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Googleshng - November 2 '00- 3:00 Eastern Daylight Time

Well, this was an interesting weekend. I got a rant up, which I meant to write in and say, and, well, unlike most of you, who probably consider yourselves "too old", I made a costume and went trick-or-treating with my cousins. However due to some SERIOUS scheduling problems, I didn't have time to finish my Escaflowne costume and ended up with a witch costume assembled from the bizzare assortment of costume parts and props my aunt had around the house.

Now, on to a topic that might interest you more. Tomorrow will be my 200th column. I've been trying to think of something special to do for it, but haven't come up with much. It did remind me of something though. I barely ever see any letters from my old regulars anymore. So how about it? Xenochick, Rail, Chesh, Rad, everyone else, why not send me something tonight? I guess I should give more forewarning for this sort of thing. How's this then? My 1 year mark is going to be in just a week or two. I personally don't care that much about this sort of thing, but hey, it's an excuse to party, so, on those two days I'll try to find some cool stuff to post for you too.

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Hey there, handsome.
Here are some questions. They are all for you.
Happy Happy

First off, ye olde console debate. What do you make of these rumors that Sega and Nintendo will be soon entering a "joint venture" together? Apparently, Sega's not doing so hot market-wise. Essentially, Sega's consolodated losses ring up to about $200 million. Sega's solution? They're going to begin manufacturing titles for other systems; most likely The X-Box or the Gamecube. (most likely, nothing for the PS2).
But for crying out loud, it's Sega and Nintendo cooperating. The two great rivals of my childhood are fianlly putting aside their "blast-processing" differences and getting together. ;) This is, if I may slip for a moment into 80's rhetoric, major cool. Imagine games like "Mario Tennis" and "Mario Kart 64" featuring Sega characters like Sonic and Tails. Someone's gonna be making some serious flow in the future.
And speaking of the X-box, just what is your take on Microsoft's bold venture into the dirty world of console gaming? My roommate, Comp Sci Major with some connections and the luck of the devil, might just get the chance to actually work on the thing this summer. The bugger is going to have 733 Megahertz of processing power, and run a verrrrrry stripped down version of Win2k. Additionally, the programmers who will be creating games for the system will have an easier time "porting" their work onto the console. In fact, games for the X-box can be made with something as simple as Visual C.
And for those who are worried about Microsoft's infamous reputation of "the blue screen of death", relax. Chances are, you may already own a console who's module was programmed by Microsoft. It's called a "Playstation".
Oh, and on a lighter note, Lunar 2 looks smurfing sweet.

See you space slime-thing,
Cheshire Catalyst

P.S. Can I spam? It the site I write for ;)

As odd as that is, the correction he sent about those specs was signed "Thanks, you're a peach. (What the HELL does that imply?)" Aren't pleasantries disturbing? Now then, uh... hey, wow. I answered this first part of your question in my rant this weekend, so go read that. I would give you my thoughts on the X-Box, but the person pointing a gun at my head right now would rather I didn't. Suffice it to say my thoughts on Microsoft have never changed, even if they do seem to have some idea what they're doing at the momment. Oh, and yes, Lunar 2 DOES look smurfing sweet. Getting it soon. Finally, that is one funny page.

Notebook fun
Hey there Goog,

Here you've got Zelda: MM, enjoying it?
Just a question, I was playing it at a friend's place the other day, and we picked up the notebook from the Bombers.
What I'm wondering about is in regards to the quests. When you go back to day one (do not pass go, do not collect $200) do any of the quests stay "solved?" I mean, with the Bombers, you need to hunt them down again, but you get to keep the notebook....
Also, when you get the notebook it says that there's only room to write down 20 entries - is there only that many, or do we need to pick and choose?

- Vaevictis

Yes, when you make someone totally happy, that stays in the notebook, and when they reward you with stuff, you keep it. Finally, there are only 20 people to go in the notebook.


Heya Goog!

Well, now that I've won the PS2 in the deathmatch, I think I should get one.

Too bad our local Sony Store can't get me one ;.;

Okay, now the real question: Can you run over the way you learn deathblows in Xenogears for me and the order in which they appear in the menu? I seem to have one stuck at 93% which I can't get to move, but I swear I'm doing it right so I'm not sure what's going on.

Walkthrough-ish, I know, but I checked a couple and they weren't very helpful and I didn't want to go too far into them.

