enough, just be prepared for a pretty interesting ship boss.

What now?
Hello Most Respectable One,

I Have a question. I have finished FFIX. I Am Currently gameless. can you suggest any good ones.
(*+=Leutenant Levithan=+*)

An unbelievably large number of people asked questions along these lines today, so, answering them all at once, here's a by-system list of recent games you might have missed:
Skies of Arcadia: Each and every person I know of who has touched this game agrees it's the best RPG of the year, if not all time. GET IT.
Grandia 2: It's the same basic engine as Grandia, with some interesting tweaks and the magic is much less degenerate. Plus, it's a plot by Game Arts, but not a "Game Arts Plot". By that I mean the main character is an adult, and I haven't heard the word "Adventure" once.
Shenmue: It's just such a bizzare premise that it's worth looking at. Plus it gets really fun towards the end.
Lunar 2: It's the sequel to Lunar. Enough said.
Final Fantasy 9: Throw FF4-6 in a blender, and add some FMV.
Breath of Fire 4: Uh... from what I've heard, this isn't that great.
Ogre Battle 64: Ogre Battle without the reputation meter. Fun.
Zelda MM: Well... turning into a Goron and rolling around is pretty darn fun.
Pokémon 2: It's much much better than the original.
4 RPGs: From what I've been hearing, they're all unplayably bad, and one's only 3 hours long. Icky.


what happened to the christmas theme?!?!

You took it down yourself! Christmas is over. 8)

Hello Google!

The quote on the header comes from FF9... when Zidane plays a hooded Marcus in "I Want to Be Your Canary" in the ending.

Happy New Year!


Your recognition is the most precise, so you get the tilde! ~

The Last Laugh:

Column's a little skimpy today, sorry about that. Tomorrow's should be much better. Later this week, CN will be guest hosting again, and he's still looking for The Journey Home. Then this weekend, Chris will be back from his Christmas break, and if we're lucky, he'll bring us presents!

Googleshng "Winding down"
I was standing around in a graveyard, I was doing an interpretive dance...

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