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Alanna - April 22 '01- 23:00 Eastern Standard Time

I really wonder where Googleshng is. There was a minor panic in IRC last night when people realized that there was no sign of Goog, and no one had made provisions for Q&A today. But hey, I have some free time, so I might as well fill in! Not too many questions today, and what we have aren't all that RPG-related, seeing as how nearly all of yesterday the link was pointing to Goog. At least there'll be some good questions when sie gets back. Hopefully.

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E3 - where'd we hide the bodies?

Hey (monks sing) A-LANN-A Can someone explain what's going on here? It's getting mad around here since people seem to vanish and it's gotten crazy, even more crazy than me? Anything really weird happen to you people at E3? I want to know what weird adventures happened outside of E3 and are there pictures since I like being told good stories? Are you still recovering from that accident? Also you people could just teach me how to do Q&A and gave responsibilities to me since I have ZERO obligations and would of been a good help, also I'm probably first in line of succession since I'm a Q&A regular and that seems to be how it goes.

Also I'd love to have my own page and do the most evil fanfics ever. What do you think of my infamous "Sailor Monica" story idea? My angle was comedy with lots of political and pop-culture satire taking place in our world which has all RPG and anime cliches occur and all characters in fiction are real since you can go into their dimensions. Also the idea of some anime and RPG characters beating up boy bands and Britney Spears is too funny?

Imperial Mog

Hey (monks sing) IM-PER-I-AL-MOG!

Did anything weird happen to us at E3? Well, nothing that I can really print in this column. Unless you count the aliens invading our hotel room on Friday night and turning us all into drooling, mindless zombies -- oh, wait, I probably wasn't supposed to talk about that, was I? *nervous laugh* Um, no, nothing weird happened at E3. We're all fine. We are not Borg. We did not have relations with that woma -- whups, wait, wrong denial.

You'd have to talk to Googleshng about doing Q&A; I'm just a last-minute fill-in. I don't even have enough free time to usually hang out in IRC or read the column on a regular basis; I'm only filling in tonight because no one's seen or heard from Goog since E3. Maybe the aliens still have him.

I'm actually mostly recovered from the accident now, but thanks for asking. About the only thing still wrong is that my ear keeps fluttering. The plane ride to Los Angeles was fun. No, really.

I think that anyone beating up Britney Spears is funny, though don't say that around Aegis. He was very disappointed when he found out that she was there at E3 and he didn't get a chance to meet her. I think the poor boy's smitten. ^_^

Legend of Legaia 2, you idiots!

How could Rpgamer not post Legend of Legaia 2!? I'm OUTRAGED! AAAAAAH! Legend of Legaia was one of the best RPGs for PSX! And also, did Square, Enix, and Namco ever announce what exactly their partnership was all about? I haven't see anything about it anywhere...and what exactly is it that has Goog so excited about NGC, I don't quite get it....and I don't see what great RPGs it has...or anything for that matter...


We're actually not finished with our E3 coverage yet; expect to be seeing stuff from us over the next few days. We had a lot of server problems during the event, and it seriously impacted our ability to cover things while we were there. Now that we're all home -- well, most of us -- we're filling in the gaps and adding stuff, but since most of us returned to other obligations, it might take a little bit of time.

We didn't see anything about Square/Enix/Namco, either. The parties in question are probably still hunched over in a basement somewhere, cackling maniacally and calculating how long they can make us wait for news. There was an announcement about the Square/Disney RPG, which frankly worries me a bit, but what can you do. I've also been told that Namco gets rights to the Xenogears world.

As for what Goog sees in NGC, perhaps the only possible answer is that the aliens got to him a bit early.

Death by Fandom


After much persistance and recommendation from everyone hip and in the know, I took it upon myself to read Douglas Adams' five-book Hitchhiker's Trilogy. While I was in the middle of the second one, poor Mr. Adams dropped dead! Perhaps it's just a fluke, but now I'm afraid to read any still-living authors.

It is possible, however unlikely, that I happen to have the uncanny power to kill authors by reading their books.

My question: can you recommend any favorite authors to me?

...Favorite or not-so-favorite? Hm. I personally happen to love Spider Robinson's work, so, um, stay away from reading him until you're sure that you don't kill people by reading their work. And I know a lot of people who would be very upset if you caused Robert Jordan's untimely demise before he finished the Wheel of Time series.

In a slightly-related note, Goats has posted a note that May 25, 2001, is Douglas Adams Tribute Day, in which all DA fans are to carry towels with them. I've got a ratty old beach towel that seems to me to fit the description perfectly, and I expect several raised eyebrows at work.

...and there are starving children in Ethiopia!

For all of us who don't have the opportunity to go to trade shows like E^3, how much money would you figure these companies are spending on wooing the press? Considering that most of the gaming public never gets to see these monstrous displays aside from pictures posted on sites like RPGamer, do you think it's too much to throw at getting good reviews in gaming magazines and the like?

Some companies had small and tasteful displays; some booths had huge sprawling monstrosities that probably violated all local noise ordinances. (I had to go and find aspirin after a stint at a booth that Shall Remain Nameless.) Most of the displays at E3 are geared towards the executives and advertising staff of major gaming companies, much like the mating behaviour of the male peacock -- look at our feathers! Aren't we pretty? Aren't we someone you want to make an alliance with? The press is really a side benefit; if companies don't get publicity for their games, they'll never have sales, and as a result, the company won't do as well. Look at Suikoden 2, which was (in my humble opinion) a pretty good game, but didn't do very well sales-wise, probably due to the lack of publicity.

I'm not sure how much companies spend on trade show events like E3, but it's probably a significant portion of their PR budget for the year. Some of the displays were huge, and a lot of companies had the traditional Large Quantities of Free Stuff to give out. Did it work? Well, I found a few games at E3 that I'd never seen before, and will probably check out because of the play-time that I got. (I will, however, firmly deny that the free t-shirts had anything to do with it. I am not that easily bribed. It requires much more than a t-shirt for me to shell out cash for a game.)


Any news on what the required cute fuzzy thing will be in FFX?

Early reports seem to indicate that it will be "Kimari", a beast-like character with a horn. We've got a screenshot, from IGN, here. He doesn't look so cute and fuzzy, does he?

When's the Harry Potter RPG coming out?

I can't seem to tickle a release date out of EA's website, but they were showing it at E3, so I wouldn't be surprised if it were soon.

Will you be able to get Aeris as a PC in FFX?

...go and stand in the corner.

The Last Laugh:

Um, I don't know if Google will be back tomorrow, so send your questions to me, and if the aliens let hir loose, I'll just forward them onward.

Alanna "I escaped the aliens!"

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