-Paws, Points of View =^^=

P.S.: Will the funny names and odd references begin to make sense any time soon? I'm at the Sect where Margie's going to live if you need my point in the plot.

OK, here is the order in which deathblows are listed. T=Triangle, S=Square, X=Cross:
See the pattern? Simple enough, isn't it? The only inconsistancy is that there's no TXX, but that's because TXX would just do TX. Now then, a few more deathblow learning fun facts. Getting 7 AP happens at a plot point, so no matter how much you character build, XX is the best you're going to do until a big huge plot point. Also, everyone has a different total number of deathblows, but the ones they don't have are all at the end, and you'll know when everyone's list ends. Level requirements get tougher as you go on. The rate at which they progress drops off too, the last few tend to require 5-10 uses to go up 1 percentage point, and finally, while doing a deathblow is the fastest way to learn them, but doing just about anything increases all your percentages a little, so in the long run, the fastest way to get every deathblow is to work one higher than what you want. For example, after learning TSX, work on XX. Before that finishes, spillover should finish STX for you, AND you'll have a start on TTTTX.

Hey Google I'm a LONG time reader but this is my first letter. Any way on with the questions that are in no order:

1. Don't know if you've played King Arthur and the Search for the holy grail PC game but How do you kill the Rabbit? I keep dropping the Holy hand Grenade on myself :(

Well, I may have SEEN it once...

2. Do any of the staff members post on the boards? or do they stay away from us freakazoids?

Some might, but I personally don't. Not enough time for that sort of thing... plus I run Q&A, so I hear everyone's thoughts anyway.

3. I'm thinking of making a pencil drawn Fan Google, how weird can I make you?

As weird as you want.

4. Who is the badest ass smurf in all the land?

Papa I believe.

5. Who is the your favorite Auto-Bot?

Tough call. I think I'll have to say Optimus Prime though. If for no other reason than the fact that after being trashed and later repaired, the first thing he did was beat the loser who was left in charge to a pulp and took the matrix back.

6. Huh don't know if you said(or if I can even ask) this but what's your D2 Account name? *Goes off and searches the realms*

Googleshng of course. Haven't touched it in a while though.

7. Do you like the other series made by the makers of Transformers? You know Air Raider, Visionaries, and G.I. Joe?


8. how are you bringing up your Necromancer? Mostly skeletons? Golems? Curses? Thank you for your time, "Fragnarok"

Skeleton Mastery... but it's not really worth it later on.

*Happosai pour cold water on Googleshng.* "Google! Let me sleep on your soft bosom!" *Before he can get to the JapaneseSchoolgirl, a noble-looking man in samurai garb and a wooden sword comes out of nowhere* "Begon, foul demon!" *The nobleman bats the tiny freak into next week* "Fear not, fair maiden, for I, Tatewaki Kuno, the shooting start of Furikan High, shall protect you from such demons as the lecherous Happosai."

~Tatawaki Kuno, age 17

Uh... OK, I think this quickie thread is now officially out of hand.

FAQ #2
I just need to ask, are you and Gin not posting up my letters or are you not receiving them? Well, Gin must not be receiving them maybe, but you have posted one of mine before. I am just wondering. Oh, it's "" right?

Well, on a typical day, I recieve over 100 letters. That's way too many to reply to, let alone post. So, there's a little luck involved, but the more serious and relevant the question is, the more likely it'll be posted.


Your bishonen. Or are you a girl? No, you look like a boy- but you COULD be a girl... AAuugghh!! It hurts my head just to look at you!!

Uh... it's not like I posted a picture of myself or something... you must be going senile.

"No deaders today, 'cept walkin' ones looks like!" -Annah, Planescape, Torment



Hey Goog, I just saw the Exorcist, and I'm scared out of my mind! The spider-walk scene is terrifying, I wanted to point that out. When she walks down the stairs backwards twisted in that inhuman way with the blood bubbling out of her mouth and that hissing... I'll NEVER forget that. I can't sleep at all.

I've never seen that movie. Either version. I think there's something like that in Koudelka too though, and yeah, that's freaky.


... spam spam spam baked beans spam and spam!

Your friend, Gin, scares me. It's so scary, in fact, that it's almost funny.

What an etremely rude and baseless thing to say! Gin's not my friend. 8)

The Last Laugh:

Eep. Late. Sorry. Tomorrow is 200th column. Let's make it special.

Googleshng "Tired"
Relax Gin, it was a joke.

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