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Ouch... I missed an update for the first time. >.< Sorry about that, I'm not going to promise an "extra big column," or give any excuses. I apologize... that's about the best I can do. :P

On a lighter note, MegaMan Legends has officially been inducted into the RPGamer lineup! Woohoo! Expect it to appear on the Games page sometime in the near future... also, that means I can take questions on the games. However, I havn't played MML in a couple years, and I'm not very far into MML2. So dont send any in yet. ^^;;

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Hey Gin, How are you doin. I just have a simple question. I know running a Q/A Must be rough to keep on doing it.(good job!!) I just wanted to know what was the game that first Rpg you were interested in. Mine was Final Fantasy (classic). I want to know this because the first rpg a person likes usually determines what kind of gamer they are.

The first RPG I picked up was Dragon Warrior for the NES. However, that was not the game that made me fall in love with RPG's... oh no... That was Final Fantasy 2. (4j) After I started playing, I just couldn't put it down. Then, my RPG stack ran dry until Final Fantasy 7, where I basically started buying or playing any RPG I could get my hands on. :)


I played shen mue for a while now, im on the 3rd disk currently... I got they VERY quickly, and lemme give you the good stuff and the not so good stuff about it...

Graphics - Wonderful, very detailed, I love it!
Gameplay - Ohh boy... this is where it bites, very little fighting is done and its most of it is a basic 'PUSH B!!', So far only 3 fights i did as a 'Free Battle' meaning i can use kick moves, punch moves and throws etc.
Storyline - Very Interesting, this is one of the main aspects of the game that keep me hooked Control - In the beginning its a very uncomfortable feeling with the gameplay, but soon its blends in nicley
Replay Value - Still gotta beat it the 1st time.

Hmmm... I'm still a little skeptical about the whole concept of Shen Mue. While I've always loved a game with good amounts of story, if the gameply bites then I just dont want anything to do with it. Xenogears is a good example in that I LOVED the gameply and story the first time through. But on the second and third romps along the way, the game slowed down in certain spots. The gameply would get boring, then pick up again.. (Kislev) Then the storyline would pull an Energizer Bunny™ and just keep going and going for hours. BLAH. Dont ghet me wrong, Xenogears is one of my all time favorite games, but still...

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Hmm. Well, I suppose I'll leave you with this picture, as well as a closing thought.

"The end is near."

You'll see what I mean tomorrow.

Gin "..."
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