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Googleshng - February 20 '02- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Certain questions just keep popping up again and again in my mail, so I've decided to answer them one final time right here.

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FF Remakes

I heard that Final Fantasy 7-9 are being remade for the PS2. When are they coming out?

They aren't. Squaresoft scrapped that idea quite some time ago.


What does Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec mean? What language is it?

It's a random anagram of the phrase Succession of Witches and the word Love which just sounds fairly cool, and does not actually mean anything in any language.


Why don't you ever print my letters?

On a typical day, the column recieves 120 letters. Disregarding quickies, only 6 of these are printed a day. That's only 5%. However, if the letter you wrote asks a question that can't be answered by looking at an FAQ on the site or the release dates section, feel free to ask again the next day, there's a good chance I may have missed it the first time.

Googleshng "Quit asking that now."
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